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Chapter 5

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Laying across his chest, I began to feel as if we were in a different world, since in the real one we could never have laid together like this without being stoned to death. This felt too perfect; I wondered how it could be happening.
Most people would die to be able to do what I was doing. To love as freely as some could hate. Kiss as safely as some could harm. And be able to lay with whom I pleased, and love him better than I could ever love someone of the opposite sex.
And, God, did I love him.
I couldn’t express it in words, mainly because there aren’t enough, but also because it’s so impossible to describe. All I could say, was that I knew it had to be more powerful than any kind of hate that would be thrown at us. Like in “The Day The Earth Stood Still”, it was the orb against the flood of deadly bugs, withstanding their power and protecting all inside.
Not that we would be entirely protected, but our feelings definitely couldn’t be destroyed.
Nudging me out of my thoughts, Gerard kissed my forehead and started plucking at my hair.
I sighed contentedly, fingering his sweaty torso and tracing the lines that seemed so perfectly etched into his frame.
“I love you, Frankie,” Gee whispered in my ear.
“I love you, too,” I told him, rolling to the side of him and scooting up to his level.
He planted a gentle kiss on my lips, and smiled.
The rain wizard will wash our hands, bring magic to our lands, he sung softly. The rain wizard will do it again. Bring magic to our lands.
“Really?” I murmured, intrigued by the new lyrics. “What song is that?”
“Rain wizard,” he said. “Black Stone Cherry.”
“I like it,” I said. “Is that the chorus?”
“Mm-hmm,” he confirmed.
Hair strung like silver,
And the moons they lit his robe,
His boots they are leading,
To a path that no one knows,

The tune of his voice drowned out his words, and I closed my eyes to listen, holding back further interruptions. He finished the song, at least seemingly, and started another. I vaguely wondered where this burst had come from, but I knew Gee. He had his moods.
You can never tell which you’re gonna be,
Cause you’re so obsessed with your personalities,
Love is so sick, and you know God is love,
You think you’re somethin’, somethin’ from above,*

Suddenly, he stopped and shifted. My eyes fluttered open in response, and I looked at him in suspicion. His chocolate brown eyes stared at me a little too lovingly as he bit his lip in that puppy dog fashion.
“Frankie?” he crooned.
“Yes, love?”
“I need to go....” he whispered.
A groan half escaped me, though he hadn’t gone to see her in a while. “Morgan?”
“You’ll need a jacket,” I warned him.
“‘Cause she’s so cold?” he joked.
“Yes,” I giggled. “Almost as cold as the weather.”
“Oh, I think she’s colder than that,” he muttered.
“Then why do you still see her?” I asked.
“Job,” he grunted, getting out of bed.
Right. It’s all part of the job.
“Frankie,” he chided me, looking slightly worried. “That’s disgusting.”
I let out a fake gasp. “He can read my mind while putting his pants on, isn’t that something?”
“Yeah, and I can also tell you what you’re thinking is no where near the truth.”
“I know that,” I sighed, though obviously I didn’t. “She’s still kinda sucking your life away.”
“I haven’t seen her in weeks,” he argued, slipping on his shirt.
“Yes, it comes in bursts,” I said. “You see her everyday for a few weeks, then you don’t see her at all for a few weeks, then the cycle starts all over again.”
“What else do I have to do?” he asked, starting to look annoyed. “Frankie, I can’t sit here every waking moment of my life.”
“I’m not saying you-”
I froze. Kind of like I do? Is that what he was going to say? Am I delusional, or did he really think that? But...then again...I do...just kinda sit here. That can’t be normal.
“Nevermind,” I grunted. “Just go.”
He hesitated, then snatched up a jacket and wandered out. could I just sit here? And...not become bored out of my mind....


Did you know that you think four times faster than you speak? Well now you do, and so now I’ve probably successfully confused you. My point being: it’s physically impossible for me to write all my thoughts down correctly immediately. If I can’t speak as quickly as I can think, I definitely can’t write as quickly as I can think, which means my writing probably has noticeably less emotion than my thoughts, hence why I hate for people to read my writing.
And I don’t believe Gerard gets that.
“You put song lyrics in this chapter?” he asked.
“Well...yeah,” I replied in my best “duh” voice.
He looked up at me with an expression of irritation. “Well, in your format, they could be taken as thoughts.”
“That’s why I put footnotes,” I sneered.
He raised an eyebrow and turned back to read what I had written. I waited impatiently, trying to ignore the overwhelming scent of coffee. People in the coffee shop bustled about, seemingly unaware of our presence. Gerard, for some reason, insisted we do our business in the coffee shop. The only reason I agreed was because I intended to meet my friend in the library, a couple of blocks away.
Sighing, he brushed his hair back and folded the small stack of papers back up.
“It’s good,” he said, leaning back in his chair.
“Okay then,” I said, trying for a smile. “So we’re done?”
His forehead creased and his eyebrows furrowed. “You don’t wanna...socialize?”
“With you?” I blurted out.
Gerard raised his eyebrows in an expression of shock. “I guess that’s a ‘no.’”
“Um,” I hesitated, feeling slightly guilty. “No, it’s just...I...don’t-”
“Socialize?” he suggested.
“Hey!” I exclaimed, highly offended.
“No, you’re right,” he smirked. “You text a lot. I guess that counts.”
I snatched the papers out of his hands and turned around to leave, when he jumped up and grabbed my arm to stop me.
“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked, somehow looking worried.
“I’m leaving,” I growled.
“It’s not safe to be out there on your own,” he argued.
“I won’t be,” I told him coldly. “I’m meeting someone-”
“Why don’t I walk you?”
“Because I’m not a dog,” I snapped, turning back around.
I walked out the door, only to have him follow me. It’s not like I could fight him off; so I just ignored him...for a bit.
“Seriously?” I exclaimed, coming to a dead stop. “Why do you care?”
“Why do you not care?” Gerard asked, sounding a bit annoyed.
“That’s not an answer,” I said coldly. “Trust me. I’m a big girl now; I can walk all by myself.”
“You may be a big girl,” he agreed. “But there are bigger boys.”
“I know how to hit and run,” I assured him.
“Wouldn’t it just be simpler to-”
“Oh my God!” I yelled, now more than pissed off. “Why do you care? Seriously, just go!
“What is your problem?” Gerard snapped.
“You!” I screamed.
“You know what?” Gerard growled. “Fine! I don’t care! Whatever the hell your problem is, it’s not my fault. I don’t know why you think it’s okay to be such a bitch to everyone, but it’s not! It’s not okay! And in about ten years, you’re gonna wind up alone and miserable, and wish you’d treated people a little differently.”
I bit my lip, feeling my eyes narrow in loathing, though I held back my biting response.
“Just go,” I hissed.


A/N: So.........I just realized it might seem like Morgan and Gee...ya know wink wink....HAH, but hay-ull no!
*Sunrise - Black Stone Cherry
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