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Being half dead wasn't what I planned to be

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Why Cami is the way she is.

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Cami sat at the table of the band bus resting her head against the cold glass watching as the road flew past. She sighed and blinked again. She glanced at her cell phone which read to be 2 am. Cami couldn't sleep. She got up and grabbed a bottle of water from a small fridge and sat back down at the table staring out into the dark as the bus rolled along. Suddenly Cami didnt feel so alone. She looked up and saw Gerard sitting down opposite her in the little booth which held the table. She watched him as he hunched over a sketchpad and began to draw quietly. Cami went to get up but then he spoke.

"Don't move" he said as his pencil raced across the pad. Cami glanced up at him suspiciosly as he drew. She swore she could have seen his mouth crinkle at the corners slightly. She held her pose for what seemed like an hour but was only really 20 minutes or so. She watched as Gerard put his pencil down and pushed the pad across the table to her. Cami looked down at it. There on the page was a cartoon version of herself. She grinned at Gerard who stared evenly back at her. "Why are you here?" he said quietly staring out the window. Cami looked at him and sighed resignedly. "i got expelled from school" she said resting her head back against the seat. "Why did you get yourself expelled?" Gerard enquired staring at her. "I just didnt want to be there anymore. I felt like I was being suffocated by the sycophants at the place. Being half dead isnt my idea of existing" She replied raising her eyebrow slightly at his question. "That and anything to piss off my mother and ruin her perfect so-called family image" She laughed softly and sadly. "You know your in trouble when your own mother begins to believe your no better than something on the bottom of her shoe" she said staring directly at Gerard. Gerard nodded and cocked his head to one side, his hair falling in his eyes. "Nothing is worse than feeling like your worthless because of someone else's shitty attitude" Gerard said simply, standing up and walking to the back of the bus where everyone slept.

Cami woke up the next morning to the smell of coffee, she rubbed her eyes and scratched her head whilst stretching. She slipped out of her bunk, her feet making soft sounds as they padded along the floor of the bus. She saw the bus had stopped and that it was basically empty except for her dad who sat drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. Cami smiled tiredly and poured some coffee into a mug with Batman on it. She sipped slowly and sat down beside her dad and read over his shoulder. Five minutes passed before he closed his paper, folded it and placed it gently beside him on the couch."You do realise you still have to go to school" he said as he drained the rest of his coffee. "I mean you did pass junior year, so you'll be a senior in september" he said looking at Cami who nodded sleepily as she sipped her coffee. "I'm going to get you a private tutor for when you start school again kiddo, but for summer you need to relax and wind down after all that time with your mom it's a wonder you didnt go insane with all her rules" he said sympathetically patting her shoulder as she rested her head on his shoulder. Cami watched her father as he pulled away and rinsed out his mug, he kissed the top of her head before leaving the bus. Cami heard her cell phone begin to ring, shewandered back to her bunk and picked up her phone from where she'd left it beside her pillow and flipped it open answering it.

"Hey, where are you? your meant to be at my place, in my bed if I'm not mistaken' Cami grinned as she heard this, it was her boyfriend Ollie.
"I'm some where in Texas I think. I got shipped off by mom. She followed through with her threat this time" Cami said as she took a cigarette from the packet Frank had given to her last night, she placed it between her lips and lit it taking a drag and blowing smoke rings.
"So when do you think you'll be back here? she heard him ask with a hint of boredom in his voice.
"I give it three weeks before my mom comes and gets me herself. In the meantime Im going to enjoy the break from the psycho bitch" she said with a chuckle as she took a long drag on her cigarette.
"Well I'll let you go. I'll text you later. I love you bye"
"Love you bye" C ami said and flipped her cell phone shut and tossed it back onto her bunk. She walked back through the bus and sat back down on the couch. Her mom being the manipulative bitch that she was had sent her here to make Cami miserable. Her mom probably thought if she spent so much time with her dad, she'd beg to come back home. Cami smirked to herself and finished her cigarette stubbing it out in the glass ashtray.
Two could play at that game.
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