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No joke. We were born the same year, same day, same hospital, same floor, same room. We were side be side in the nursery thingy. He is five minutes older than me. Freaky shit huh?

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I looked at my cell to see what time it was again angrily. Six-forty two PM. I've been standing on this damn porch for five minutes. I knocked again. FInally, somebody answered. Mikey stood in the front of me, rubbing his eye.

"Were you sleeping?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

"Maybe." he answered, smirking sleepily.

I rolled my eyes. "Where is your damn brother. We were supposed to go egg Mrs.Aguilar's car today and he totally bailed on me!" I frowned. "We've been planning this for weeks!"

Mikey yawned. "He's probably in his room."

I scowled. "MOve out of the way. I'm gonna wake his ass up."

"HOw do you know he's sleeping?" Mikey asked.

"That boy is always asleep." I said.

I pushed passed Mikey and made my way upstairs. I knew that place as if I lived here. Gerard and I have been friends since out mothers popped us out. No joke. We were born the same year, same day, same hospital, same floor, same room. We were side be side in the nursery thingy. He is five minutes older than me. Freaky shit huh?

I opened his door to find Gerard sprawled on his bed, asleep. He was hugging his pillow as he always does. His mouth was open slightly and his long black hair was practically covering his face. I flicked the lights on and off.

"Hello! Earth to Gerard! Get your lazy ass up!" I said loudly.

He groaned and put the pillow over his face. "Stop with the lights will ya?!"

"No! Get up!" I said.

"Haylee, what are you doing to my son?"

I turned around to see Gerard's mom standing there with her hands on her hips. "I'm trying to wake him up." I answered smiling.

She smiled back and started to go down the stairs. "Good luck with that!" she said.

I looked back into Gerard's room. He was fast asleep again. I stood in the doorway for awhile trying to think of a way to wake him up. I walked over to his bed. I picked up some of his hair and stuck it up his nose. He opened his eyes and gave me a weird look.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked.

"Sticking your hair up your nose." I said.

"Well stop. It feels weird." he pushed my hand away and grabbed his pillow again.

"Oh no. You are not going back to sleep." I took his pillow away.

"Give me back my pillow." he demanded.



"No." I repeated.

"Why are you being mean to me?" he asked.

"Cause you bailed on me today!" I said and started to hit him with the pillow.

"Hey! This is a felony! YOu can't beat a man with his own pillow! Ow! That fucking hurt! Stop hitting me! Ahh! Mom!"

I stopped hitting him. "Did you just call for your mom?" I asked, laughing.

"Um...maybe." he said.

"Mama's Boy."

"Daddy's Girl." I stared at him, waiting for him to realize what he just said. My dad died two months ago from a massive stroke. Gerard's eyes got big. "Shit. Haylee I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to say that. It just slipped out." he bit his lip.

I gave him back his pillow. "I'm gonna go back home." I said softly.

Gerard quickly got off his bed and hugged me. "I really am sorry. You don't have to go home. I know you don't you don't want to."

He was right. I didn't wanna go home. I never do. Espically nowadays. It's a depressing place to be. Pretty much after my dad died, my mom went downhill. She smokes alot more and goes to parties everyday. Sometimes she won't even come home. She doesen't even look at me anymmore cause I look so much like my dad.

Then there's my little sister Aleana, who once used to be so full of joy, is now so full of darkness. SHe stays in her room all day doing God knows what. She wears all black, writes real depressing poems, and never talks. I think all her friends abandoned her cause of the way she looks. SInce they go to the same school as I do, I asked them what their problem was. One of the girls smirked, flipped her long blonde hair over and shoulder and said 'We don't hang out with freaks like her.' Gerard had to pull me off of her so I wouldn't give this girl brain damage.

Anyways, I had to go home. My mom wasn't home so I had to make dinner for Aleana. I told Gerard this. He didn't say anything and held me tighter. He is my best friend and I love him and all, but this hug was way too long for me. I was never a hugging person and luckily for me, Gerard loves to hug. After awhile he finally let me go.

"Tell Aleana I said hello." he said.

"Always do."

He gave me a smile and I gave him one back. I walked home looking down at my feet, thinking of what I should make for dinner. I decided to make Top Ramen soup. I'm tired and don't feel like busting my ass.

When the soup was dome I poured it into the bowl. I picked up the bowl and walked to Aleana's room. Metallica was blasting on full volume from inside her room. I kicked the door.

"Aleana! Open the damn door! I made you soup!" I yelled. The door awung open and I almost dropped the bowl. Her long blonde hair was now black. She took the bowl from my hands. "What did you do to your hair?!" I asked, but she already slammed the door in my face.

I sighed and dragged my feet all the way to my room. I opened the door and closed it behind me. I threw myself on my bed and knocked out to the sounds of Metallica.
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