Review for Does anyone remember me?

Does anyone remember me?

(#) bvbrocks 2012-07-16

I WILL ALWAYS READ PIERCINGS. That story is da bomb diggity ;D (Yep, I really just said that)And yes, there are a lot of great writers on here, but don't let that discourage you cuz you're one of them! And I know what you mean about not being able to write a chapter; I'm the same way with my story, 'Rebel Love Song' right now. My advice, write some one shots or something to try and break the writer's block. Eventually, it will come to you. And I shall be there to read it :D

Author's response

Hehe, that made me laugh. xD Thank you! It really makes me smile when someone thinks my writing is great.

Yeah, i think I'll have to try that. It's hard right now. I hate writer's block. It's just mine has been going on for a few months now. Bt I'll try.

Thanks agian, I really really think you've helped a bit.