Review for Only the good die young

Only the good die young

(#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-08-26

Well, coming from someone who is borderline's a matter of how much pain, hurt, and everything inbetween weighig down upon your shoulders, making life hard to live, hard to see what potential you have....trying everything to make yourself feel good, wanting to think "I'm beautiful, I fucking love myself" but feeling ultimatley like you failed...having people around you say you can't do something and always fail...and sometimes it's just he depression, it feels like a there is no light at the end of the tunnel....mainly upon everything you have to put up with, feel, and endure along with your tempting thoughts....really for me it's all in the lyrics to 'Pieces' by Sum 41....this was more of a rant...but it's the fact of never feeling your never perfect, not even in your own way

Author's response

Thank you for putting up a valid argument for me.

I'm sorry for all that. I do know some of the feelings though. It is hard when you're blinded by the darkness. It's like a suffocation that's slowly taking over your senses.

I've got nothing for you except what I've already written. Mo matter what I say I can't stop everyone. I can hardly stop one person. Only you can make those feelings go away. Only you can break the daze and raise yourself up to your full potential whilst shoving all your successes in the face of your accuser and bringing them down to your level.

I...don't know what else to say. Words on a screen are nothing if not said in person. I want to say I'm sorry for you and that I hope you find your way but I feel it's inappropriate to do so over a computer screen.

Best of luck to you in all you do,

xoxo Alex