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New Town, New Life

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Damara Moss is being sent to a new town. How will She survive?

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I rang the doorbell and waited.

"Come on in D. Welcome home" My sister grinned as She stood in the doorway.

A fiery red head, My sister's always been the kind of person you could never ignore. Warm personality, long flowing red hair, green eyes that matched the color of fresh leaves, and a tan that most celebrities envied.

I was nothing like Her.

As I walked past the hall mirror I got to take a good look at myself.

Blond hair with purple streaks running wild, one brown eye and one green eye, and pale skin that looked so white you would swear the sun has never touched my skin.

"Follow Me upstairs to Your new room" My sister called over Her shoulder.

I followed Her up the stairs and through a door to a purple room with all My old furniture from where I used to live.

"Everything's here so get settled and come downstairs. I have a surprise for You" She smiled and closed the door.

I started unpacking my clothes and hanging them in the wardrobe and realized that My Sister was downstairs with a surprise.

I casually walked down the stairs to find two guys close to My age standing next to My Sister.

"Surprise! meet Your next door neighbors!"

I smiled relcutantly.

"Is She normally this quiet?" The guy with black hair asked.

"I'm afraid so. She talks but always with purpose, never for recreation. Gerard, Mikey, this is My sister Damara"

"Damara? where did You get a name like that" The guy with black hair asked.

"Our Mother was a sucker for crazy names. I am Callisto while My sister is Damara. It's very fitting that I am alphabetically first seeing as I am the older sister" Callisto stated.

I smiled a little. She was very proud of Her name- Me, not so much.

It was then that I noticed that a pair of eyes covered with glasses were intently watching Me.

He had spiked brown hair and cute glasses.

I smiled as He held out His hand to shake Mine.

I gave Him My hand, and as I did He whispered "Welcome to the neighborhood".
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