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Chapter 17

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A banging on our door interrupted my little make-out session with Gerard. I groaned as he pulled away and gave me a look. I glared at him, but went to answer the door anyway.
Morgan. Great.
You wanna learn to block me or not?
"Now?" I asked out loud.
"Yeah, now,"
"But I'm in my pa-jam-jams," I pouted.
My pouting skills apparently don't work on her, though.
"I don't care,"
"Meanie," I said, but went to change out of my pink and black Hello Kitty pajamas anyway.
I also have Tinkerbell and Pooh.
I don't care what KINDS you have, either,
"Come on, Gee," I said, skipping out the door.
He gave a heavy sigh, but followed anyway.
"Where we going?" I asked.
"Main floor,"
"More room,"
"Why do we need more room? Everything we're doing is in our heads,"
"You'll see,"
We reached the main floor, which was abandoned again. I made my way to the center of the dance floor and waited for Morgan, who was messing with flower vases for some reason. Gerard sat in the corner, eying Morgan with confusion.
"What noise can you absolutely not stand?" she asked, moving to another vase.
"The sound of Justin Bieber's dick shrinking every time he sings,"
"Oh, that was creative," I could practically hear the eye-rolling.
"," I said seriously.
"Crickets?" she repeated incredulously.
"Yeah, I hate their chirping,"
"Okay, imagine that noise,"
I imagined little crickets singing to their mates anyway.
Are you still thinking?
"Seriously?" I exclaimed. "I don't get it, what do crickets have to do with blocking you out of my head?"
"You have to create a wall," she told me. "If you block out all thoughts and concentrate on that noise, that's all I'll get."
"I can't even think?"
I thought the point of this was so I could have private thoughts, not just a rest from her getting in my head all the time.
"Right now, no. It's hard to think and concentrate on that noise at the same time, but after you get the hang of simply putting up a wall, it shouldn't be a problem. Now...concentrate,"
I sighed and concentrated on the obnoxious sound of crickets.
Not loud enough,
Fuck you,

"Okay," Morgan said out loud. "Now put the wall down for a minute."
We waited a moment in silence, then she told me to put it back up.

"Okay, enough weeping...I think you got it,"
"Seriously...that's it? What the fuck did we need a giant room for, then?"
"Later," she said. "Try thinking behind the wall."
I didn't expect it to feel so easy so quickly. After only a minute I could hear the chirping, but it was like background noise...not the forced burden it was to start with. Then I could think relatively freely.
I put down the "wall," and sighed.
"Okay," Morgan gave me a half-smile, which almost reminded me of Gerard's. "Moving on. How about...doing it backwards?"
"Listen to you?"
She nodded.
"Concentrate and listen a separate part of your mind," she said, pointing to her head. "But try to push that part of your mind away."
"Like...where in my mind?"
"Where do you hear me?"
Suddenly I thought of a time when I was around seven, when I tried to use my mind to turn on a light bulb. I understood what she meant.
Can you hear me? she asked once I made my way.
This is still fucking weird, I replied.
She smirked. Of course it is. Now you wanna take it a step even further?
And do what?
Deflect me.
What do you mean?
Put up your wall and hold it no matter what you feel.

I withdrew from her mind and took a moment to recuperate. Then the crickets started chirping.
"You ready?"
I looked over at Gerard, who hadn't said a word the entire time. His eyes were wide as he watched us. I had a feeling he hadn't understood half of what just happened.
At first I felt nothing, then my mind...tickled. Whatever she was doing could physically tickle my mind. That forced me to let my wall down. Even though I only willingly left it down for a second, that was enough to keep me from being able to put it back up. The feeling went from a tickle in my mind, to an excruciating pain in my gut. It was like someone took a flaming steel brush and stabbed me with it. I screamed, letting my knees give way underneath me.
"Frankie!" Gee exclaimed, immediately running to my side.
But by that time I had recovered, except for a few tears left on my cheek.
"Babe..." he wiped away the tears.
"I'm fine," I assured him.
He glared at Morgan, and didn't leave my side.
"I'm okay...I wanna learn how to deflect that,"
"Why the fuck would he need to deflect that? Why would you do something like that to him?"
"Not me," she said.
"Other Illusionists," I said.
"Oh," Gee whispered.
"See...he has an advantage in that area," Morgan explained. "Illusionists can't touch any of the Connected, since they' other Illusionists. If the connection is active, and he can keep his wall up, he can keep anyone from doing that to him. And to some extension, keep it from happening to those who aren't connected."
"How would I do that?"
"Any offense toward Miracea is either a direct assault, or a kidnapping. Anyone kidnapped is most likely one of the Connected, since they're apart of my mind - the maker of the world - and they're apart of the rest of the world - the delicate part of the world,"
"So I'm a distraction from people like Gerard, as well as a defense for myself?"
"Yeah, basically,"
"All right...let's do this shit, then,"
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