Review for I Don't know what to call it so yeh.

I Don't know what to call it so yeh.

(#) M_Courtney_R 2012-07-27

Okay, so just read the first four chapters and WOW!! This is really good, i can't wait fo the next update. Plus i like the fact that the chapters aren't relly small, gives me more to read. I really like the whole concept of this fic as well. I've read a lot of Vampire frerard fic before and this has to be one of the best even though it isn't finished yet. I think that Gerard's character is amazing, the fact that he's still really fiesty even though he's only a fertile! :) I love this! So please keep writing.

Author's response

Thank you!
I must warn you though, I haven't got a laptop to use whenever I want therefore updates will be slooooow.
I'm glad you enjoy what I've written so far. I've also read a few Vampire fics and found they weren't long enough for detail or they've all got the same plot kinda. I thought I'd change it a bit.

I'm glad you like it so much to say it's one of the best:3

Thank you, I didn't want him to be the pushy fertile to fuck. I wanted there to be some serious attitude as a defense in which Frank has to break down to show how much he wants Gee.

And we all love a sassy Gerard;)

I will do, thank you for the review:)