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Chapter 28

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Chey has a question to answer.

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Hello all. Long time no update huh? Sorry about that I've been out having a lot fun and certain people keep tweeting me with funny stuff so I can't concentrate on the important things like writing. Anyhoo here's the next little part of the fic. It's a shorty compared to my usual chapters but there's a reason for that*. I hope you all like it though and please do let me know what you think.

Chapter 28

Cheyenne's breath caught in her throat as she stared at the diamond that Gerard held out to her. The modest rock glistened under the dining room light and mesmerised her as she sat perfectly still waiting for her mouth to deliver the message her brain was sending to it. She was aware of her family and friends around her each of them too holding their breath waiting for her to respond. She could see Gerard’s hand trembling as he offered her his commitment, his eyes full of love and anxiety as he anticipated her answer. She wanted to ease his worry and let her family exhale.

‘Of course I will’ She squealed nodding her head several times, her actions confirming her words.

The room erupted into shouts of congratulations, whoops of joy and whistles. Gerard stood pulling his future bride to her feet crushing her body against his.

‘You said yes’ He said to her, his eyes glistening ‘I can’t believe it. I love you Cheyenne!’

‘I love you too’ Cheyenne giggled as she pulled back to see the face of her fiancee.

‘Congratulations’ Alicia cried enveloping both of them into a hug ‘I’m so happy for you’

‘Me too’ Mikey said grabbing hold of his brother and crushing himself to him.

The hugs, kisses and congratulations carried on for a few minutes. Both Cheyenne and Gerard's cheeks hurt from being unable to stop smiling, tears were being wiped left right and centre and the love that filled the room was indescribable.

Lyn watched the happy couple with a small smile, she wasn’t jealous but it was weird to see the man you were once in love with propose to someone else. She tore her eyes away from them and the first thing they settled on was Frank. He had remained in his seat, no one had noticed that he didn’t cheer or that he wasn’t congratulating the happy couple, he had tears in his eyes and they were anything but happy. Lyn’s heart dropped and she wanted to rush to his side and comfort him but she didn’t want to draw attention to him either. She watched him wipe his eyes and rise form his seat and her heart rate quickened, she had no idea what he would do.

Frank took a deep breath and held back the anguish that was tearing through his heart, he refused to show them how he felt even though he wanted more than anything to let it out.

‘Congratulations you two’ He said wrapping Gerard into a hug. Frank wanted to rip his friend’s body in half out of jealousy but he couldn’t out of love so he clung to him instead willing his tears away.

‘Thanks man’ Gerard said as they pulled apart ‘look at you crying’ he laughed wiping his band mate's eyes ‘you're getting soft Frankie’

‘Well you know me’ Frank said with a quick shrug ‘I’m an old romantic at heart.’ He turned to look at Cheyenne but she wouldn’t meet his eye. She didn't dare look at him. He pulled her into his arms and held her tight, savoring the feel of her body against him.

‘We have to talk’ he whispered into her ear not holding back the urgency from his voice.

‘I’m so sorry’ she said before gently pulling away.

Frank wasn’t sure if she was saying sorry for agreeing to marry Gerard or saying sorry because they couldn’t talk but he nodded his head either way. He walked away from the high spirits in the dining room and headed upstairs, he needed to be alone, he needed to talk to Cheyenne, he needed to get his mind straight.

‘Your ring my lady’ Gerard said taking the ring from the box and finally slipping it on to Cheyenne’s finger. No one could deny how beautiful it looked on her.

‘I chose that ring you know’ Mikey boasted proudly as he cuddled his wife.

‘No you didn’t’ Gerard scoffed ‘I did’

‘I saw it first’ Mikey argued a scowl forming on his handsome face

‘Are you sure you want to marry into this family?’ Bob asked as the brothers continued to argue in the background.

Cheyenne smiled at her cousin and nodded her head ignoring the thoughts of Frank that battled her mind for center stage ‘Yes’ she said kissing Bob's cheek.

‘He asked my permission you know’ Bob said with a smirk. It was the right and respectful thing to do and he was glad Gerard had.

‘Did you give it?’ Cheyenne asked with a grin.

‘You’re engaged aren’t ya?’ Bob laughed ‘although I know either way he would’ve asked you anyway’

‘Thanks Bobby, I love you’ she said taking his hand.

‘You’re welcome and I love you too kid’ he said and they shared a smile.

‘But I thought you was already married’ Jasmine announced loudly over the chatter of the adults

‘No honey your mom and dad-' Ray started and then looked around the room before lowering his voice '-have been living in sin’ He gasped.

‘What does that mean?’ Jasmine asked her eyes wide as she bought into the seriousness of her Uncle's words.

‘It doesn’t mean anything’ Gerard said hitting Ray upside the head making his band mate chuckle. ‘Mommy and daddy have been erm….boyfriend and girlfriend for a long time that’s all but now we're getting married.’ Gerard explained his hand resting on his daughter's head. Just saying the words made his heart swell with happiness.

‘Are you two living in sin?’ Paige asked her parents eyeing them from across the table. The whole room burst into laughter at her accusatory tone.

‘No we are not’ Lyn smiled, her eyes scanning the room for Frank. She couldn't see him and she began to worry.

‘See?’ Marcus said holding Lyn’s left hand up with his ‘we both have rings and those symbolise marriage.’

‘Oh’ Paige and Jasmine said in unison nodding in approval.

‘You ok?’ Gerard asked Cheyenne he noticed the smile was gone from her lips.

‘I’m perfect’ she said her lips curling upward as she met his eye ‘would you mind if I changed? The dress is kinda uncomfortable after eating all that food’

‘Not at all but hurry back ok’ Gerard said his eyes still alight.

Cheyenne leaned in and kissed his lips as everyone ‘ooohed’ and teased. She rolled her eyes at them but smiled as she left the room in search of Frank. She found him in Gerard’s den sitting on the sofa with his head in his hands. Her heart dropped and she closed the door quietly and walked over to him.

‘Hey’ she said sitting down next to him not knowing what else to say.

‘You promised me’ Frank whispered ‘you promised you wouldn’t say yes to him.’

Cheyenne nodded her head beside him. She remembered the promise she made. ‘I didn’t say yes, I said “of course I will” she said quietly.

‘Oh’ Frank said drawing out the word ‘so that makes it ok then’

‘Of course it doesn’t. I am so sorry Frank’ Cheyenne said ‘please believe that.’

‘Cheyenne I know why you’re doing this’ he said turning in his seat to face her ‘but you can’t throw us away over what happened with Lyn.’

‘That’s not why I’m doing this’ she replied half lying as it was only part of the reason.

'Yes it is!' Frank cried 'don't lie to me, you're angry I get it but don't let that be the reason you marry him.'

'I'm marrying him because I love him' Cheyenne exclaimed.

'And me?' Frank asked his sad eyes meeting hers.

'I love you too' Cheyenne said 'you know that but we can't keep on like this it's not healthy and it's not fair on any of us. I need to stay with Gerard, Frank. I need to stay with him, for him and for Jasmine he's her father, its the right thing to do.'

Frank leapt off the sofa his fists clenched, his breathing fast and heavy as he tried to calm himself down. This couldn't be the end, he had given up everything, he had come too far to lose it all.

'There have been times you've asked me why I told Gerard it was ok to sleep with Lyn....' he began.

'Frank' Cheyenne said interrupting him 'I don't want to know, it doesn't matter anymore.'

'Yes it does!' he hissed 'Lyn blackmailed me, she filmed us having sex and she said if I didn't get Gerard to sleep with her before you got back from Chicago then she'd show Jamia the tape. I couldn't let her show Mia, I couldn't. I didn't want to lose my wife. I loved her then.'

'What?' Cheyenne said shaking her head at the ridiculousness of his story 'What are you talking about?'

Frank paced the room as he explained it all to her as fast as his mouth would allow. He told her about Marcus's role in getting him drunk, Lyn telling him the whole plan, Amber and Mikey saving the day, he told her everything and Cheyenne's eyes widened as he spilled more and more details and her hatred for Lyn grew deeper.

'So you see' Frank said pulling her out of her seat to stand before him 'you can't marry him over this. I did nothing wrong I'm still the guy you thought I was. I'm still the good guy.'

Cheyenne looked and saw the hope in his hazel eyes and her heart ached for him, but Gerard proposing was fate helping her to make the right choice wasn't it? She couldn't keep living the way she had been.

'Listen Frankie,' she said taking one of his hands in each of hers 'I love you-'

'I love you too' Frank said resting his forehead against hers 'so much'

Cheyenne felt her heart miss a beat not just from the words he spoke but the emotion behind them, but she couldn't let that deter her from the decision she had made, as much as it was hurting her she was doing the right thing, everyone knows the right thing is never easy.

'I know' Cheyenne said squeezing his hands in hers, she kept her forehead on his so she didn't have to look into his beautiful eyes as she let him go. She was a coward. 'I know you love me and I'll never forget how you loved me or how much you loved me but I'm doing the right thing by marrying Gerard-'

'No!' Frank all but wailed while Cheyenne held his hands tightly in hers so he couldn't pull away completely, the closeness of their bodies already gone as he took a step back.

'I know I'm hurting you' Cheyenne said quickly seeing the anguish in his eyes as the tears began to leave her own 'cause I'm hurting too' she sobbed as the reality hit her 'but this is the right thing to do he doesn't deserve to be hurt this way-'

'And neither do I' Frank said 'I've never hurt you, not like he has and I never will.' he said snatching his hands angrily out of her grip 'I didn't have a choice but to fuck Lyn and Gerard fucked her willingly night after night, not caring about you, not missing you. HE NEVER EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT YOU' Frank shouted.

Cheyenne felt the sharp sting in her palm as her hand shot across Frank's face, it happened so quickly she didn't even register what she had done until Frank's skin flamed red under her violent hand, her fingers leaving marks across his stubbly cheek. Cheyenne's hand shot to her own mouth in disbelief at her actions, she shook her head quickly hoping to erase what she had just done.

'I'm so sorry' She whimpered as Frank turned his head back to face her, the impact of her anger had turned his head and he felt the hot sting of her slap burning into flesh. 'Please, I'm so sorry' Cheyenne said inching closer to him with caution 'I didn't mean to do that, I didn't mean it. Please forgive me' she cried

Frank quickly raised his hand and Cheyenne flinched, her arms shooting up to defend her head against his blow. Frank growled and grabbed her pulling her to his chest, he saw her flinch and it infuriated him to no end.

'I'd never hit you' he hissed unable to curb his anger even to put her at ease. 'Even after you slap me,' his voice sofening as she trembled against him 'I only want to hold you.'

'I'm sorry' Cheyenne said clinging to him, her arms wrapping around his waist 'I'm sorry I hurt you.'

'But you still will' Frank said burying one hand in her soft brown hair, his other hand on her lower back crushing her to him. 'But on the upside that slap will feel like a tickle compared to what I'll feel when I walk out of this room and go home.'

Cheyenne wanted to say sorry again, she'd apologise forever if she thought it would make any difference to his life.

'I have to go now' Frank said softly the defeat clear in his voice. There was no use in staying, he knew he couldn't change her mind, she had just promised herself to Gerard and he knew she'd never take it back. He could physically feel his heart breaking, tiny fragments of the organ that kept him alive were breaking away and he could feel the muscle weakening rapidly in his chest. It hurt just to breathe.

'Don't go' Cheyenne cried her arms tight around him preventing his escape.

'I have to' Frank swallowed, pushing back the sob that was trying to surface. He had to get out now before he broke down, he knew once he started, it would be a while before he stopped and he couldn't let his friends see him cry, not like that, it would be too shameful and he couldn't explain it without telling them everything.

'Please Cheyenne let me leave' he begged pushing at her arms 'you've made your choice now let me go and live with it.'

Cheyenne wept at Frank's word and he removed himself from her arms. He didn't look back as he walked away from her closing the door behind him. He made it down the stairs before the first sob broke from his lips and he ran from the house through the back garden door his emotions rendering him incapable of bidding his love ones goodbye. His hands shook as he pulled his keys from his pocket, his tears blinding him as he tried to unlock the door and it took several attempts before he got it. Frank thrust the keys into the ignition and he drove away as fast as he could as his heart ached and crumbled in his chest . Tears poured down his face as he drove, his hands clenched tightly to the steering wheel as his body shook from holding back his emotions. He made it three blocks away from the woman he loved before he pulled over, he felt tired from the battle he had been fighting and under the dark protective cover of the New Jersey night he let himself break down completely. Frank cried hard into his tattooed hands as his body trembled violently from his loss and he could think of nothing except of how it had all been in vain and that Gerard had won after all.

A/N Aww so sad! :( *Reason I kept this short and sweet was because I wanted to focus solely on Frank's reaction to the proposal, we'll get back to the others in the next chapter. Thanks for reading xo

Oh and one last thing. It was brought to my attention today that another writer had used some of my work in their story. So I had a look at the attatchment I'd been sent and low and behold there was some text that I had writen myself in their chapters. Now I'm not an idiot, ideas and such get "borrowed" all the time and I guess its to be expected on a website like this but all I'm saying is, if you like something of mine or anyone elses even and you're going to take it (keep those copyright laws in mind people, its a serious business) then at least try and make it different, change it up, don't keep it exactly the same esp if it's dialogue, I wrote those sentence and those words I'd know 'em when I see 'em, you know? Copying practically word for word just shows your lack of creativity. Let's try and keep things as original as we can please people, I'd hate to have to start suing. Thanks xo
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