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Can't Love You

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Naruto sat in couch eating his usual ramen, waiting for they day to finally end. It was a little past ten, so he didn’t expect the knock that suddenly came. Itachi wasn’t around, he had said earlier before leaving practice that he had to see his boss. Naruto curious as always, had tried to follow Itachi so he could finally see who this boss was, since the Uchiha has mentioned he had a particular interest in the boy before, but out of nowhere Itachi had disappeared in the middle of the persecution.

Someone knocked on the door again. Itachi would have easily walked in but the knocks kept coming. “Who is it?” Naruto asked, as he neared the door. No one answered, just another knock. Not sure what else to do, he slowly opened the door and peaked. The person he saw standing there took his breath away, never in a million years had he expected to see that perfect face again.

“Hello Naruto,” Sasuke said, in his usual monotonic voice.

The blond felt a rush of emotions go through his body. The image in front of him seemed so unreal. “Sasuke,” he slurred unconsciously.

In a matter of seconds, Sasuke was inside his former apartment. Naruto was about to have a heart attack when he remembered the reason Sasuke had left. “What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I wanted to see you,” he answered, putting both of his hands in each of Naruto’s hips. “I love you Naruto, I apologize for everything I ever did to you.”

Just when his lips were about to touch Naruto’s, the blond pushed him away. “You are kidding me right? Do you think it’s that simple? I have suffered enough, I don’t need you!”

“Naruto I…”

“You nothing!” he interrupted. “I don’t even love you anymore!”

“Don’t tell me you fell in love with Itachi?!”

Naruto laughed. “Itachi has truly cared about me. Not once has he been selfish about our relationship.”

“No! He’s using you Naruto, he’s fucking using you!”

Naruto couldn’t stand it anymore. Just looking at Sasuke in front of him made his body weak and his stomach turn, the younger Uchiha always had that effect on him. Maybe he had lied, he did love Sasuke, more than he was aware of us, but it just wasn’t right. Not only had Sasuke been a total idiot but he was now with Itachi.

Seeing how Naruto was denying him made Sasuke burn in anger. He hated Itachi now more than ever. Not only had he destroyed his family but now he had stolen his one true love, Naruto.

“Can you go?”

Sasuke looked at Naruto in disbelief. He walked towards Naruto and pinned him against the wall just to start kissing him ardently. Naruto struggled to free himself, but the Uchiha was stronger and maintained dominance. He was determined to prove Naruto still loved him and he knew how fragile Naruto became when they kissed.

“Sasuke...” Naruto moaned, finally giving in as Sasuke skillfully moved to his necks. It was useless, Naruto’s brain wanted to punch Sasuke right in his pretty face but his body was just begging for more touching.

“Tell me you love me,” Sasuke whispered kissing him again.

Things have happened too fast. His mind hadn’t fully processed that Sasuke was there and trying to get him back. “I don’t know…”

Progress had been made. “Come on,” he kissed him gently again. “I know you do.”

Just when he was about to give in to his touch again, he remembered the struggle that had that one person had inflicted in his heart, how crazy he had turned thanks to him and how much of an ass he had become. Now he had Itachi, who he probably didn’t love and could never truly love, but he definitely brought a smile to his face.


“Leave me alone!!” Naruto screamed pushing him away. “I want to be with Itachi, not you.”

The mention of his brother’s name made him furious. He threw Naruto on the floor and jumped over him. “You love me and only me,” he slurred and started kissing him as he undressed him.

What happened seemed to happen in a fraction of a second to Naruto. Itachi appeared out of nowhere punching Sasuke in the face. The strike made Sasuke fall off Naruto, which gave time for the blond to stand up and hug Itachi. Just when he moved to kiss the older Uchiha’s lips, Sasuke started to cry.
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