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Chapter 20

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After a week of complacency, I saw freaky-dangerous-supposed-human again on the second floor. Gerard had gone to the painting rooms, and I felt the need to get out of our room. So I simply walked down the hall, sat down, and started to read Harry Potter. A few pages in, I heard quiet footsteps, so I looked up, and there he was. He smirked and stood still.
"Can you...not...look at you're gonna eat me?" I asked.
He let loose his echoic laugh.
"Can you not talk to me like you think about anything other than red carpet fashion statements?"
"Okay, what the fuck did I ever do to you?" I snapped. "You keep bashing my sexuality because...what, you're homesick?"
For the first time he looked like I actually got to him. For a moment he looked completely shocked, then that faded into a little bit of hurt.
"Fine...I'll leave the gay bashing to the people who watched you dry hump your boyfriend on stage the other night,"
Damn, I didn't know he was watching.
"Is it that hard for you to just coexist with people? Is it the fact you're the only human here that's a bigger freak than a gay man?"
I didn't actually think that would come out of my mouth, but it did. I expected him to completely forget his promise to Morgan not to rip me to shreds...but he smirked. He didn't look hurt or fact, he looked like he was enjoying this.
"Morgan didn't really explain me well to you, did she?" he asked.
I didn't think it was a serious question, so I folded my arms and raised an eyebrow.
"I'm serious, you're just repeating what you assume she implied, aren't you?"
“She wasn’t something that can be explained.” I said, wondering how I ended up having a serious conversation with him. “Only understood.”
“Well...she’s only about half right on that. It can be explained. But that doesn’t mean it will be understood.”
“So....” I hesitated.
“You want to know what I am,” he stated. “You don't really believe I'm human.”
I felt my heart race, detecting the sarcastic note in his voice and wondering if he would pounce.
He won’t hurt you, Morgan’s words echoed in my mind.
“ are,” I said, hearing my own voice shake.
“Yes,” he whispered, creeping up a bit further. “Kind of.”
“What do you mean?” I asked, suppressing a groan.
He finally decided that he didn’t care if he scared me anymore, and sat next to me.
“I’m the demon within,” he said, then faster than I could follow, he switched to the other side of me. “And the best of you at the same time.”
I turned my head toward him slowly...and nearly had a heart attack.
His features had much. Before, he’d fallen under the same category as Colossus, or the Hulk. A human element about him...but otherwise completely inhuman.
But now...calling him gorgeous would be an understatement.
He even had the cliché dirty-blond-hair-brown-eyes thing going on...with the funky hair cut, with the hair shorter in the back and gradually getting longer in the front.
You can tell I’m amazing with descriptions.
Dare I say, he was even hotter than Brad Pitt. Granted, Brad Pitt’s not really that hot- okay, he was hotter than Jim Sturgess. Anyway.
Just as the shock started to sink in, he switched back to my right again and, to my disappointment, he was back to his original figure.
“Shocking, isn’t it?”
I nodded, unable to speak.
“Who knew the potential humans held,” he mused. “The hideousness...”
He switched again.
“...or the beauty. If only they knew which was which.”
And back to my right, again, changing to the monster.
“Depends on the human, I guess,” he continued, as if predicting my request for elaboration. “Like you, for instance. You have your own views on right and wrong. In your perfect world, man’s demon would claw me for what I’m about to do.”
“But your enemy’s monster would claw me for not doing it sooner.”
“And what’s that?” I asked, enjoying his beauty while it lasted.
And then, without using super speed...yet still catching me off guard, he leaned in even closer than before...and kissed me.
Shock overwhelmed my mind like a wave, making me unable to respond. Confusion followed, and questions invaded my mind, though not all about this. I made notes about the little how soft his hands felt on my face...and how gentle this encounter was compared to our first...and how I couldn't kiss back, even if I wanted to...and if the form was perfect everywhere - but that was just fucking uncalled for.
Finally, after an unknown length of time, he pulled away. Only then, as disappointment took place of the other emotions, did I realize just how much I’d enjoyed it. And, from the look on his temporarily perfect face, I guessed he did, too.
“Don't get cocky...I was only proving a point,” he said, then disappeared from sight.
I stayed there for a while, frozen, giving myself time to recover.
Looking up, I got my third heart attack in about a five minute period.
Gee. How predictable.
He looked about as shocked as I felt. And also hurt.
“Gee,” I gasped, getting up.
He shook his head slowly and walked away.
I ran after him, hoping I could convince him that I hadn’t meant for that to happen.
“Gee,” I cried, grabbing his arm.
He stopped and examined me, worry in his eyes.
“He didn’t hurt you, did he?” he asked.
I was surprised that he asked that first, instead of something more cliché, but ultimately, I was glad it didn’t seem to be going that badly.
“No,” I said.
“Then I don’t have quite such a good excuse to kill him, now do I?” he grumbled.
“Wait...what- you’re not...” I stumbled on my own words in confusion.
Surely he was so unbelievably pissed and would lose his head so that I couldn’t talk reason into him and be capable of preventing a nasty break-up....
“Did you want it?” he asked simply.
I recalled the disappointment I’d felt when we’d broken apart, but no...I didn’t want him to do it.
“Then no,” Gee whispered, wrapping his arms around me. “I’m not mad at you.”
He led me back to our room with his arms still around me.
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