Review for AUDITIONS


(#) CyanideSuicide 2013-01-04

Name?Pandora Lockheart

Age? 20

Eyes: icy blue


Skin: pale she is usually covered in scabs because she has eczema

Tattoos/Piercings?: cheek piercings that give her dimples

gender: female

personality:her first personality is nice, observant,cheerful, she's helpfull to everyone but her second personality is distrustful, violent and clever. Her second personality is triggered when she sees something suspicious

hair color:black

if patient in asylum:

how long have you been there (no more than about 8 months, anything longer might be poked around)
why are you there: 4months

ok with getting killed off/harmed? Yes but I'd prefer not but if she does get killed please make it cool :)

Author's response

Alright, but why is she there? Not to be rude, but you forgot to add that part in there.