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One-shot. Frerard. This is gonna sound awful, but its a satanic Gerard and a Catholic Frankie, smutty yet strangely romantic fic XD. Full warning inside.

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A/N: First off I know NOTHING of real life cults, Satanic or otherwise, so on the off chance someone does know about them (or is even in one) I apologize now if what I've written is nothing like them. It all comes from my imagination, and I do not claim to be an expert on any of this xD
Also, this is a sort of new approach to smut for me, since I'm usually quite romantic and don't include all the fun kinky extra's xD Its not OVERLY kinky, but heck, I had a go xD


That is all ^_^

They needed a Catholic. Someone religious enough to go to Church every Sunday, but dubious enough that they'd be easily seduced. It didnt matter whether they were male or female, young or old, just so long as they were Catholic.
The Elder told them they had to find said Catholic, and fast. He didnt care who, when or how, just so long as they were in the caves by the next week.
The Morning Stars took their challenge without complaint or question, and the hunt for the Catholic began. They never expected it be difficult. But no one realized how easy it would be.

"Who are you?" He whimpered, staring up at the masked man before him with wide, terrified eyes.
"Me?" The man queried with a smirk, slowly slipping his white shirt off his shoulders, the fabric cascading to the floor silently. “They call me Red." He said softly, his cupid bow lips gently forming each word and drawing the slightly younger mans attention to them.
"R - Red?" He whispered, his eyes growing wider as the man approached him slowly, his fingers working at his belt buckle. His skin was ivory white and beneath the softness of his skin there was the hardness of slightly toned muscles, the top half of his face was hidden by a mannequin style mask, the same deep black colour of his shoulder length hair.
"Yes. And what should I call you?" He asked with a tilt of the head, grinning as he stared down at the other man, whipping his belt off in one fluid motion.
"F - F - Frank..." The younger man stuttered, his Adams apple bobbing in his throat as he gulped. "What are you doing to do to me?" He whimpered as the man, Red, dropped to his knees and straddled Frank’s waist.
"Many things." He drawled, pulling open Franks button down shirt in one tug, pushing the folds of the fabric away from his chest so that he could trail his fingertips down the warm skin. "Many things your God did not intend, but will not save you from." He whispered, his deep chocolate eyes searching the soft caramel ones of Frank, his finger tips brushing over the rosy pink nipples and causing Frank to gasp and bite his lip.
"Y - You're going to rape me?" He breathed, and the fear in his eyes, the gentle trembling of his muscles, were making Red hot with desire. He leaned down over the younger man and pushed a hand into his dark brown hair, his lips poised barely an inch above Franks, breathing hotly over his mouth.
"Yes." He whispered, and he stole the little Catholics very first kiss.

The morning stars were a cult based around the worship of negative things. Fear. Angst. Loneliness. Hatred and despair. They worshipped their God like Christians worshipped theirs, only the morning stars God were what the Christians knew as the Devil. Satan. Lucifer.
Their power base was in a set of caves, all linked by dark stone tunnels. The caves had been used by the cult since the medieval realm, and the same torches were set into the walls, as were the same old chains and stone alters.
Red had joined the cult at the tender age of thirteen, searching for the end of his life, finding salvation instead. It wasn’t salvation like one would expect, but salvation it was. The Elder - or the leader - of the cult, had taken him in and showed him that negativity is something we all need to live, just as much as happiness. He had taught Red a lot, and when he died, Red would become the new leader. Which was why he had been given the task - or the privilege, as some may see it - of carrying out the rituals on the Catholic boy.
And upon seeing the boy, Red had not been complaining. That kid was cute. There was no denying it.

Red licked his lips as he circled Frank, his eyes roaming over the naked body of the nineteen year old, ancient symbols drawn onto the olive skin. Frank hadn’t heard Red enter the room but he could feel his presence and he trembled from fear and anticipation.
He was on his knees, his head bowed with black silk blindfolding him. Thick rope bound his hands behind his back and his chest was rising and falling softly with his nervous breathing.
The waiting was always the worst part.
"Did you go to confessional yesterday?" Reds voice startled him despite how softly he spoke and Frank nodded shakily.
"Y - Yes." He whispered. Red smirked and knelt down behind Frank, his legs on either side of Franks as he reached infront of him and ran a finger across his lips.
"Did you tell your God what I've done to you?" He asked, and Frank could hear the grin in his voice.
"Yes..." He stuttered, Red's finger dipping into his mouth as he spoke before trailing down his chin, following the soft curve of his neck and stopping in the dip between his collar bones.
"And have you been forgiven?" He whispered huskily into Frank’s ear, delighting in the way the teenager shuddered against him. Fear radiating from him even as his cock began to rise.
"Yes." He tried to sound strong but he wasn’t fooling anyone. Red flicked a tongue over Franks ear lobe and nibbled at the sensitive flesh beneath his ear, whispering softly in Latin. His hand trailed further down to squeeze at Frank’s nipple, twisting and pulling before rubbing his fingers softly over it, mingling pleasure with pain as he recited the ancient words of the ritual.
Frank didnt have a clue what any of the rituals were and it frightened him to know he was part of them. This was never something he wanted, but something about the seductive way Red spoke the Latin made his skin crawl with want.
"Ego vindicatum vos ut meus own." He drawled, and Frank gasped as something sharp was suddenly pushed through the skin of his neck, at the slope where neck met chest. Frank had had enough peircings to know a needle when he felt one, and he recognized a bar being pushed through the pierced skin, something dangling off it. It felt like a thin metal disk.
"I claim you as my own." Red whispered the English translation and Frank couldn’t justify why those words made him moan like they did.

Frank stared in the mirror with wide eyes. The bar that had been pierced through his neck did have a small metal disk dangling from it, not unlike those found on dog collars, and on the metal a strange symbol had been engraved. He assumed it was some kind of satanic emblem, and he knew that while it was on him, he truly was owned by Red. He could easily just take the bar out, but something stopped him. He wasn’t sure what.
It was foolish to leave it in, he'd have to wear a scarf to hide it whilst at church, but the memory of Red's hot, wet tongue lapping at his skin, his deep, probing kisses - it was all too much yet not enough, and Frank couldn’t bring himself to remove the bar.

Red's cock stirred with interest as soon as he spotted Frank, his arms raised above his head and tied to a hook on the ceiling. The cavern they were in was empty of all furniture, with only three flaming torches offering light, casting shimmering shadows over Frank’s naked body. His legs were splayed open and his back arched, his hips moving in slow, circular motions as he whimpered and mewled, a glass plug glinting in the light from the torches between the pert, round cheeks of his ass.
"Well well well..." Red breathed, slowly approaching the teenager, trying to keep his cool even as his heart rate began to rapidly increase. "What would your God say if he could see you now?" He drawled, slipping a hand down Franks back and squeezing his ass, the skin heated from lust. Frank gasped and whimpered, pushing his ass back and spreading his legs even wider in invitation. His erection was red and throbbing, a bead of precum shining in the dim light as it slowly rolled down the pulsing shaft.
Red couldn’t remember the last time anyone had ever had this effect on him. But damn, that little Catholic was making his own cock swell and ache inside his black jeans.
"I... I thought you weren't gonna come..." Frank whispered, somewhat breathlessly, his hips still moving as he tried to get any amount of friction from the glass plug inside him. Red smirked and softly massaged his pale ass cheeks, enjoying the way his body arched and writhed gently from need, the skin shining a little from sweat.
"I always come Sugar." Red smirked, hoping Frank would catch the innuendo as well as the literal meaning of his words. He would always come to Frank, mainly because it was his job to carry out all the necessary rituals. But also because - as much as he hated to admit it - he enjoyed these little meetings, perhaps a little too much.
Red gently ran a finger between the globes of Franks ass and nudged the glass plug, making Frank bite his lip to try and stifle a moan, pushing his hips back and forth. He had been tied here for hours, painfully aroused and desperate for release.
"P - Please..." He begged. "Please..." Red felt his breath hitch. If the sight of Frank right now wasn’t enough already, hearing those desperate pleads almost made him lose control.
"Please what?" He whispered, already lowering himself to his knees, his fingers tracing patterns across the teenagers’ ass.
"Please Red... Unnn... I want... I want..." Franks cheeks blazed as he tried to overcome his embarrassment and Red smirked, pressing gentle kisses to the backs of his thighs.
"Yes...?" He prompted, biting at the soft flesh, feeling it quiver against his lips.
"I want you... I need... umm... something...anything..." Frank couldn’t wait much longer. It had felt like forever whilst he had waited for Red to show up, and now he was here, the object of his secret desires, though he had never seen his face - and he had no more patience left. He was desperate.
"Lust, my dear Frankie, is a sin." Red pointed out, parting the cheeks of Franks ass and slowly removing the plug, reveling in the way his muscles trembled at the sensation.
"I... I don’t care..." Frank groaned, and a large grin spread over Reds face. That was exactly what he had wanted to hear. He used his hands to keep Frank completely open to him and he leant forward without another word, flicking his tongue over the puckered entrance and hearing Frank moan in surprise.
In the back of his mind Frank was screaming at Red to stop. There were many things he simply shouldn’t do, and this was one of them. God would not be so forgiving this time... but he couldn’t even find the desire to tell Red to stop. It felt so terribly good... Red had done some things to Frank already, but this was the most torturous of them all. Such sweet, agonizing pleasure. Frank couldn’t contain himself.
"Oh God... ooh..." He breathed, Red's tongue pushing past the tight ring of muscle to rub at his inner walls, slow and sensual, making his cock ache and his stomach clench, feeling so open and exposed, vulnerable beyond belief, but so so good...
"Uhmm..." Frank wanted to tell Red to go faster, to do more, but no amount of lust could make him behave so sinfully. No matter what that wicked tongue could do.
Red moved his hands to his mouth and slipped his thumbs into Franks entrance, stretching him open as he thrust his tongue back and forth, feeling his cock pulse with the way Frank cried out and moaned, rocking his hips more urgently. He fucked him with his tongue for as long as he could bear, slow and teasing, rubbing his thumbs back and forth and drinking in the delicious sounds Frank was making.
"Unn... please... Oh God... please..." He begged, his voice strained with need as his erection throbbed and ached, so painful he could hardly stand it. He tugged at his restraints until they cut into his wrists, desperate to touch himself, to gain any form of release. And then Red pulled away, and he all but cried at the loss of contact.
"No...d - Don’t stop... I'll do anything... p - please..." He whimpered, writhing about as he cock wept pre-cum, a long thin string dripping onto the floor.
"Shh..." Red soothed, getting to his feet and stripping of his clothes, squeezing Franks ass as he stepped up to him, his own member fully erect just from hearing the noises he could force out of Frank.
"I wont leave you unsatisfied." He promised, wrapping his hand around his shaft and guiding the head to Frank’s entrance which was quivering from the earlier teasing, causing Red's stomach to clench with arousal.
"Ego vindicatum vos ut meus own." He whispered before pushing into Frank in one, harsh thrust. Frank screamed out in pain, pushing back until he could go no further despite the burning sensation, it hurt like nothing he had ever experienced and yet he was aching with desire and he wouldn’t wait to adjust.
He didnt last long, too far gone after hours of being so close to the edge. Once the pain began melting away the feeling of Red rocking into him became overwhelming, and when he hit his prostate he couldn’t even cry out, it felt too immense, his lungs burning from the need to breathe. But Red took him hard and fast, his nails digging into his hips as he pulled him back to meet each thrust, giving Frank little chance to regain his breath.
Frank had always imagined when he lost his virginity it would be slow and sensual, on his wedding night with a sweet woman he could love forever. But he knew then that something in him had changed, that the rituals he was being brought into were tainting him, because when he came with long, hard pulses, he realized he wouldn’t change it for the world.

Frank was tired. He couldn’t sleep. His dreams were haunted by Reds masked face, his sinful, tainting ways. He would wake early each morning, before the sun had even risen, with a raging erection and the memory of Reds hands on his body from dreams that were too good to be allowed.
He was getting lost in a pattern of college, church, and abduction. He was always disappointed at the end of the day if he hadn’t been snatched by people he never saw, blindfolded and taken back to the caves where sooner or later Red would do some wicked, delicious thing to him.
He would even be hoping for it while he sat in church, listening to the priest, over come by terrible guilt, yet unable to repent. He didnt even go to confessional anymore, because God only forgave those who were sorry and the terrible thing was - he wasn’t sorry. He couldn’t apologize for something he knew should be rape, but wasn’t because he enjoyed it too much. He couldn’t apologize for getting caught up in satanic rituals made up of sex and lust and desire. And it frightened him more than anything, he wasn’t losing his faith, he was just turning his back on it. Forgetting God to give in to temptation - something he had always been warned about. He wanted to stop, he wanted to feel sorry but he just couldn’t.
When he had told Red this, after another mind-blowing orgasm, he had received silence as a reply. And he hadn’t been taken back to the caves for a week - something that both relieved and worried him.
Why weren’t they coming back for him? Were they tired of him now? Had he done something wrong?
Frank wiped the tears off his cheeks with an annoyed sigh. He shouldn’t be getting upset about something like this. But the truth was - he missed Red.
And this terrified him, as if he missed the Devil himself.

"Frank." The voice was familiar and Frank whimpered with happiness, suddenly feeling less vulnerable as Red's hands came down to slide down his naked back.
"Red..." He sighed, turning his face to the side and smiling as tears dripped from beneath his blindfold. "You're here..." He breathed and Red felt a painful tug on his heart. He was not supposed to have developed feelings for the teenager, but he had, and he couldn’t deny it. The week spent away from him had been more painful than he could imagine, and to have him back again, naked with his hands tied behind his back as always, was a great comfort.
"Of course... did you miss me?" He whispered, already knowing the answer as Frank slid his legs open, shifting a little to get comfortable.
"So much..." He breathed, nodding his head and Red bit his lip.
"Then you're ready." He stated softly and Frank frowned, confused.
"For what?" He asked, and then the sounds of people entering the large cavern could be heard and his body tensed. "Red?" He asked, his voice betraying his fear. It was always just him and Red, and it sounded as if hundreds of people were now surrounding them.
"Shh." Red soothed. "You can trust me." He whispered into Franks ear, while no one else could hear him before straightening up and spreading his arms wide, looking about at the cloaked figures with matching mannequin masks, all staring at the naked nineteen year old bent over the stone alter of the main chamber.
"Friends." He called, and instantly there was silence. "Today this young Catholic is ready for the last ritual. I have claimed his soul and taken his virginity, and now I offer those I took to our Lord." Frank was shaking with fear, he didnt understand... Of course he had always known he was nothing more than a tool in some kind of ritual, but to hear Red saying it, to hear people cheering, it made him feel so... used. He was just a Catholic they needed for some Satanic ceremony... he didnt know what else he had expected, but it hurt.
He gasped in surprise when Red's hands gripped his shoulders, pushing him down on the table as he licked a wet trail down the centre of his back. He mewled softly, but not in desire, in sadness. He wanted Red to stop and let him go. He didnt want to be taken with people watching. Not as some kind of offering to the Devil.
"Get off me." He snarled, tears dripping down as his cheeks, causing him to blush with shame. Why had he let himself fall for this...this... demon?
"Frankie..." Reds voice was gentle and understanding in his ear, and Frank knew the words were only for him. Whispered so quietly no one else could hear them. "Don’t hate me... Want me... like you always have... Like I want you..." He purred and Frank couldn’t help it, he melted under his soft touch. "You know I care for you." Red didnt know why he was admitting this, it just felt right, and Frank instantly relaxed beneath him, sighing softly.
"Okay..." He whispered, defeated and Red pressed a gentle kiss to the back of his neck.
"Thank you." He murmured, trailing kisses down Franks back, pushing his legs further apart and settling himself between them. The sight of him tied up, completely at his mercy always made Reds stomach stir with arousal and now was no different, he bit his lip and rocked his semi against the curve of Franks ass, feeling the blood pool to his groin as he massaged Franks ass softly with his hands.
Frank bit his lip, grateful that the blindfold prevented him from seeing their audience. If he couldn’t see them he could pretend they weren’t there, and the feeling of Red's cock rising and swelling against his flesh was causing his own member to fill with blood.
Red began speaking in Latin, reciting verses that Frank couldn’t understand, his finger tips now slick with oil and teasing Franks entrance, gently probing and stretching as he spoke softly. Frank bit his lip and tilted his hips up, spreading his legs even further as he mewled softly, melting under Reds touch.
Red pushed two fingers into the teenager and tried to remain composed as he slowly thrust them, stroking them into Franks prostate and watching how it caused the younger man to whimper and moan, purr and gasp as he rocked his hips against the stone alter, his fists clenching and unclenching within their bonds. The sight was tragic and beautiful at the same time, and Red didnt want to wait.
He whispered something in Latin and pulled his fingers away, causing Frank to whimper in disappointment. He no longer cared if they were being watched, he just wanted Red inside him. He wanted to be taken again and again, and he didnt care if the entire world were staring.
"P - Please..." He whispered and Red was given appreciative glances from some of the Morning Stars watching. He smirked and gently parted Franks ass cheeks, probing his entrance with the tip of his cock, watching as the ring of muscle stretched open to let him slip inside, taking Frank slowly, inch by inch, driving the Catholic crazy with want.
He finished reciting the Latin verses, all the time giving shallow thrusts into Frank, making him mewl and whimper, his muscles tensing. Once the final word had left his lips however, he changed pace, and he pulled back until only the head of his cock was inside Frank before shoving back in, delighting in the scream of pleasure it caused. He grabbed hold of Franks hips and clutched them tightly as he began pounding into him, rocking his hips rapidly into his ass, clenching his teeth as he took him roughly, leaning down to whisper sweet nothings in his ear.
"Your beautiful... So fucking beautiful..." He purred, feeling Frank beginning to clench around him already.
"Uhhh... oh God... Ummm... Don’t stop... don’t - Fuck..." He moaned, pushing his ass back to meet each thrust, pre cum leaking onto the alter. He was in a state of bliss he could call heaven, whilst being fucked by a worshipper of hell. He would have found it ironic, if he hadn’t been so over come by pleasure.
"Do you... know...Agh... why they call... me Red?" Red panted against Franks ear, moaning softly from deep in his throat, a low, animalistic sound that made Franks cock jump.
"T - Tell me...." He breathed, panting heavily, his chest expanding and retracting against the stone alter. He gasped as he was suddenly pulled up by strong arms, being held firmly against Reds chest so that he was standing infront of him, the thrusts slowed a little from the slightly awkward angle but his prostate was brushed repeatedly, keeping him close to the edge.
"Because of this..." Red grunted, and Frank heard a metallic scraping against the stone as Red grabbed something, and then he felt the cool, sharp point of a blade against his chest. He didnt have time to think about what could happen next before Red drew the knife down his chest all the way to his navel, a clean, shallow cut that began weeping blood instantly. Frank gasped but though it was painful, the sensation only heightened his pleasure and he moaned quietly.
Red pressed a finger to the bottom of the cut and ran it up to the top, gathering blood and sucking it off his fingers, thrusting slower but harder into Frank as the metallic sweetness burst over his taste buds, making him groan in satisfaction. Frank could tell what he was doing and whimpered, opening his mouth in a want he couldn’t explain. Red traced his bloody fingers over his lips and licked at the substance as he gathered more from the cut and slowly slipped his fingers into Franks mouth, moaning as the sweet, innocent little Catholic began sucking greedily at them, tasting his own blood.
The Morning Stars watching could hardly believe how successful this was, and they all watched Red with awe as he fed the teenager more blood, helping himself to some when he wanted it. The sight was undoubtedly erotic and Frank’s erection was red and swollen, pre-cum running freely as he neared his climax.
"" He moaned around the fingers in his mouth, and Red could tell he was close. He pulled his fingers away and gripped his hips once more, pressing him back down onto the alter and thrusting into him with renewed power and speed, Franks mouth gaped open in a silent scream as he struggled to breath, opening his legs as wide as they would go, his cut chest rubbing over the stone and getting blood on it as he felt the familiar tightening in his abdomen, clenching around Red's cock as he spilt over the edge.
"Agh agh... God! FUCK!" He screamed, being pulled up once more as he came hard, thick ropes of cum spurting onto the alter as Red emptied inside of him, groaning softly. Their joined bodies trembled and shook as they rode through their orgasms, Red biting down on Franks shoulder.
Franks head was spinning as he came down from his buzz, slumping in Red's arms as the Morning Stars watching cheered and surged forward. He felt their cloaks brushing against his over sensitized skin as Red pulled him backwards out of the crowd, carrying him in his arms and taking him out of the chamber.
"Red." The Elder appeared out of the darkness and Frank, still blindfolded, tensed a little. "Well done, you have pleased me greatly. Let the boy go, and we can finish the ritual." The old man smiled and Red nodded, releasing Frank from his arms a little reluctantly.
"You'll be taken home. That’s the end." He whispered, and Franks face showed his horror.
"What!? But I'll see you again wont I?" He cried as two cloaked figures stepped forward to take him away. Red bit his lip and turned away, ignoring the ache in his chest as Frank was pulled away, sobbing and crying out for him.
It was not his job to feel anything for the Catholic. In fact, that was the worst thing that could have happened. So he simply walked away, hiding his feelings like he had always learnt to do.
He was greeted with praise as he entered the main chamber and someone handed him the bloody knife. Now he had to shed his own blood onto the alter, to mix with that of Franks. Then the Elder would recite the final verses and their offering would be complete.

Red sighed as he walked down the street. It had been three years since he had last seen Frank and he was fed up of thinking about him every day. He had to put an end to this, and so he would.
The Elder had died, and it had been up to him to become new Elder of the Morning Stars. But in his heart he knew his faith could not compete with the love that he had stumbled upon, and as much as he might regret it, he had left the cult that had once meant so much to him and set out in search for the boy that had unintentionally stolen his heart.
He found him quickly enough, he already knew where he lived, and he saw him walking down his street with his head bowed, hands deep in his pockets. It was a Sunday, and so Red supposed he was on his way home from Church.
Grinning, Red crept up behind him, keeping in step with him before he neared his house, and then he wrapped one arm round his waist, and raised his free hand to cover his eyes. Frank gasped and jumped, tensing instantly.
"I've missed you. I shouldn’t have but I do, and I want to be with you." He said quickly, before his nerves could desert him. For a long while Frank was silent and then he swallowed thickly before speaking.
"Red?" He breathed, subconsciously raising a hand to touch the bar with the ownership tag on it that he still wore. Red smiled and pressed a tiny kiss to his neck.
"Mmm... Ego vindicatum vos ut meus own." He whispered, loving the way Frank’s body trembled at the words.
"I want to see you." He whispered and Red smiled.
"Then look at me." Franks lips parted with surprise and he felt Red lower his hand from his eyes, he smiled and slowly turned round, gasping when he came face to face with the man who had hurt him so much, and yet who he couldn’t stop thinking about. His eyes were a deep brown, and they sparkled with life as he looked down at Frank, his black hair tasseled in a sexy way, his jaw strong.
"Red..." Frank whispered, raising a hand to touch his face and Red smiled, closing his eyes for a second.
"Please... call me Gerard." He smirked, before hungrily kissing the Catholic man.
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