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Things that I was sure of have filled me up with doubt

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Everything's a mess, but that can change....

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey guys, I'm just writing this to say I'm glad your all enjoying this fic. It means a lot that you enjoy it.

“Do you guys have to go?” The Rev said pulling Cami closer to him in the hummer. Cami glanced over at Zacky who had Jake straddling him as they made out.
“Yeah we need to go, I’m doing something tomorrow morning and I need to be up really early” she said as they pulled up to an apartment building on the Upper East Side.
“Well I’ll call you” He said kissing her cheek. Cami grinned and grabbed Jake’s arm tugging on it. He groaned and kissed Zacky once more letting Cami drag him out of the hummer limo. They watched as the car pulled away from the gutter, Jake pouted at Cami.

“Why did you do that? I was getting some from Zacky V” He whined tugging on her arm.
“Because you don’t love Zacky, you just think you do remember” she said as they walked inside past the door man. They walked into the elevator pressing the button for the 16th floor. Jake nodded apathetically at Cami waiting for the elevator to stop. It finally came to a halt and they walked out; they strolled quietly down the hallway til they came to 1619 and knocked loudly.

“Open up Adam” Cami called out, the name immediately bought a smile to Jake’s lips.
“Now that’s what I call true love” she said poking him in the stomach gently making him giggle. A few seconds passed and they heard the lock click in the door.

“Hey guys” Adam said kissing both Cami and Jake on the cheek, his lips lingering on Jake’s cheek, Jake’s face flushed red as they walked into the loft Adam had received as a graduation present last year from his parents. Adam was 18 years old soon to be 19, he was studying Art and Music at Columbia in New York. He was an amazing drummer and guitarist and even played in his own band, his paintings and sketches lined the walls as he was a very talented artist.

“How did your date go tonight?” Jake said with a slight edge of jealousy in his voice. Adam raised an eyebrow at Cami who giggled as she wandered into Adam’s kitchen and poured herself and Jake a cup of coffee. She wandered back into the lounge and handed the cup to Jake taking a sip from her own.

“Actually it’s going pretty well, he’s in the shower now” Adam said with a smirk directed at Jake. Jake pouted and sipped his coffee quietly. They sat in silence for a few moments hearing gentle sound of the shower in Adam’s ensuite til it switched off. A few minutes later a boy bearing a strong resemblance to Jake walked out of Adam’s bedroom. He walked over and kissed Adam hungrily on the lips not looking at Cami and Jake whose faces now bore looks of disgust.

“I’ll call you baby” The guy simpered; he waved his fingers lazily at Cami and Jake who just flipped him off. The guy stuck his nose up in the air storming out of the apartment.
“Nice Skank” Jake said smirking at Adam who flipped him off. Cami chuckled the chemistry between these two was so obvious, it was like they were going to spontaneously combust at any second.
“Jake be nice” Cami said sipping her coffee.
“Yeah Jake be nice” Adam said shaking his still slightly wet hair laughing. “So how was your party tonight? I mean I told you about my evening it’s only fair I hear about yours.” He said as he walked into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Jake made out with Zacky Vengeance” Cami said chuckling, she heard the cup fall to the floor and smash followed by muttered swear words. Cami laughed to herself, then glanced at Jake who looked smug at the reaction that had received from Adam. Adam walked back into the lounge nursing a cup of coffee he looked a little pissed truth be told.
“What about you Cami, you meet a new guy?” Adam said choosing to ignore what he’d just heard.
“I talked to the Rev again and he’s going to call me apparently” She said smiling serenely at him before she was interrupted by her new cell phone. She flipped the phone open holding it to her ear.

“Hello?” She said taking another sip of coffee.
“Thank god I got a hold of you sweetheart it’s urgent’ Cami heard her dad say on the other end of the line. “Gerard’s in hospital hun he needs you here” Kyan said breathlessly.
“Oh my god’ she muttered standing up. “I’ll be there as soon as I can, you’re in San Diego right?” she said grabbing her bag beside her off the couch. “I’ll see you in a few hours dad, keep me posted.” She said and hung up. Jake and Adam looked at her with concern.
“Uh I need to go, Gerard’s hurt” Cami said in shock. “I need to go home grab some stuff and catch a plane to San Diego” she said quickly her hands beginning to shake.
“We’ll come with you Jake and me” Adam said standing abruptly. “You need your friends when you’re in panic mode like this” he said. “I’m just gonna shove some clothes in a duffle, Adam half your stuff is here anyway so I’ll just shove it in with mine” he said before running off quickly to his bedroom. Jake looked at Cami he stood up walking over to her pulling her into a hug.

“He’ll be okay sweetie don’t worry your pretty little head about it.” He said squeezing her tightly, Adam burst back through his bedroom door already on his cell phone booking three tickets to the next flight to San Diego which left in two hours. They ran downstairs and hailed a taxi back to Cami’s place. Cami and Jake ran inside up to her penthouse to grab some clothes. They’d repacked a duffle really quickly because Cami hadn’t finished her unpacking from being with her dad yet. They were about to walk out and leave when Julia walked into the foyer.

“Where do you think your going?” she said looking pointedly at the duffle bag.
“Dad called it’s an emergency” Cami said.
“What kind of emergency?” Julia said simply.
“Gerard was hurt” she said. Julia shrugged her shoulders.
“So?” she said looking at her nails.
“So I need to be with him mom” Cami said looking at her incredulously.
“No you don’t and if you leave I’ll pull the cancer card” she said with a smug smirk.
“Mom please don’t do this” Cami said desperately.
“Why not?” Julia said her tone growing angrier. “Your dad’s just trying to steal you from me again. I told him I had cancer so I could get you back here” she said getting hysterical.

“So you lied to Dad?” Cami said shock setting in.

“Yes I lied to your precious father” she said mimicking Cami. “Both you and him ruined my life. I’ve i never met him I never would have had you and wasted my life” she said nastily

“She is not a waste” Jake said pushing Cami back behind him.

“Oh shut up you idiot, she is a waste of fucking space and a slut” Julia said icily. It all happened suddenly, one second Jake was standing in front of Cami. Next he had thrown his fist into Julia’s face. Cami watched as her mother fell to the ground unconscious.

“Don’t you ever fucking say that to me about Cami again. Or I swear to god those will be the last words you ever say” he said to Julia’s unconscious form before spitting on her. “Come on Cami grab all the cash you can find, you know she’s gonna cut you off the moment she wakes up” he said rubbing his knuckles. Cami nodded still in shock slightly. She ran up to her moms room taking the cash from the draws, she ran to her mom’s safe where she kept up to $3000 in cash at all times, Cami swept what she could into her bag and ran back out of her mum’s office. She grabbed Jake and they ran out of the apartment slamming the door behind them.

“Oh god I hope he wakes up” Mikey said his head in his hands as Frankie gently patted his back

“He will wake up Mikes just be patient” he said quietly nodding gratefully at Bob and Ray who handed Mikey and Frank a coffee each.

“He was attacked the doctor said it would take a while for him to wake up after the surgery. He is in a medically induced coma” Ray said looking at his feet as he sat down with Bob.

“Mikes he’s a tough one he’ll pull through it” Bob stated. Everyone was quiet after that no one ever argued with Bob mostly because he was always right, well that or he’d beat them up
The boys sat in silence for a while not saying anything to make Mikey worry more. They sipped their coffee’s not lifting their heads to speak until Kyan came along and sat by them.

“You call her?” Frank whispered. Kyan nodded discreetly, Frank let a small smile linger on his face. He knew Cami if she were here would help Gerard heal quicker. She seemed to be the ultimate fix of Gerard. His one weakness was anywhere Cami was concerned. She’d lit up his face since the moment he met her nearly 4 months ago. They’d slowly grown closer to each other to the point where Cami would crawl into Gerard’s bed on the tour bus to nap with him in the afternoons which didn’t seem weird to them. But then again when your young and in love? What is weird with you?

“God I wish all the damn taxis weren’t taken.” Cami said growing ever impatient as she waited outside the airport with Adam and Jake.
“Don’t worry, when you called your Dad five minutes ago Gerard was in a stable coma” Adam said wrapping his arm around her shoulders.
“Yeah hun he’s going to be ok.” Jake said wrapping an arm around her waist. Cami pulled the boys into a group hug burying her face into their chests.
“I just don’t want to lose him. He’s the one person that seems to under stand me” she said her voice muffled by their chests. Jake and Adam nodded patting her back gently as the Taxi pulled up. The three of them wandered over and got in directing the taxi to the hospital Gerard was in. About 20 minutes later it pulled up. The three of them walked inside to the waiting room to see Kyan sitting with Bob and Frank. Cami broke away from the boys and ran to hug her dad.

“Oh god dad is he ok?” she said hugging Kyan tightly.

“Yeah he’s ok” He said when they finally broke the hug. “The stab wound wasn’t to bad, they transfused some blood so he’ll be fine when he wakes up eventually” He said patting her back, he looked up noticing Jake and Adam standing back awkwardly.

“Who are your friends?” Kyan said nodding towards them, Cami waved Jake and Adam over.

“Dad this is Jake and Adam, they’re my two closest friends in the whole world” she said wrapping an arm around both of their shoulders and pulling them closely to her.

“It’s nice to meet you sir” Both boys said simultaneously making Kyan, Frank and Bob laugh.

“It’s nice to meet you two, this is Bob and Frank” he said introducing Adam and Jake to them, the guys nodded and shook hands as Mikey and Ray walked out of Gerard’s room. Kyan introduced them and the guys shook their hands again.

Mikey turned to Cami.
“You should go in alone; I think it would be best he said quietly. Cami nodded, she dropped her duffle bag on the floor. She was still in her dress that she’d worn earlier that evening to the party. She walked slowly into Gerard’s room and took the seat beside his bed. She looked at the IV drip stuck in his hand and shuddered, she like Gerard hated needles too. Not as much as he did just the ones in hospitals. Cami stood up, she didn’t want to be sitting on the chair. She figured she’d left Gerard without any real explanation, she climbed up carefully onto his bed slipping off her shoes, she rested her head lightly on his chest listening to his breathing as she held his hand gently in hers. She lay there for what seemed like hours occasionally glancing up at his face. She turned her face to his one last time.
Gerard’s eyes slowly fluttered open, his vision swam for a moment before it finally focused on Cami.
“Hey..” he muttered.

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