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Gerard and Olivia finally have time alone!

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Olivia sat in Gerard's moms house laughing at the baby pictures she was showing him of Gerard. "Doesn't Jade look so much like him in this picture" She was showing him a picture of Gerard when he was Jade's age holding up his favorite action figure.

"Wow he really does. You are so cute" She smiled at Gerard who was shaking his head with embarrassment.

"I wanna see" Jade begged and jumped on to Olivia's lap.

"Okay lets stop looking at kid pictures of me and eat dinner please" He said grabbing the album from his mother. When they came over to drop off Jade his mother had invited them on for dinner, how could they refuse?

"You were a cutie" Olivia laughed as they all took a seat. It smelt so good! Olivia looked and saw that it was baked ziti and her mouth watered.

"Thank you so much Mrs. Way, it looks so delicious" She smiled as she grabbed a piece of garlic bread.

"Mom makes the best ziti you will ever have" Gerard said winking at his mom.

"It dewicious" Jade chimed in. Her face was already covered in sauce.

"So hows the tour going" His mom asked as they ate.

"It's going great" Gerard answered.

"How are you liking it Olivia"?

"I am loving it. I have never done anything like it before so it's fun" She smiled.

The conversation went smoothly. And of course his mother had made home made apple pie so they stayed for that. They said their good nights to Jade and headed out. His mom grabbed her and gave her a huge hug before she made it to the door.

"Don't be a stranger honey. Oh and call me Donna okay" She smiled and released Olivia.

"Okay, Donna. Thanks so much for dinner" Olivia smiled then turned and got in the car.

Gerard was quiet on the way home. It was a comfortable silence though. She looked at the car clock and saw that it was 9:30. They were alone. Would it happen tonight? She hoped so. She smiled to herself thinking about it.

Gerard was feeling relaxed and happy. His mom loved Olivia, he could tell. She was fitting into his life so well. He wanted to make love to her tonight. He looked over and saw her smiling. She was thinking the same thing. They pulled up to the house and both got quickly out of the car.

HE grabbed her and pulled her against him and crashed his lips down on to hers. They kissed up the sidewalk up the porch. When they reached the front door he pushed her up against it. He nipped at her neck and felt her fingers in his hair. He was jiggling the handle to the front door but it wasn't giving.

"We can't do this out here" She laughed as she kissed down his neck.

"I'm trying to open the door" He laughed.

"Well well well. Some things never change" They heard her before they saw her. They went completely still.

"What are you doing here Krystal" Gerard demanded as he stood in front of Olivia.

"You have to even ask?" She smiled as she walked up to the townhouse.

"She isn't here so you won't be seeing her" He said angrily.

"Where the fuck is she then. She is my child you can't keep her from me" She yelled. He heard Olivia curse under her breath.

"Look leave now, don't come back" he said and turned to go inside.

"No, I will sit here until my daughter comes home". He watched Olivia turned and march over to Krystal.

"Look bitch just because you gave birth to a baby does not make you her mother. A mother is there when she has a bad dream and needs a hug, a mother dries her tears when she falls and scrapes her knee... You left her when she was a baby. You left her and just drop by whenever the hell you want. You are not her mother. So we would appreciate it if you'd fuck off" Olivia yelled and then turned to head back up to Gerard.

"Your just one of his whores. He will get rid of you when he's done" She heard Krystal say then she walked off. Gerard was fuming. He had never wanted to hit a women until he met Krystal.

"You okay" Olivia asked him and touched his face.

"I'm fine" He said then opened the door to the house. A perfectly good night ruined by that bitch.

Olivia watched as Gerard stormed threw the house. He wasn't going anywhere specific, she assumed he was burning off steam. "She has no right to keep doing this" He yelled. Olivia stood there watching him. He needed to rant.

"Jade deserves more than that. Not some whore who is using her to torture me" She wanted to hold him but knew that's not what he wanted right now.

"I will never regret having Jade but god I regret meeting her. I wish I could have had Jade without her" He stopped pacing and sat on the couch.

"I don't know how to get rid of her" He sighed. He looked defeated. She walked over and sat next to him.

"I'm sorry. I never had to deal with either of my parents coming back into the picture. I don't know what to tell you" She brushed her fingers threw his hair.

"Come here" He said and pulled her onto his lap. She cuddled up and rested her head under his chin. God it felt so good being in his arms. She felt him running his hand up and down her back.

"Sorry I freaked" He said and kissed her temple.

"You have every right to freak" She said and turned her head. She brushed her lips over his and felt him relax.

"I always need you here to calm me down like this" He smiled against her lips. He felt her shift on his lap and straddle him.

"How about this. Are you feeling even more relax" She smiled and kissed down his neck. "Yep" he laughed.

"I want to take you to your bed and make love to you" He said grabbing her face.

"Then do it" She said seriously.

His hands grabbed her butt and lifted her. She continued to kiss down his neck as he carried her to her room. He threw the door open and laid her back against the bed. She left her legs wrapped around him and pulled him down against her. He began to kiss her lightly at first then more passionately. He felt her fingers in his hair pulling him closer, if that was possible. She felt his hand slide under her shirt and wanted nothing more than to remove the boundaries between them. How long had she wanted to be skin to skin with this man?

She felt her shirt slide over her head and quickly removed his. The kiss began again with his hands traveling over her stomach then over her breast. She heard him curse her bra then felt it rip from her chest then felt his tongue on one nipple then the other. He heard her moan and pull his lips back to hers.

"Were really doing this" She said breathlessly against his lips.

"Yeah" He growled and went back to devouring her breast. She arched against him and said his name. Her head was spinning, she'd wanted to be with him like this for so long. She ran her hand over his chest and back. She felt his lips travel to her navel then felt his fingers unzipping her pants. They were quickly gone and she felt his lips on her thighs then her legs. He was going to kiss every inch of her and she was so okay with that.

"I want to touch you" She said pulling him back up her body.

"No you first" He said slipping his fingers under her panties. She screamed his name when he slipped one then two fingers inside her. She thrusted against him wanting to feel the release she felt building. She felt him bite down on her nipple and screamed as her orgasm hit hard.

She felt him kissing her again and she pushed him back on the bed and straddled him. He looked up and smiled at the site of her almost nude body on top of him. He felt his pants sliding down and lifted his hips to help her.

After they were both finally naked she leaned down and kissed his neck, his chest, his stomach, then trailed her tongue back up to his lips. She looked down at him and brushed his dark hair out of his face, then leaned down to press her forehead against his. She felt his hands up her back and felt his heart beating quickly under her palms. She wanted to feel him inside her now. He must have read her mind because she was on her back in seconds with him hovering over her.

He slowly kissed down her shoulders then back up to her lips. They went from fast to slow in an instant. He kissed her until she couldn't breath anymore. She ran her hands down his back to his ass and pushed. She wanted the contact now. She saw his eyes grow dark, he looked like a wild animal. He needed no more encouragement then that. She felt him thrust inside her and she couldn't help but let out a scream. He held himself like that for a few moments. Savoring the contact. He felt her nails digging into his back. He had went without being inside a women for so long. It felt amazing. She felt different though. She felt like home.

He began to move slowly inside her, looking her straight in her eyes. He felt her slowly moving with him. Meeting him thrust for thrust. He grabbed her hands and held them over her head, exposing her chest to him more then leaned down to kiss her breast. He loved the noises she was making. She was holding back though, he could feel it.

She wanted to cry. This felt like nothing she'd eve experienced before. His mouth was everywhere, his hips were rocking at a slow pace but it was what she wanted right now. To savor this. Mine... home... love. Those were the words going round and round in her head. She wrapped her legs tighter around his waist to push him deeper, closer. She heard him moan her name then felt him pick up the pace. She felt his grip on her hands tighten. He pressed his forehead to hers and she couldn't look away. She felt one of his hands move to her thigh grasping it while his other hand trapped both of hers. She was his prisoner it seemed. She didn't mind.

He felt her getting close and he wanted to cum with her. She screamed his name desperately as she felt her orgasm rip threw her. Her screams put him over the edge and he came seconds behind her. It seemed to go on and on...

He collapsed against her feeling her heart beating quickly against his chest. He couldn't catch his breath. He felt her body go limp and felt her trembling. It felt like years passed before he rolled off of her and pulled her against him. Neither of them spoke. What did you say after that? He was in trouble now. He loved her, he knew that for sure now.
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