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Damn Regret, I'll try to forget

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Gerard reveals to Bob what happened between him and Cami.Cami goes to a party and an unexpected meeting occurs...

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“Mom have you seen my sidekick?” Cami called out as she walked down the stairs a few nights later, in a bright pink baby doll dress with a black bow around the bust of the dress and matching pink peep toe stiletto heels. Cami’s hair hung in loose ringlets around her face. After they had gotten home a few nights ago Julia had told Cami she had breast cancer but wanted to continue on with life as normal, which meant attending benefits and parties on the upper east side.
“No sweetie I haven’t seen it” Julia said as she walked into the foyer wearing a sweeping midnight blue evening gown, she smiled to herself. “But sweetie I bought you a new cell as a welcome back present” she said handing Cami the new sleek black flip phone she’d purchased earlier that day for her. Cami smiled warmly at her mother as they walked out the penthouse door and took the elevator down to the lobby of their building.

“Finally your ready” Jake said exasperatedly lifting himself up off the couch, he shook his fringe out of his face as Julia smiled icily at him and glared pointedly, she hated what he wore a black suit with a matching black shirt with a hot pink tie to set off the whole outfit along with pink converse high tops.
“How nice of you to escort Cameron tonight Jake, I thought you would be with that other friend of hers Adrian or something” Julia dismissively said as they walked out and got into the limo together.
“His name is Adam and no I’m not with him because he has a date tonight” He said smiling fakely at Julia who just nodded. Cami saw the hint of sadness in Jake’s eyes and rubbed his back gently.
“You know you’re the only one he wants” she whispered softly in Jake’s ear making him smile.
“Yeah well when is he going to realise that?” Jake whisper hissed back making Cami giggle slightly. “It’s good to have you back by the way, New York was a lot colder without you” Jake said taking her hand and squeezing it. Cami grinned at him and rested back in the seat.

“What’s this party for tonight mom? You said it was some banquet to honour someone” Cami said accepting the flute of champagne Jake had poured her as he drank cherry coke mixed with vodka.
“Elliot Harris, the head of Rock City NYC Records. They’re holding this banquet to honour his 30th year as head of the label. A lot of big names will be there tonight” she said pointedly to Cami who nodded simply. She knew what her mum was implying; a lot of potential and appropriate candidates for boyfriends would be there for Cami. Cami sighed inwardly as she glanced out the limo window, she rested her head on Jake’s shoulder who patted it absentmindedly; she already missed Gerard so much. She wanted to call him and explain everything but she’d lost her sidekick which had all her numbers in it. She’d tried to call her dad but he’d been unavailable each time. She just wanted to see Gee one last time, she missed him desperately.

“Gee come on lets go get Starbucks” Bob said as he walked to the back of the bus. They had driven to San Diego since Cami left, everyone had sensed the change in Gerard’s mood he was more withdrawn than usual something had obviously happened before she’d left. Mikey, Ray, Frank and Bob had talked about it and it had been voted against Bob’s will that he should be the one to ask Gerard what had happened between him and Cami. Bob wandered over to Gerard’s bed and pulled back the curtain he sat on his bed reading a comic book.
“Before you even say anything Bob no I don’t want to I’m not in the mood to go out. I just want to be left alone” Gerard said quietly closing his comic book and lying down on his side. Bob ignored him and sat on the edge of Gerard’s bunk. He knew there was no point in trying to be subtle around Gerard.

“What happened between you and Cami?” Bob said looking at the huddled figure on the bed. Gerard lifted his head slightly and glanced at Bob.
“Frankie put you up to this didn’t he?” Gerard said a hint of frustration in his voice.
“Actually it was Frankie, Ray and Mikey. Look Gee we just want to know what happened with you and Cami” Bob said sighing. “We just want to know what went down between you two.”
“She did” Gerard said sitting up and looking at Bob. A confused look clouded Bob’s face then his jaw dropped slightly.
“She...and you..?” Bob said struggling to get the words out.
“Actually I went down too” Gerard said. “We had sex, best sex ever” he said a hint of a smile appearing on his lips for the first time since Cami had left.
“So your mad because she had sex with you and left?” Bob questioned running a hand through his hair.
“No I’m mad because she couldn’t tell me why she left” Gerard said. “I mean I thought we were friends. After we had sex I thought we could be something more. But obviously not” Gerard said hastily grabbing his cigarette’s and lighting one up.
“She probably had a good reason Gee, I mean I saw the way she looked at you. It must have been something pretty big to tear her away from being with you” Bob said seriously.

Gerard scoffed. “Sure, now if you don’t mind I’m gonna go for a walk.” He snapped picking up his black jacket from the floor and slipping his arms into the sleeves as he walked into the lounge bit where Mikey and Frank were playing video games and Ray was one of his guitars. Gerard shot them each a dirty look before storming off the bus. He took a long drag from the cigarette and walked away from the venue. He continued to walk for what seemed like hours til he found a park and sat down on a bench under a creepy looking oak tree. Gerard sighed and stubbed his cigarette out on the pavement. He pulled a small bottle of Vodka from inside his jacket and unscrewed the lid taking a big swig. He continued to drink the whole bottle feeling the alcohol take affect on his body, he threw the bottle onto the pavement hearing the sharp sound the bottle made as it hit the concrete and broke into a million pieces like his heart had the moment he’d finished reading Cami’s letter. Gerard stood up stumbling slightly and began to walk again, he stumbled thru the park and back to the main sidewalk beside the road. He looked both ways up the road and proceeded to cross. He reached the other side and stumbled along quietly not paying attention to what was going on around him. It wasn’t til he looked up that he saw a man dressed in dark clothing coming towards him.

“Give me your fucking wallet” the guy hissed at Gerard.
“Fuuuuuck yooouuu” Gerard slurred at the guy. The guy glared at him pulling a small knife from his pocket, he stepped forward stabbing Gerard in his stomach. Gerard clutched at his stomach doubling over. Gerard’s attacker pushed him roughly to the ground, he grabbed Gerard’s wallet from him stealing the $300 in cash he had throwing the wallet back on Gerard’s chest, the man stood over Gerard. Gerard cried out as the man landed a few kicks in Gerard’s ribs with his boots before running off Gerard rolled over still clutching his stomach as the blood slowly seeped staining his shirt and the pavement below him. Gerard’s eyelids slow shut, his thoughts turning to Cami as consciousness left him in a blanket of darkness.

“Oh My God! You will never guess who is here?!” Jake said squealing at Cami as he ran up to her at the bar.
“Who?” Cami said lighting another cigarette her 4th one that hour, her mind had been on Gerard all night and hadn’t left him since the Limo.
“Zacky Vengeance!” Jake squealed excitedly clapping his hands. Cami’s jaw dropped, she managed to catch her cigarette before it fell on her dress, she stubbed it out roughly. “He like totally hit on me and invited me back to his room for later” he said squealing like a girl. “And the rest of that band he’s in, Avenged Sevenfold are here too. Oh my god. Don’t look now but here he comes now with The Rev” Jake said clutching Cami’s arm in a death grip. Cami looked up and sure enough the Rev was walking towards them. He looked at Cami in surprise. His lips slowly shifted into a smirk, Cami raised an eyebrow at him as he reached them.

“You know when I gave you my number. I expected you to call after we had sex. I’ve never not been called back by a girl after sex” He said as Cami slipped another cigarette in her mouth, she watched as The Rev pulled a lighter from his pocket and quickly lit the cigarette. Cami took a drag then offered it to the Rev, she felt a sharp tug on her arm and turned to see Jake.
“You fucked the Rev?” he said in surprise. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Jake said with sad puppy dog eyes. Cami chuckled softly.
“You never asked” she said as the Rev laughed handing back the cigarette.
“Look” the Rev said. “We came over to ask you guys if you wanted to get out of here with us” The Rev said to both of them but his eyes were resting on Cami.
“We want to buy you two a drink” Zacky said eyeing Jake up and down suggestively. Jake giggled biting his lower lip and nudged Cami who smiled at him. Her and Jake huddled together closely whispering in each other’s ears.
“We’ve discussed it...” Cami casually said slipping off the barstool allowing the rev to wrap an arm around her waist. “And we’d love to” she said smiling at The Rev who’s hand slid down to her ass grabbing it gently. Cami giggled at him as they walked out together followed by Zacky and Jake who already had their hands all over each other slightly.
“So where do you want to go?” The Rev said as they got into a Hummer Limo.
“Anywhere.” Cami said with a suggestive smile.

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