Review for Auditions for a new Collab!

Auditions for a new Collab!

(#) Shayla_boo 2012-09-16

Name: Shayla Becker

Age: 17

Part: Rogue killjoy! XD

Killjoy name (if needed): Fireflyy. Just Fireflyy.

Killjoy outfit (again only if needed): ripped denim short shorts, flowered tights underneath, white high top converse with little doodles everywhere, a bright yellow tanktop with the word 'MONSTER' on it in sliver, a black leather jacket with lots of zippers, a black raven-esque mask

Looks:, wide hazel eyes that are doe-like, neon pink gauges, a middle lip ring, small, slender, olive skinned, the name 'Sydney' tattooed on my neck. After my older sister who died.

Personality: a wild child, bubbly, talkative, loyal, when I'm angry I'm silent, usually very sweet

Anything else?: If we're doing a romantic relationship could I please be with Ray?

I hope you liked this!