Review for Bye


(#) Sam41 2013-04-21

Uh um, I dont wanna start shit so I'll keep quiet (not you, NOT YOU CAUSE YOUR A COOL MOTHERFUCKER)
Becca(wait, its you right? Now a totally different user....)
So what? That was me like, a year and a half or 2 years ago.
Nobody read my shit, I read a lot and everyone ignored me.
I worked, made a new account (I dunno why) and got a bit more known.
Now on my latest-greatest-amazing-account I'm kind of known (eeeep). It's a matter of working your way up the ladders.
Write like a mofo
Get better as you write like a mofo
And boom. Also people might be reading your stuff and not reveiwing because,
-They're too lazy
-They don't have an account
Really, there are a lot of people who read and cant reveiw. So DO IT FOR THOSE WITHOUT ACCOUNTS WHO ARE YOUR BIGGEST FANS
Or do what you think is right, I'll support you in anything

Author's response

My decision is to get through my exams right now (which start officially in a week and a few extra exams this week) and then once I don't need to worry about school anymore I can just relax and have a clear head for writing.