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Not So Sweet Sisxteen

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Harry is so caught up in his own misery. Can he see past it to help his friends?

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Harry Potter


"What Happened To Sweet Sixteen?"

Hello readers,

It has been forever since I have written anything. The other stories I have had not been updated since before the fifth book was written. I am sorry it has taken me so long. Not like anybody were reading these stories in the first place. I digress. All that can be said is that I do not own anything of Harry Potter. That is J.K. Rowling who owns the right to Harry Potter and all profits that are included. I make no money from this. I only do this to emulate what Ifeel to be a great writer.

A young man sat quietly in the back seat of his uncle's car as it sped along the streets of London. This was no ordinary young man; he was a wizard. Harry Potter was one of the most famous wizards of his time. His fame however, was not by his choice. When he was just an infant an evil man name Tom Riddle tried to kill him. Riddle was an evil wizard who chose to call himself Lord Voldemort. Tom had become infamous in the wizarding world by murdering numerous innocent people. Tom had failed to accomplish in murdering Harry- he lived when all others had died. That was what made Harry famous. He was "The Boy Who Lived."

Harry sat quietly in the back seat of his uncle's car. He was thinking about what Mrs. Weasley had asked him in the train station.

"Oh, and Harry dear - how are you?" she had asked with concern.

"Fine,"Harry had lied. He did not know how he was ever going to be fine again. Less than a week before, he had lost his Godfather Sirius Black. Sirius had been part of a running battle in the Department of Mysteries, fighting against aband of Death Eaters. Sirius had taunted his cousin Bellatrix near the end of the battle and subsequently was killed by her. His body had fallen through amysterious arch and could not be recovered.

On Harry's right Dudley, his cousin, cautiously sat. His uncle watched him from the rear view mirror suspiciously. None of the Dursley family had uttered aword since the train station. When Harry had been about to leave the train station, a small group from the Order of the Phoenix took it upon themselves to put the fear of god into Vernon Dursley. Now Vernon's face had not changed from the odd comical purple shade since the train station.

With all the nervous glances from his cousin and angry glares from the front of the car, both his aunt and uncle were not happy with Harry. Harry was oblivious to all of it. Harry gazed out the window as the world whipped by.

Before long the car slowed and stopped at the Dursley's destination. Vernon hurried out from the right side of the car to try and intimidate Harry, and to warn him about trying to tell those 'freak' people lies about him treating his nephew wrong. Harry did not give his uncle a second glance. He already had his trunk and owl's cage out of the boot and was already inside. For a fleeting moment Vernon was concerned with the vacant look in the boy's eyes. The moment passed when his anger doubled upon realizing to himself that Harry was only ignoring him."Inconsiderate freak," he growled through clenched teeth.

Vernon noisily lumbered up the stairs toward the smallest bedroom where Harry stayed every summer. The door was almost closed. Vernon roughly placed his beefy hand with swollen sausage fingers against the door. A violent crack sounded as Vernon forced his way into the room, slamming the door into the plaster of the wall. The only way you could tell that Harry reacted to Vernon was he had turned and stared in the general direction of his uncle.

With a single stride Vernon's face encompassed Harry's field of vision. Vernon forced his fatty finger in Harry's face, but still there was no reaction from Harry. "How dare you tell those bloody freaks," Vernon bellowed as spittle flew from his mouth, "horrid fabrications of us mistreating you."

Harry stared blankly, unresponsive to Vernon's verbal onslaught. His apathy only seemed to enrage his uncle further.

"So you feel I have been mistreating you," his voice and face changing to a macabre look of anticipation. Vernon continued with an odd excitement in his voice,"Well no more of that. From now on you will get no treatment, either good or bad. Yes, we have to allow you to live here. This does not mean we have to interact with you. You can live under my roof until the end of time for all Icare. Just don't be surprised when my family gives you no heed."

Dully Harry responded, "Yes, uncle Vernon."

With a look of triumph Vernon condescendingly retorted. "I am so glad we had this chat. Let me be the first and last of this family to tell you, good-bye. After this no one is giving notice you live here." With those words Vernon left his room. Harry mechanically went back to unpacking.

This was the last word Vernon or Petunia said to Harry for the next two weeks. Harry did not mind at all; the silent treatment was better than being verbally abused. Harry was lonely though. He had gotten into a mind numbing routine: get up in the morning, eat some bran cereal and go toil with the garden. In the afternoon Vernon would get home and Harry would methodically wash the day's road grime off of the car. Once finished, to avoid them he would walk to the park and back. From here would go work on his homework and out to the flowerbed to listen to the nightly news.

Harry was now lying under the window listening to the news. He tried his best not to look like bum but to no avail. Harry was impressed with his muscles as they started to fill out. All of the digging had made his upper body stouter. He still looked starved but a little healthier. You could hardly see the definition his muscles had under the shabby hand-me-down white oxford shirt. The only thing endearing about his wardrobe was the fact that his warn blue jeans were now baggy. This was now the big rage with people his age. Harry was only half listening to the news about a family of boa constrictors that was found in the countryside near London.

Harry was relived that no attacks were in the news yet. Harry assumed with all of the Death Eaters in custody. He smiled when he thought about Lucius Malfoy in Jail. Harry was jolted out of his reverie by a booming voice. "Boy! What do you think you are doing?"

Harry looked up to a purple-faced uncle Vernon. Harry would have laughed except Vernon was still glaring at him. "How dare you sit out here in the broad daylight where anyone could see you."

Harry stood up and dusted off his shabby loose fitting clothes. "What do you want, me to sit in the living room and watch with you?"

"Get away from this window NOW!" his voice echoed off of the houses across the street.

Harry rolled his eyes; "Fine" Harry said flatly and turned to walk out of the yard in the direction of the park.

Vernon hissed,"Where do you think you are going?"

"I am going to the park," Harry said with a smirk, "You would not want me to tell my friends you are locking me in my room do you, Vernon?" His uncle quickly shut the window and did not day another word to Harry. The young man made the short trek to the park. No one was there because it was nearing dusk so he sat in one of the working swings just staring at his feet. He watched the shadows lengthen and engulf the ground around him. There was not anything on his mind. Harry enjoyed the feel of the cool air on his face.

"Who do you think you are," someone growled, breaking Harry out of his daydream. Looking up he saw an angry Dudley. Harry was confused did Dudley want him to answer this question? Dudley continued, "How dare you talk to my father in such a way. You are an embarrassment to this family," Dudley said between drags on his smoke.

"Me, an embarrassment? Have you looked in the mirror lately?"

The cigarette still clutched between his lips Dudley walked up and stared down trying to tower over the sitting Harry. "What is that suppose to mean," he questioned, and blew smoke in Harry's face.

Stifling the cough he gritted his teeth, "Look at you smoking like a stack and a stomach that gives me the distinct impression that you haven't passed up a desert in years."

Harry was flipped on the ground out of his swing before he could react. His shoulders and head hit the soft sand before his feet swung over forcing a painful backwards summersault. Harry jumped to his feet in shock. Dudley had shoved his chest and knocked him to the ground. Harry stepped back trying to get his bearings and while Dudley advanced on him. "Come on you girly blouse, afraid of fat Dudley?"

Harry clenched his fist, "Why don't you try that now!"

Harry thought he was ready Dudley stormed over to him and raised his left fist. Using his seeker reflexes he ducked into the waiting uppercut of Dudley's right. Harry felt his nose mashed against his face and swore he heard a distinct pop. His head snapped back as he felt the flood of blood wash from his nose. He stumbled around, tears filling his eyes, not able to see what was coming next. The air was shoved out of his lungs as one of Dudley's fist crushed his internal organs. Harry crumpled in a heap on the ground clutching his stomach and futilely trying to stop his nosebleed.

Harry heard Dudley snicker, "No Marquis of Queensbury rule here." As Dudley's foot kicked into Harry's groin, Harry let out a blood curdling high-pitched scream and passed out.

Harry was being shaken as he came back to the world. He wanted to open his eyes but they felt puffy and swollen. Straightening his legs the shooting pain from his groin sent stars into the blackness of his vision. He could now hear a female voice frantically calling his name from a distance. He said the fist thing, which came to mind: "Is he gone?"

"Is who gone Harry? Who did this to you? "Harry now recognized the voice - it was Tonks. "Where are you hurt? "

There was no way that Harry could tell her that he was kicked in his manhood. The shame and embarrassment washed over him. He tried to stifle the first sob but they came in full force. His body shook as he cried; not only was there the shame of being beaten but anyone else could have found him and not gotten his reaction. Had any male found him he could have kept it together. Harry heard her mutter a charm and he could now breath from his nose.

Tentatively she touched the now shaking boy, "Harry, please tell me who did this."

Harry swallowed and hiccoughed a couple of times before he could get his voice back to him, "It was my fault; I provoked the fight."

"Fight?"Tonks anger started to flare, "Whom did you have a fight with?"

"I don't want to say."

"Tell me Harry," her voice leveled to a command. "Whoever did this should be taken care of. I think you are really hurt Harry. Look, you can't even straighten out. Where are you hurt?"

"I don't want to tell you!"


Harry lay there for a moment trying to think of a way out of this. The only thing he could think of came spilling out, "He just kicked me. OK?"

"Oh,"was all Tonks said at first. She shook her head, "Harry I grew up with two brothers. I know getting kicked where you did is embarrassing. Tell me this: is the pain getting better or worse?"

Harry went to straighten out his leg again and gritted his teeth in agony. "Worse!"was all he could get out.

Tonks eyes went wide and suddenly was not her usual bubbly self. Her voice was stern and had a small bit of panic to it. "Harry, I want you to sit up. You do not put your legs out straight. Hold them with your arms. Come on Harry, SIT UP!"Her last word came as a booming command. She grabbed him by the shoulders and with a heave sat him up.

Harry thought the pain was going to make him pass out again. The world started to swim and his vision darkened around the edges. By the time he got his bearings back to him Tonks was standing over him with her wand trained on him. Harry tried to ask what she was doing but she had already started. Her wand went swish and flick as she yelled, "Wingardium Leviosa!"

Harry started to rise into the air and he looked up confused at Tonks. She was having a hard time keeping him in the air. He was only about two feet off the ground. Maybe she is trying to have me stand, he thought. He had just started to let go of his legs, "Don't move Harry," she hissed though her teeth. "I am sorry, but this is going to hurt."

In a split second Harry's eye went wide as Tonks withdrew the spell. His body made a small thud he fell back to the ground. Harry howled in pain. He buried his head between his knees and slowly rocked on his haunches. Harry did not know how long he was in the fetal position. Finally the world was coming back to him. Off in the distance he could hear the traffic in the neighborhood. The few birds went along happily chirping in the trees. Tonks could now be heard trying to get his attention.

With out raising his head, "Why did you do that," he hissed.

Tonks sat noiseless for a moment. Hesitantly she started, "I don't want to embarrass you."

Still not raising his head to look at her, "Tonks," he started irritably, "I just had to admit to you I got kicked there, so the least you can do is tell me why you were trying to hurt me more."

"First off Mr. Potter that was to help you."

"How?"Harry interrupted angrily.

"If you would let me finish I would tell you." She waited to make sure he was not going to interrupt and getting up the never to tell him, "When a young man is kicked in the groin hard enough his," she swallowed nervously, "testicles leave the scrotum and go into the body." After hearing the word 'testicles' Harry's head shot up to look Tonks in the face. His eyes open wide as saucers. Tonks took a breath and continued. "You told me the pain was getting worse which meant your... testicles were starting to swell. If they were left inside your body they would have burst."


"Yes Harry," Tonks said seriously, "it is not like I could move them by hand so Ihad to make them move down by jarring the body. Are you still hurting?"

Harry pondered the question for a moment, "No the stabbing pain is gone I just have aintense dull ache."

"Let me make you an ice pack. Tonks took off her pack from her waist and handed it to Harry. "Hold this at arms length. I don't want the water sucked out of your face." With her wand she concentrated on the empty space above the pack and said, "Stillicidium Gelo!"

Harry could feel the air around him go dry and the blood on his face and neck caked. A swirl of water was building above the pack as it is solidified and fell into the pack in small pebbles of ice. Once Tonks was satisfied with the amount in the pack she stopped the spell.

She held out her hand and Harry whimpered as she helped him to his feet. Gingerly he placed the ice pack around his waste carefully laying it against his groin. There was a small sigh as the fresh ice started to numb the dull ache. Tonks took him by the arm because he still could not walk on his own accord. Harry looked at himself and was shocked at his appearance. His sleeve was stained murky crimson. His entire body was either covered in sand or caked blood. He realized Tonks was walking him out of the park toward the Dursley's home.

"Wait, I cannot go there like this, I ..." Harry started

"Your family is going to see what their darling little Dudley did to you!" Her were words dripping with sarcasm at the mention of Dudley's name.

"No!"Harry stopped and pulled himself from her support, almost falling to the ground due to his still weak knees. "You don't understand. They will blame it all on me and I will get in trouble," he said, his eyes pleading with her not to do this.

Tonks saw could not see his reasoning. Under the protest of Harry she dragged him to the front door of the Dursley's. She pounded on the door continually. Vernon whipped the door open his face purple with rage. His voice came in a low hiss,"What do you think you are doing? Making a scene in front of the whole neighborhood, boy!"

Tonks spoke in commanding voice; Harry was surprised at how un-clumsy she was right now. He would have laughed if he were not so embarrassed. "I was the one who knocking so talk to me!" Tonks stepped toe to toe with the large man.

With his jaw clench he kept his tone quiet, "Please step inside, the both of you, Idon't want to be seen talking with you people."

Tonks and Harry quietly entered the house and waited for the door to shut. Vernon turned to Tonks, "How dare you..."

Tonks erupted into a tirade before Vernon could finish the sentence, "How dare I?"she yelled. "Your nephew Harry is standing here covered in blood you have not asked one word as to what is wrong with him!"

Vernon smiled evilly. "I already know the boy attacked my son in the park."

"Try the other way around." Harry hung his head while Tonks and his uncle bickered back and forth about whose fault it was. The more the argued the louder it got. After about 15 minutes Vernon insinuated Tonks' ability to walk up to aunicorn, she grabbed Harry and marched him up to his room. Harry was now in awhirlwind. Clothes and his belonging were flying into his trunk.

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