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The Aftermath

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The day after......

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The taxi pulled up in front of a small looking boutique bar, Cami thanked the driver and threw a $50 at him telling him to keep the change. Cami walked into to building and immediately sat at the bar.

“Vodka Martini please” Cami said as she pulled a cigarette from her little bag and lit it. The bartender raised his eyebrow at her as he made the drink, she smirked and continued to smoke blowing smoke rings before she finally stubbed the cigarette out in the ashtray next to the small bowl of peanuts the bartender had placed in front of her. The bartender placed the drink in front of her, Cami nodded gratefully and lifted the drink to her lips not noticing the guy who slid onto the barstool beside her.

“Corona please” The guy said. He turned his head and looked at Cami who was sipping her martini and eating peanuts. He watched as Cami looked at him she barely noticed him, she was too lost in her own thoughts about her psychotic mother. The bartender placed the beer in front of the guy who turned to Cami and broke through her thoughts.

“So who’s upset you princess?” the guy said flipping his fringe out of his face to get a better look at this girl sitting beside him. Cami glanced up from drink looking at the guy, he had shaggy hair with a long fringe which framed his face perfectly. He had a labret which glinted when the dim lighting in the bar reflected off it, he had bright blue eyes which didn’t quite look natural. But the thing that Cami noticed the most was his cheeky grin. He had perfect white teeth all lined up none out of place. His arms were covered in tattoos. The guy was familiar but it didn’t quite click to Cami who he was or where she may have seen him before.

“My psychotic mother” Cami said downing the last drop of her martini and ordering another one from the bartender. The guy sipped his beer now facing Cami nodding as if to say I’m listening. “She wants me to move back to New York City with her, after get this kicking me out and telling me I was my dad’s problem now and sending me to live with him.” She finished bitterly accepting her next martini gratefully from the bartender and gulping down half of the second martini straight away.

“That’s a mindfuck” the guy said frowning slightly finishing off his beer. “Two shots of tequila for me and my new friend” he said smiling at Cami. “And keep them coming” he said to the bartender. Cami raised an eyebrow at the guy. “A Tequila shot solves problems, let me help solve yours” he said with a charming smile directed at Cami before downing their first shot together.

“So she hasn’t come back yet?” Gerard said to Kyan as they sat down together the next morning in a star bucks down the road from the hotel they were staying at. Gerard sipped his coffee eyeing his surroundings. He remembered how pissed off Kyan had been last night after dinner with Julia he was so mad at her for even suggesting Cami move back to New York that he punched a hole in the wall of his hotel room which Kyan had to pay to have repaired now. Gerard had stayed up most of the night with Kyan while Kyan had drunk himself stupid on whiskey; he was so hung-over that he was still slightly drunk.

“She texted me last nite, she said she was fine and was with a friend and that she’d see me today sometime. I don’t know when I’ll see her probably after lunch or something. I’m just glad she’s okay” Kyan said sipping the extremely strong coffee he had ordered. Gerard nodded listening to Kyan. He didn’t want to admit he’d stayed up nearly all night worrying about Cami as well. He’d sent her about five text messages asking her if she was okay and she wanted to talk. She hadn’t answered any of them. Gerard sighed inwardly sipping his coffee he honestly hoped Cami was okay. Gerard tapped his foot anxiously against the floor. He hoped wherever Cami was she was coming back soon.

Cami groaned as the sunlight streamed in. She felt like there was a jackhammer on inside her head, she opened her eyes and then closed them again. The sunlight was agony, she heard a soft groan and turned her head. In the bed next to her was the guy she’d met at the bar last night. She got up quietly closing the curtains so the sunlight couldn’t come in and lay back down and groaned as she rested her sore head on the soft pillow. She felt the guy next to her shift slightly and groan again. She turned to look at him as he opened his eyes slowly, the guy grinned tiredly and reached out for Cam’s arm tugging her gently towards him. Cami let the guy pull her into his embrace, she lay her head gently on his pale chest and tilted her head to look up into his eyes.

“What’s your name?” Cami said mentally kicking herself for not asking him last night. The guy gave her a sexy smirk as he tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.
“Jimmy” he said smiling when the door of the hotel room burst open and two more tattooed guys came in. One bore a slight resemblance to Frankie Cami thought as she looked at them, the one who looked liked Frankie grinned suggestively at her, Cami looked down and quickly pulled the bed sheet over her naked body. The other guy looked at Cami thru half closed eyes from under the fedora he was wearing, he ambled over an collapsed tiredly on the end of the bed. The Frankie look-a-like wandered over to the mini bar and opened the door pouting slightly when he found it to be empty.

“I see you enjoyed yourself last night Rev” he said to Jimmy, Cami looked confused at the Frankie look-a-like. “Rev’s his nick name babe, my name’s Zacky” he said coming to sit on the edge of the bed beside Cami and grinning cheekily. “That guy passed out on the edge is Synster” he said smiling at Cami. The Rev groaned and kicked the sheet off his body picking his boxers up off the floor and pulling them on , he picked the black pinstriped skinny jeans he’d been wearing off the lamp that they’d been thrown onto last night by Cami when they’d been in a hurry to undress each other he pulled them on along with a grape coloured t-shirt. He sat back down on the bed and pulled a battered pair of converse on his feet before putting his dog tags around his neck. He ruffled his head picking Cami’s sidekick up off the floor and handing it to her. “My number is under the Rev call me later” he said before pulling her into a heated kiss, the kiss lasted a few seconds before the Rev broke away and left the room with Zacky and Synyster. Cami picked up her sidekick and dialled the one person she wanted to talk to right now.

Cami sat on the bench outside the hotel she’d slept at that night, it was about 10 or 15 minutes before the black range rover her dad had rented for the stay in Seattle pulled up. The passenger window rolled down and Cami smiled when she saw Gerard. She opened the door and pulled her seatbelt on. Gerard looked at Cami, she head dark circles under her eyes and she stunk of cigarettes and tequila and various other liquids. Gerard started the engine and pulled away from the curb into the flow of traffic. He drove for a few minutes before he stopped at a Starbucks. Cami looked like she needed a coffee and a chance to de compress. Gerard walked in and bought them two coffee’s before walking back outside to Cami and walking a little way down the road to a quiet park. They sat down on the bench and Cami took a sip of her coffee.
“That feel better?” Gerard said with concern. Cami nodded gratefully at him before taking another sip and speaking.

“Thanks for coming to get me. Dad isn’t mad is he?” She said looking slightly scared as she took a quick gulp of coffee.

“No he’s not mad, he’s pissed at your mom though. He got drunk last night so he’s a little worse for wear to like you” Gerard said with a shy smile. He noticed Cami squinting her eyes from the sun that reflected onto her pale skin. Gerard pulled his sunglasses from his hoodie pocket handing them to her.

“Thanks” Cami said as she slipped the sunglasses onto her face, smiling slightly as they took the edge off her hangover. She turned and looked at Gerard who was looking at her, Cami wanted to tell Gerard what had happened last night after she left the hotel, she opened her mouth to speak as Gerard turned attentively to her.

“Gee...” she began the words tumbling freely from her mouth. Cami bit down gently on her bottom lip, her forehead scrunched in concentration; something so simply cute about her made Gerard smile. “Yeah Cami?” he said waiting for her to continue her speech to him. Cami thought and stopped gently biting her lip before speaking again.
“Thanks for the coffee” she said simply before scooting closer and resting her heavy head on Gerard’s shoulder. Gerard wrapped his arm around Cami’s shoulders pulling her closer to him. He tilted his head to plant a gentle kiss atop Cami’s head. He sighed contently and smiled. Things finally seemed to be working out for him.

Life seemed better.

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