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Thank you for the venom

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Cami's mother comes to town.

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A few weeks had past since Ollie had cheated on Cami and things had slowly returned to normal, well almost. Cami and Gerard had been growing closer over the past few weeks, it was obvious something was going to happen they had been spending most of their spare time together.

“Gee!” Cami said wandering into Gerard’s hotel room, through her connecting room. The band had flown in last night to Seattle and they were having a two day break before the next show. Cami wandered in and saw Gerard still in bed asleep. He looked so cute lying there, he had a serene smile on his face; he looked like he was at peace. At least until a moan escaped his mouth and he started to toss and turn gently in his sleep. Cami raised an eyebrow, she couldn’t quite tell who he was mumbling about as he was muffled by the pillow his face was buried into. Cami got a quick little run up and jumped onto the bed making Gerard groan as he woke up. He smiled when he opened his eyes and saw who it was. “Hey Cami” He said sitting up yawning and ruffling his hair, then ruffling her own. Cami pouted at him as he laughed and kicked the comforter off him self, he got out of bed and stretched. He offered his hand to Cami which she took as he pulled her up off the bed. She stumbled slightly falling onto Gerard’s chest. He felt warm and comfortable and he smelled like soap from the shower he’d had last nite. Gerard looked down at Cami, she lifted her head and smiled warmly at him. He lifted her chin gently and leaned in...

“HEY OPEN UP I HAVE STARBUCKS!” Frank yelled from the other side of the door. Gerard and Cami pulled apart Gerard sighed and walked over to the door, he opened it to reveal a wide awake Frank. Frank handed Gerard a coffee before handing Cami a Latte. “So what were you love birds up too?” He said raising an eyebrow suggestively at the two of them. “Nothing Frank” Gerard said rolling his eyes all the while thinking of how close he had been just moments ago from kissing Cami. Cami giggled slightly. “Anyways I gotta go I’m spending the day with dad, we’re going shopping. Lunch, movie, more shopping then we’re back here tonight for dinner with my mom who decided to fly in’ Cami said with a groan. “Thats gotta suck” Gerard said sipping his coffee as Frank watched their conversation relay like a tennis match. “Whats it been since you seen her? 2 Months?” Frank said butting in with a cheeky grin. “2 Months, and 15 days” Cami said sipping her latte. “But who’s counting?” she said with a laugh. “I’ll see you boys later” she said before walking back into her room through the connecting door. The moment the door was closed, Frank was hit in the side of the head with a pillow. “Hey I got coffee here” Frank said with a pout. “What was that for?” he said pretending to be hurt. “You know what it’s for now don’t play dumb” he said before wandering into his ensuite and locking the door.

“Do we have to have dinner with her?” Cami groaned as she did her hair in front of the mirror in her ensuite. She ran the hair straightener once more over her fringe before switching it off. She wandered back into her room, looking at her dad sitting on her bed surfing thru TV channels. Cami pulled on a pair of red peep toe stilettos and checked herself once more in the mirror on the inside of her closet, she was wearing a gorgeous little black dress she knew her mother would hate. “Yes we have to have dinner with her, you know what your mom is like she’ll keep bitching and bitching at me till she gets a dinner with you. I’ve tried to fend her off believe me” He said straightening his tie before opening the door to Cami’s room for her. She grabbed her small purse holding her cell phone and wallet. She watched as her dad closed the door and they made their way over to the elevator. They pressed the down button waiting for the elevator to arrive at their floor. “Besides you never know she might have something nice to say to you” Kyan said with a playful smile. Cami burst out laughing at her dad. “I highly doubt that Dad, last time I saw her she basically told me I was a disgrace and as far as she was concerned I was no longer her problem” Kyan sighed and wrapped an arm around Cami pulling her close to him as the elevator door opened, to reveal a giggling Frank and a laughing Gerard. They stopped giggling and laughing when Gerard saw Cami. He breathed out slowly.

“Wow you look......” He said truly at a loss for words. Frank looked at Gerard and turned to Cami. “What I think he meant to say is you look Dazzling” Frank said with a warm smile. Cami blushed slightly, smiling shyly looking down at her shoes as Gerard looked down at his. Frank giggled some more, grabbing Gerard’s hand dragging him out of the elevator. Kyan chuckled softly. “I swear if I didn’t know better Gerard likes you” he said laughing softly at Cami who just blushed bright red. The elevator eventually reached the floor of the hotel where the restaurant was. They stepped out of the elevator and walked over to the entrance of the restaurant where they were shown straight to their table, where Julia Cami’s mother was already sitting. “Cameron sweetheart’ she said getting up and air kissing Cami. Cami grimaced at her mother’s fake affection and took a seat. She folded her arms over her chest and glared disdainfully at her mother, “Kyan’ she said holding out her hand. Kyan kissed it gently. “Always a pleasure Julia” he said with a fake smile and sat down beside Cami. Cami drank her water and began to noisily chew the ice cubes when she finished it. Her mother frowned at her while Kyan chuckled softly at his daughters antics. “Cameron that’s not appropriate behaviour. God hasn’t your father taught you any manners?” she snapped at her. Cami shrugged her shoulders at her mother not really giving a damn what she said to her. Her glass of coke arrived and she began to sip at it ignoring the conversation her parents were having. They ordered their meals. Cami tuned out and continued to do so until her mother snapped out of her trance.

“Aren’t you listening to me Cameron?” she said disdainfully. “I just said your coming back home with me” she said. Cami’s fork dropped with a noisy clatter onto her plate. Cami glared at her mother. “I’m not coming home with you, dad do something” she said with pleading eyes to her father. Kyan looked at her sadly. “I have no power here kiddo, you know what your mom’s like” he said with tears in his eyes his voice cracking as he spoke. Cami looked at her mother, she looked like a cat who’d just swallowed a bowl of cream. Cami stood up pushing away from the table grabbing her purse and running over to the elevator. “CAMERON GET BACK HERE NOW YOUNG LADY! WE ARENT DONE!” She heard Julia scream at her. She sighed inwardly with relief as she pressed the down button for the elevator. The doors opened automatically, she could here the quick click clacking of high heels on marble , she ran in and pressed the button to shut the doors to stop her mother from trying to pull her from the elevator. In a matter or seconds the elevator reached the lobby and Cami ran out the front doors and got in a cab sitting outside the hotel.

“Just drive” she said resting her head against the cold window pane of the cab window sighing and closing her eyes as they drove off into the night.

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