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Harry Potter and the 'omb of DOOM!

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Harry finally gets a chance with the hot cursebreaker...

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In the slightly modified words of Sergeant Schultz from Hogan's Heroes (which I also don't own):

"I own nothing, I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing! Nothing!"

If you haven't at least seen Raiders and The Last Crusade, get yourself to netflix and watch them now you heathen!

I shamelessly pulled quotes from the movies, games, and TV series. Great stuff, and it fits amazingly well.

Ch 6 Harry Potter and the 'omb of Doom

"Care for some 'omb Raiding, 'Arry?"

Harry shook his head in amusement, and headed in Fleur's direction. He noticed several of the witches huddled around Hermione and a Weasley Wizarding Whiteboard. There was a mess of arithmancy and runic squiggles that seemed to be fighting a pitched battle across the glossy surface. Daphne and Hermione were growing pale, while Luna was giggling uncontrollably.

"Maybe I should go and..." said Harry, as he started in his witches direction.

"Still wiz zhee 'zaving peeple' 'Arry?" laughed Fleur. "Come mon ami! I 'ave just ze ting to distract you." With that Fleur grabbed Harry by the top of his costume, and proceeded to lead him into the nearest room.

Harry was really getting sick and tired of about being led around like a little lost puppy.

Then he noticed Fleur's' bum.

In the sinfully tight, snug khaki shorts, that could easily qualify as underwear with pockets.

Suddenly, following Fleur around was perfectly alright.

Watching her bum made him think of two puffskeins wrestling under a blanket.

Frankly, he would be willing to follow that spectacular arse anywhere.

Including into oncoming traffic.


Harry blinked as he felt the costume react to the room, and Fleur's costume.

He was slightly impressed that he reacted to her costume faster than the costume he was wearing. He didn't know if that meant the costume was wearing down, or that the witches had injected him with the magical form of Viagra.

Harry was so engrossed by the costume, that he failed to notice Fleur duck, and walked straight into a thick cluster of spiderwebs.

Harry sputtered, and proceeded to pull the dusty webbing out of his suddenly unshaven face and mouth. He reached up to his head, and found his hair was covered by a dusty, old brown fedora. He blinked, looking down to see he was wearing a old worn leather jacket, and a khaki shirt. As he ran his hands down the costume, he felt a coiled whip at his left side, along with a pouch.

He also felt a wand holster on his right side and relaxed somewhat, knowing that he could at least defend himself this time.

"Merlin, why is it a simple shag keeps getting so complex? I've got a bad feeling about this."

Fleur giggled, and chose this moment to comment on his costume.

"Well, well, well. 'Arry Potter. I always knew some day you'd come walking back through my door. You're not the 'leetle boy' I knew ten years ago." she laughed.

Harry shook his head ruefully, "It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage."

Fleur laughed again, while shaking her head. "Well, perhaps if it wasn't such a well traveled road, the mileage wouldn't be so bad. Of course, look at me! I still find your youthful power, so... intoxicating.

"You're making fun of me! Are you trying to develop a sense of humor or am I going deaf?" he asked, giving her a wary appraisal. "What makes you think I am so, 'well traveled' anyways?"

"Oh 'arry, we girls? We talk. About everything and anything. Some things need to be discussed frequently, in depth, and passionately. Of course, in your case use we all use lots of large hand gestures." she giggled.

"Pshhh! Be that as it may, from time to time I was able to explore things on my own, but... for the most part the 'Goddess of Knowledge' kept my nose stuck in a book." explained Harry.

"Oh really 'arry? From what I hear, she much preferred you keeping your nose stuck entirely somewhere else, mon ami!" snickered Fleur. She drew close to Harry, placing a well manicured finger on his nose and tapping it, before slowly tracing his smirking lips.

Harry fought off a slight blush. 'Fleur may not be able to use the Veela allure on me, but she still has her own effect.' Narrowing his eyes, he pointed to the costumes, and asked the question that had been running through his head since he took a face full of spiderweb.

"So why the costume Fleur? Last I heard, you were out of the curse breaker business." asked Harry, brushing the last remnants of webbing from his costume.

Fleur shook her head, "What can I say mon ami? I was just a young, innocent Veela when I saw the first movie. I couldn't stop thinking about how sexy Indy was. He was my first crush! Of course, I put all that aside once I got to school. Had to be a little Princess for daddy and all. But then that damn Triwizard came about. My ordered little world got blown to pieces." she said as she looked down with a darkening expression.

Harry frowned, "I'm sorry. I never meant you to have to deal with all of this, Fleur."

Fleur looked up with suspiciously bright eyes. "Non, mon ami! 'Arry, you saved my sister's life. I do not forget! Besides, I was but a foolish young girl myself looking back. All the excitement, and fear, tension and action? It seemed even better than the movies, and that is what drew me into being interested in cursebreaking, tomb raiding and working for Gringott's!" she huffed, pacing and waving her arms about. She had walked several feet away, and her shoulders slumped.

Fleur laughed bitterly, "I was such a silly little tart! I thought Bill was my real life Indy, but while he was impressive at curse breaking, and he filled out the dragon skin jacket alright, his 'ombraiding was 'orrible." She wiped her eyes, drying them before spinning around.

With a somewhat forced smile on her face, she pressed on. "Throw in the fact that the earring clashed with my outfits, and he was hiding a comb-over with that pony tail! We were doomed from the start 'arry."

"Fleur, don't play the little spoiled Princess act with me. We both know appearances weren't what broke you two up. After Bill was attacked, you were strong enough for the whole Weasley clan. You stood beside him, and gave him hope." Harry chastised. He hated seeing her blame herself for the problems in the relationship.

"Merlin 'arry! It was awful! The scars were not so bad! They actually made him look dashing! It was the 'air! All his hair seemed to be migrating from his head to that sad little pony tail and his back. What was really surprising was that since the werewolf attack his hair had gotten thinner on top and thicker everywhere else. The fact he no longer wanted to do anything but doggy style was bad enough, 'arry!" she laughed brokenly.

Harry thought back to the days after the war, when he had apprenticed under Bill for a while, catching up and learning what he had missed in his last year of Hogwarts. Harry had always learned best through action, over book learning, and he had truly blossomed under Bill's excellent tutelage. In just under a year, in some of the most dangerous crypts in the world, he and Bill had made sure there would be no more shades of recent Dark Lords popping up.

Harry had reveled in having an older brother as a role model. Once he had surpassed Bill's impressive skills however, things had soured. Bill had been able to hide it when he was on jobs, but things had gotten bad between Bill and Fleur. She had shown up one night in tears, with her robes smoking, and her hands bleeding, from digging her talon-like claws into them.

Fleur sighed, "When I found him in bed with Lavender Brown, I had wanted to destroy them both. The Fool! I didn't have a problem with sharing after all, but not being upfront was too much. I still cared for him, so rather than destroying them, I came to you to hide."

Harry rubbed the back of his neck. He had not known all the details, just that Fleur refused to talk to Bill for a week. She had begged him to keep Bill away, afraid of what she would do to him. Finally, Harry had been able to get the two to talk, after locking their wands away, and having Fleur wear a charmed necklace that she had worn when she first learned to control her rather...inflammatory temper.

"I'm sorry 'arry. I ruined one of the best friendships you had. All because I couldn't talk to the fool! He said you were a bum, and accused you of trying to steal me away." sniffled Fleur.

Harry laughed, "Aw, he's being generous."

Fleur shook her head, "Non 'arry! Even as angry as he was with us both, he said it. 'The most gifted bum he ever trained.' You know, he loved you like a brother... took a hell of a lot for you to alienate him."

Harry looked away, "No, not much... just you. Besides you know the Weasley traits. Don't find out the whole story, make assumptions, get mad, blow up, storm off, and come back later and apologize all half arsed. It's a tradition."

"Yes, well that may be. But he expected me to apologize for running out. When I confronted him, suddenly he gets all red faced and tried to blame it on me! Complained that I was making him look bad since I wasn't ready to have kids and Percy and the twins were already parents. We were raiding deadly 'ombs! What did he think I was going to do? Waddle down the cursed stairways? Plus, he kept talking about having a litter of kids!" she shouted.

Fleur knew the Veela magic was strong, but she had seen the old pictures of Molly. She went from a svelte redhead, to a bustling blowfish. Fleur had no desire to birth that many children.

"We tried working things out for awhile, I let him come back, and we agreed to try to conceive. Although, it seemed that while the wood of Bill's wand was still at least acceptable, the core had burnt out. He said it was my fault, and kept going further and further on expeditions. Finally, I had to ask myself: are we doing it for his glory, or for ours?"

Harry paused, remembering how Bill would leave for months at a time, only returning for the occasional birthday or holiday. He had thought they had worked things out, and Bill was just avoiding him out of typical Weasley pride.

Fleur growled as she remembered their last conversation. She saw the stories about Lady Lara Croft, and realized she could just as easily succeed without Bill. They were no longer a team, but she tried one last time. "I still remember our last conversation. I begged him not to go on the expedition, and told him to choose either the 'omb or me."

Fleur angrily wiped her eyes, "The bastard told me he wanted to do something important with his life and he just didn't have time for me right now. I told him if he left, he was making his choice."

She hiccuped once, letting out a broken sob. "Bastarde! 'e left! Then he never returned."

Harry shook his head in wonder, "He chose...poorly." looking up and down the stunning Veela.

Fleur giggled, remembering the infamous line. Finally, she shook her head, her hair falling back into place, as her eyes cleared thanks to her Veela magics. "Men are scum 'arry!"

Harry's eyes widened, as he pointed to himself, "All of them?"

Fleur laughed, "All of 'em!"

"Perhaps you're looking for perfection Fleur." he said, trying to console his longtime friend.

"Perfection? Mon dieu 'arry, I gave up on that a long time ago. I just need a good bottle of wine and my leetle friend now and again." she giggled.

"Leetle! I thought we were past that whole 'little' thing!" Harry grumped, crossing his arms.

Fleur blinked, before laughing and smacking Harry on the arm, "Non, non 'arry. My leetle friend, I keep in my bed stand. Maybe I can introduce you sometime later? In the meantime, follow me."

Once again, Harry happily followed the spectacular arse of Fleur, plotting on just how he would be "entering the breach" in the very near future. He remembered the days when Bill would come dragging in, bleary eyed, and exhausted from a long night of trying to keep up with the insatiable Veela.

Harry surreptitiously reached down to his sides, hoping that a whip and a wand were enough to tame the Veela.

Because either way he was in for an interesting experience.

Harry suppressed a gasp as Fleur wiggled her way out of the small tunnel they had been forced to crawl through, and entered a large, vaulted cavern filled with gold and jewelry to rival his combined vaults.

The room was nice enough, but ye gods, following that arse on his hands and knees through a cramped small tunnel was enough to give him sympathy for Bill's predilection for doggy style.

Once Harry stood up, he looked around, impressed in spite of knowing it was all an illusion, "Some date, huh?"

Fleur sniffed, "We're not dating 'Arrry; this is not a date, if it was a date, I would've stood you up! Now, we need to get ready to do the ritual. It has to be timed exactly right, and you must follow my directions exactly! Follow me, I expect you to prepare yourself to be ready!"

Harry was starting to get tired of being bossed around and growled at Fleur, "Wear your jewels to bed Princess?"

Fleur shivered before replying, "Yes... and nothing else. Shock you?"

Harry blinked, "Nothing shocks me. I'm an Auror. But I think maybe, I'll just stay over on my side of the tomb until you get to be a little less bossy! You know what your problem is, Princess? You're too used to getting your own way!"

Fleur's eyes flashed as she shook her fist at Harry, "And you're too proud to admit that you're crazy about me, 'Arry Potter!"

Harry narrowed his eyes at the Veela, "If you want me Fleur, you know where to find me!"

She laughed, "Five minutes Potter! You'll be in my arms in five minutes!"

"Ha! I've had a long night! I'll be asleep in five minutes!" shouted Harry.

"Five. You know it, and I know it, 'Arry." purred Fleur, before turning, and slowly prowling towards the altar, skinning off her tight blue top, and throwing it to the side. Harry, while trying not to stare, still confirmed his earlier suspicion that Fleur was not wearing a bra, and that it would be merely superfluous at any rate. He stared out of the corner of his eye as she paused, bending at the waist, before removing her boots and socks.

Harry nearly choked, when she pushed down the tiny beige shorts, that he had privately suspected of being painted on. She slowly stood, tracing the line of her oh, so long legs, before running her hands through her hair, and stretching languorously.

Harry surreptitiously attempted to do a quick drool check, not noticing Fleur's satisfied smile as she looked in a mirror on one of the piles of gold.

Surprisingly, Fleur was wearing the most minuscule of powder blue thongs. As she untied the side ties, she saw Harry check his watch while trying to be inconspicuous. She smirked, and decided to stir the pot.

She turned to face Harry, and casually flicked her fragrant undergarment towards Harry, who was so stunned, his vaunted Seeker's reflexes failed to even notice the thong. He was instead staring dumbstruck at two of the most perfect breasts he ever had the pleasure of ogling.

Fleur's laughter broke the spell, as she said "Five minutes, mon amour, and the clock doesn't start until I am on the altar."

At that, she bent at the waist, lifting and framing her breasts with her arms as she blew Harry a kiss. She spun and jumped on the slightly sloping gold altar with a giggle, leaving Harry with a thong hanging from his hat.

Harry sat there for what seemed an eternity, before dazedly reaching up to remove the thong. He lifted it to his nose, and took a deep sniff. He looked down at his watch, before growling and realizing only a minute had passed. He flopped back on the pile of gold, mumbling under his breath, while plotting his revenge on Hermione, Daphne, and all the other horny little witches who kept trying to drive him crazy.

He heard a low buzzing start, followed by a long, throaty moan, and cursed his stubborn nature. His enhanced senses let him pick up the fragrance of aroused Veela, and a faint liquid squelching, that seemed to be picking up in pace.

Harry started pacing, grumbling as he refused to even look in Fleur's direction, as he heard her start moaning "Mon dieu! Mmmmmmmmh!"

Harry cursed and walked towards the tunnel. He had his upper body in the entrance when he heard her cry out, "Ohhhhh leeeetle boy!"

He jumped, banging his head on the ceiling of the tunnel. His eyes widened, before narrowing. He backed out of the tunnel and petulantly flopped into the nearest pile of gold, and put his muddy, dusty boots on a portrait leaving a boot print on it, crossing his arms in frustration.

That it made his watch that much easier to see was merely a coincidence.

'Did the blasted thing stop working again, like after that damned tournament?" groused Harry to himself.

Harry started humming the theme to Hogwarts school song trying to drown out the increased volume of Fleur's moans and yells.

The portrait complaining about the muddy boot print, and him being a stubborn moron did not help either.

'Only a few more seconds... oh FUCK this! He was going to show that teasing little nympho of a Veela just how grown up the bloody "leetle boy" had become!' thought Harry angrily.

Harry stood up angrily brushing himself off, and stormed towards the altar. As he rounded the mound of gold he had positioned as a screening device, he stopped in wide eyed wonder. Fleur was incandescent, gleaming with the glow of a fresh orgasm, and glistening with sweat. Her entire body was arched, with only her curled toes and her head touching the altar. He stood in amazement, watching her body vibrate like a taught bowstring. Strands of her hair were floating loose from her ponytail, and he saw small flames licking at her body, as her hands left trails of fire as she traced her own curves. One hand was still clawing at her firm nipple, while another waged a losing battle trying to control the furiously thrusting charmed emerald dildo between her legs. Harry stood for a moment in awe, seeing Fleur's petite flower, being ravaged by the dildo, topped by the delicate soft white downy patch he had the uncontrollable urge to run his fingers through.

Harry shook himself, seeing Fleur start to sink back down to the altar, shuddering in aftershocks, as she happily cooed. He tore his jacket off and discarded the small pouch, ripping the buttons off his shirt as the threw it over his shoulder. He growled, as he unbuckled his trousers intent on showing Fleur just what the "leetle boy" was made of. He was pushing his pants down around his ankles, and had just put his hand to the hat, ready to discard it as well, fully planning on devouring the Veela tease, when he heard her throaty voice.

"mmmm, Non 'arry! Leave the hat!" she cooed, as she circled both of her nipples with perfectly manicured nails. Laughing at Harry's smirk, she suddenly tilted her head to the side for a moment.

"Perhaps you should keep the whip close by as well, eh mon amour?" she said with a wicked grin. "After all, I have been such a naughty Veela, teasing you so."

"Harlot! I'll show you teasing!" laughed Harry, tossing the whip onto the altar, before leaping on top of the witch and claiming her mouth in a fierce kiss wearing boxers and a fedora.

She nipped at his tongue, wrapping her long legs around his hips, as her flaming hands stroked up and down Harry's back. Harry savored the heat and warmth of the flames, as they actually eased the tension from his back. Luckily, while an Angry!Veela fireball was quite dangerous, a Horny!Veela flame was like an overpowered overpowered Bluebell flame charm. Casting light and warmth, but much less of the destruction and charring one expected with Veela fire. Harry was quite enjoying the way the magical flames licked at his body, warming his body, and increasing his lust. It was almost a cleansing feeling, as if all of his exhaustion and weariness were being burned away like dross from gold.

Harry suddenly winced. Fleur was trying to grind her crotch into Harry's, which was quite nice, the downy softness of her white...'Goddammit! What the Bloody Hell keeps poking me!'

Harry growled, shifting his weight, as he reached down with his right hand to firmly grasp Fleur's hip. He forcefully separated her from grinding on his torso, and put her ass back in the small indention on the golden altar. She growled and tried to dig her claw like fingers into his back, as she tried to pull him back closer with her legs. Ignoring her growls and increasingly strong nips at his neck and shoulder, he slid his hand across Fleur's undulating hip, to her steaming center.

Suddenly, he came across the poking problem.

Fleur still had the damn dildo in her, sliding in and out!

He laughed, grasping it, before trying to slide it out of the now whimpering witch.

Unfortunately, neither the witch, nor her toy wanted to cooperate. Shrugging, and deciding not to fight it, he began sliding down Fleurs' body, kissing his way down to her flushed nipples. Resting his weight on his left elbow, he began massaging her breast with his left hand. Then gently biting around the areola on her other breast, before laving the nipple with slow strokes with the flat of his tongue. Using the bulk of his body to firmly pin Fleur to the altar, he started running a small tendril of his magic through the dildo, giving him more control over the charmed item. The low groan from Fleur also gave vocal testament to the side effect of his technique. Caressing her g-spot with the tip of the toy was powerful enough, but adding the current of Harry's magic flowing through it was enough to gain her total and undivided attention.

Fleur was seeing stars, this was like nothing she had felt before, so intense she could hardly put words to it. It was so erotic and sexy, but being pinned and unable to move was exquisite torture. The tingling from her toy was driving her insane! She could only compare it to being on the losing end of a savage tickle war, where she wanted to jerk about and pull free, but didn't want to stop the wonderful feelings coursing through her body. Suddenly, she stopped in a panic. She felt as if she were about to wet herself! She flushed heavily, remembering the humiliation as a small child where she had wet herself during a playdate with some of her girlfriends.

"Unhh! Harr! Unnmmm! Harrreee! Stuhh! Stuhhooo! Stop!" she gasped, desperately trying to reach between their bodies, and grasp the dildo. She managed to touch it for a moment, before Harry's arm brushed her hand away.

She knew she had to stop him, or she would be mortified. What was Harry doing to her, she could barely breathe, and her entire body seemed to be humming. It reminded her of the feeling in her hands just before they would burst into flames, but was instead coming in waves that rushed through her body. She shuddered again, feeling the energies course through her body, to her furthest extremities, before rushing back to her throbbing center. She began to desperately try and buck to get Harry off of her, panicking as the waves increased in frequency to the point where they seemed to crash into each other, setting off explosions across all of her erogenous zones. Trying to twist free, or at least pull her legs together to prevent her embarrassment, she was once more rebuffed by Harry's strong arms and legs.

She felt him chuckle, as he nipped once more at her breasts before sliding further down her body, leaving a trail of kisses and firm nips to her torso. The arousal battled savagely with the panic of what she feared was about to happen. She could feel her nails elongating into sharp talons, as her eyes twisted into a more avian form on her face. She was losing control of her powers, and she truly began to fear for Harry's sanity. She knew he had been able to resist her allure, but with the way her body was reacting, she knew her allure would fry a herd of men's synapses like gnats struck by a pest-zapping charm. Poor Harry was risking an aneurysm if he kept this delicious torment up. Just as she managed to lift her head up to look at him, she saw him look directly into her eyes.

What the hell was he thinking? He had the biggest smirk on his face she had ever seen!

She was sprouting feathers and he seemed happy about it?

Harry suddenly slipped his left arm under her leg, wrapping it around and placing his left hand at the base of her mound. He gently twisted the dildo so that his right palm was facing up, and gently pulled the dildo almost all the way out. She let out a relieved sigh, relaxing her taut body for just a moment. "Oh goodness, 'arry! Thank you so much, I was about to lose control, and could not be held responsible for my actions!" panted Fleur, trying to regain her breath and calm herself.

'Why did Harry's grin just get even bigger?' a small part of Fleur's mind asked in a meek voice.

"Don't thank me yet Fleur. I'm just getting started." he laughed.

Fleur's eyes dilated fully, as she suddenly realized this was the smile Hermione and the rest of the girls had warned her about. She had merely tut-tutted them, laughing.

After all, she was Veela, and no man could...

Harry struck without mercy or pity. He knew he literally had Fleur in the palm of his quite wet hand. In a cunning attack, he gently but firmly pulled the skin of Fleurs' woman hood up, exposing her throbbing clit to the heated air, latching on to it with his teeth to gently hold it in place. He slid the now throbbing dildo home, focusing it directly on her g spot, sending strong pulses of magic to the tip. Harry began to rapidly flick his wet tongue at her trapped clit, as her thighs clamped down on his head. He channeled even more magic through the tip of his tongue, while visualizing a snake, triggering his Parseltongue talent. Harry felt her arch and begin to convulse almost uncontrollably, and added the final touch, sliding his soaked middle finger into her rectum and alternating the pulsing magic into her arse. The heels that had been pounding his back vanished, as her legs went straight out, the toes clenching uncontrollably. Her animalistic howls echoed throughout the chamber, as she vocally expressed her feelings.

Fleur had slammed her hands flat onto the altar, and could feel her nails gouging the golden surface. She couldn't speak, couldn't think, couldn't control herself! She felt her body buck and suddenly she reached down to pull Harry up, closer, away, something! ANYTHING! Her hands dug into the old fedora, and that small infernal voice asked an odd question.

'Why won't his hat come off?' it thought at her.

Finally, all of the stimuli was too much, and she lost focus and control over her body. She felt a hot flush all over her body, and felt a burn in her crotch as something sprayed out of her. She didn't black out, but couldn't exactly see for a moment. She felt empty, and horribly embarrassed.

She had just peed on Harry Potter!

How would she ever live this down? She placed one hand over her eyes, blinking back tears.

"Fleur? Are you alright?" asked the gentle voice of Harry.

Fleur sniffled, waving at Harry with her free hand. "I am zo zorry 'arry! I have never done that before! Mon Dieu! I cannot believe I...I...'perdu le contrôle de ma vessie' like that! I am sooo embarrassed 'arry."

"Um, Fleur? Pretty sure what you think happened didn't happen. Why don't you take a look before you jump to any conclusions?" said Harry.

Fleur shook her head, sniffling once more. Finally, she raised up on an elbow, sighed and peeked through her fingers.

Harry had quite the cat who ate the canary look on his face.

Complete with small downy, white feathers sticking out of his mouth.

He did not seem upset, rather quite pleased. Then she noticed the blue flames licking at his face and chest. He was covered in blue flames! More importantly the flames were not charring his skin and flash-frying him! They almost seemed to be caressing him. She felt her jaw drop, and merely stuttered for a few moments.

"Pretty sure that this isn't what you are thinking it was. Well, unless you picked up a nasty STD from a troll I know. Haven't been shagging any trolls lately have you?" laughed Harry.

Fleur growled, swatting Harry on the chest. Then watched in amazement as the flames wrapped around her fingers. She rubbed her fingertips together, marveling at the almost frictionless liquid that still was burning with an intoxicating warmth. She shivered at the feelings it evoked, feeling her nipples crinkle, and her womanhood gush even more. Curious, she licked her index finger, reveling in the burst of cinnamon and spicy taste.

"Yeah, I noticed the effect too. Quite the aphrodisiac isn't it?" said Harry.

"MMMMmmmm, yes indeed 'arry! Even better than my little friend gives me." she cooed, fluttering her eyes at Harry. She noticed he suddenly looked somewhat nervous. He ran his fingers through his hair, and started rubbing the back of his neck. Why did he look so guilty?

"Um. Yeah. About that. Y'see. Well." stalled Harry.

"Spit it out Harry, what's wrong?" asked a now worried Fleur. Had she hurt him, or cut him with her talons?

Harry blushed and twisted to the side, sitting on the altar, before pointing to the pile of treasure behind him. She followed the line to a flaming puddle of green goo slowly sliding down the pile, that only vaguely resembled her favorite toy.

Fleur leapt to her feet, shoving Harry off the altar, and rushed to the sad little puddle. "No! My leetle boy! What have I done!" she sobbed piteously, as she tried to scoop it up and extinguish the flames that had melted it.

Harry was climbing to his feet and looked quite apologetic. "Um, yeah, it sort of caught fire and shot out of you, I managed to dodge it, but still caught a chest and face full of, um... well, this. Seems like latex doesn't really respond well to, well, you I guess. I'm really sorry about..."

"Wait. Did you say leetle boy? You mean? That? That's "leetle boy? I thought you were still poking fun at me? Why the hell did you name that thing? Hold on just a damned second! I thought that thing looked familiar. Where the hell did you get that thing? Fleur! Merlin's hairy arse! Where did you get that damned thing!" asked a now brilliantly blushing Harry.

Meanwhile, Fleur had managed to extinguish the flaming dildo, and was cradling the cooled lump of vaguely penis shaped latex to her chest like a fallen soldier. "Oh Harry, this has gotten me through many lonely nights, and frustrated times. It was something 'ermione gave me after I finally kicked Bill out and changed the wards, she said she had something better, and that it would help me get ready to move in." sighed Fleur.

"First off, I think you mean move on, but whatever. If you got it from Hermione, where the hell did she come up with that?" asked Harry.

"Well, she said while she was waiting for you to get your head out of your arse and ask her out, she decided she wasn't going to settle. So one of the times you were in the hospital wing, she was working as a candy stripper, and made a magical copy of you. She used it for quite a while, and then when you two finally got together, she pretty much retired 'im." explained Fleur.

"I'll 'ave you know that this dildo did more for the light side than Dumbledore ever did!" said a fierce Fleur.

"Heaven knows how dark a witch 'ermione would have become if she wasn't having an orgasm every once in a while to keep her sane. You certainly weren't helping things there for a while either! But alors, 'e has gone on to a better place. Such a shame, never have I known a finer toy. Gabrielle will be crushed!" said a teary eyed Fleur.

"Uh. Right. Um. Fleur? First off, kinda creepy there and wrong on so many levels. Second, not sure I want to hear about Gabby and her plans for little me." said Harry.

"Leetle you? Oh 'arry. You should be proud, Bill or any of my other lovers matched up to my dear leetle boy." laughed Fleur.

"No. Little is right, if I remember right, that was from sometime before fifth year. Let's just say I hit a bit of a growth spurt over the summer." said a blushing Harry.

"Non 'arry! es impossible!" she said as her eyes widened.

Harry smirked, before pushing his boxers down and freeing his "trouser basilisk" as the girls called it affectionately.

"Mon Dieu! That greedy little hussy! No wonder she gave up the old version! She probably didn't even feel it any more! I have been settling for this pitiful little piece of plastic all this time when I could have had that!" she hissed, pointing, with a lustful gleam in her eyes.

Harry had the distinct feeling that a certain Veela was about to regress to her more avian instincts and try and gobble a worm. He started to back away, somewhat concerned with the way Fleur kept tilting her head back and forth, and the way she kept clicking her talon like nails. "Um. Fleur? Are you OK?" asked Harry.

"Oh, I am about to be on top of the ball, 'arry." cooed Fleur as she tossed the cooled lump of misshapen latex over her shoulder.

Harry had kept backing up, and was now pressed into the altar. He tried to look for an escape route, but realized he was literally trapped. Fleur was watching him entirely too much like a ravenous hawk.

Fleur dropped to her knees, cooing at the truly impressive cock in front of her. "Oh, we are going to make beautiful times together!" With that she gave the tip a gentle peck, before stroking him while trying to fit as much of his cock in her mouth as she could.

Harry merely smiled, enjoying the warm flames licking at both of their bodies, and the way Fleurs' breasts were sliding across his legs. Fleur raised up off of his tip, sliding her breasts up and around Harry's cock, and Harry shuddered at the amazing feeling. She stood, giving him a kiss, before hopping on to the altar with a giggle.

Harry smiled at the joy on Fleur's face, before looking quizzically at her. "Shouldn't you turn around? This side is the higher side, won't all the blood rush to your head this way?"

"Non 'arry. I am just how the ritual is supposed to be. Trust me, 'arry, I am a Veela, I know what I am doing 'ere. Now get up here with me and show me what I have been missing!" laughed Fleur.

Harry shrugged, it was no worry for him. He was pretty sure he had no worries about blood leaving the bottom head and going to the top one any time in the near future. He climbed on top of Fleur, and began stroking her entrance with just the tip of his penis. Between her wetness, his precum, and the still burning flames, she was more than ready. He considered teasing her a bit more, just to prove a point, when he felt her legs wrap around his hips and fiercely pull him closer.

"Enough titillation 'arry! I am more than ready. Fuck me hard and fast, I need you!" she growled, as she grabbed him by the hat and pulled him into a scorching kiss.

Harry was more than happy to oblige, and proceeded to place his hands on the altar at either side to her and slid home surprisingly easy. He would have to get Hermione to research the fluid from Fleur, as it had some very interesting properties. He was going at full speed, and he could tell Fleur was shocked as well. She was still extremely tight, but the flaming fluid from earlier was acting as some sort of super lubricant.

Fleur was lifting herself off the altar, driving her hips back at Harry while moaning lustily. She couldn't get enough of Harry's amazing manhood! She fully expected to be walking bowlegged tomorrow, and was more than willing to suffer later, for the amazing feelings she was having now. Between the teasing, her play with the toy, the amazing foreplay, and the aphrodisiac nature of her own ejaculate, she was literally in a multi orgasmic state within a few moments. She was amazed at how quickly she was tiring, normally she could go for what seemed like days, but the intensity was simply overwhelming! She was rapidly getting to the point where she was simply trying to hold on long enough for Harry to cum.

Panting, she reached up, pinching his nipples, while biting where his neck joined his shoulder, smiling when she felt him tense. She groaned around his neck, licking at the mark she had left on him. With on final desperate effort, she tightly pulled him into her with her legs and arms, and used her inner muscles to clamp down on Harry and literally milk his amazing manhood.

Harry groaned, letting himself go, emptying himself into his partner, giving her what she obviously wanted. He collapsed on top of her, trying to catch his breath as she gave him gentle kisses on his neck, lazily stroking his back as she happily cooed in his ear.

"Merci 'arry! Merci! I don't know how Hermione manages that on a regular basis. I see now why she is so intent on burying you in witches!" she laughed, running her nails in circles on his back.

"Hah! I think she likes having all the witches around more than I do to be honest. She is more predatory then you looked earlier, quite frankly. Sometimes I think she just keeps me around as a dildo with legs." he said somewhat ruefully.

"Non 'arry. Never doubt Hermione. She is totally devoted to you and your happiness together. She will do whatever it takes to ensure that. Never doubt that." said Fleur, totally serious suddenly.

Harry rubbed the back of his head, somewhat uncomfortable at the sudden shift in the conversation. He didn't doubt Hermione, not really. Although there were times he agreed with the scary tag. "I know Fleur. Hermione has always been there for me. No matter what, she has stood by my side. I have to admit though, being under me or on top of me is quite enjoyable too!" laughed Harry.

"You are 'orrible 'arry!" laughed Fleur, smacking him on the chest.

"Hey what happened here? I don't recognize these runes." asked Harry, pointing at the scoring on the altar.

Fleur looked down at the deep gouges in the altar, from where she had frantically clawed at the surface when Harry had ravished her earlier. She blushed spectacularly. "Um, traction runes I believe? To keep the witches from sliding off the altar during the ceremony, perhaps?" dissembled Fleur, reminding herself to make Harry wear a basilisk hide vest the next time they were intimate. Hermione would never forgive her, or share again for that matter, if she shredded his back like she had the altar.

"Huh. I don't remember ever seeing that rune before. What exactly was this ritual for anyways, I mean , you never really explained before. Maybe we should get a rubbing of the rune, I am sure Hermione would be interested in seeing it." said Harry, tracing a finger over the gouges.

"Non non 'arry. No need for that. The ritual was just something to 'enhance' the act and make it more powerful. Hermione knows all about it, it's something they cover with all the witches in school." explained Fleur.

"Hmm. Not sure if I should feel insulted you needed that, or flattered you wanted to do that with me." said Harry, absently rubbing the mark where Fleur had bitten him earlier.

"Oh, trust me 'arry, it is not something a witch will do with just any wizard. You should definitely feel flattered." smiled Fleur.

"Well, at any rate, it definitely seemed to make you much more intense. You were amazing there. I suppose we should start heading back, hopefully Hermione has things figured out by now." said Harry, as he climbed off the altar and began gathering their clothes.

Fleur smiled once more, as they searched for their clothes. She found her blue thong, and handed it to Harry, laughing, "Keep this 'arry. You more than earned it!"

"Thanks Fleur. Um. Fleur. How long does it take for this to, well, burn out?" asked Harry, gesturing at the blue flames that still were licking at his body. "I am kind of scared to get dressed, Hermione will kill me if I burn up her costume." he said with a rueful grin.

Fleur blinked. She had never had this experience before, so she really didn't know what to do either. Suddenly she reached down grabbing her wand from it's holster. "Aguamenti!" shouted Fleur, dousing Harry with a strong stream of ice cold water, before directing the gentle remnants of the spell at herself to put out the flames on her. She quickly got dressed, laughing at the curses coming from Harry.

"Oh, I will get you for that you evil harpy!" hissed Harry, laughing as he pulled on his clothes.

"gasp 'Arry James Potter! 'ow dare yo u talk about my aunt like that!"laughed Fleur.

Suddenly, there was a large gong, that echoed throughout the chamber.

Harry arched an eyebrow at Fleur. "Was that part of the ceremony, or is that Hermione's version of a doorbell, telling us to get our arses back out there?" laughed Harry.

Fleur smiled, "It appears 'ermione was right, and she worked things out as she 'ad hoped. I didn't think it would be so quick, and it seems the room is very accurate after all."

"What do you mean Fleur? What is accurate about this room?" asked a perplexed Harry.

Just as Fleur was about to answer, a large panel opened suddenly on the wall and there was a loud rumbling. Piles of gold began to slide about as the entire room seemed to shake. Small rocks began to fall from the ceiling as Fleur's eyes grew wide.

"Mon dieu! Are you dressed 'arry? We need to leave now! It is time to go toute de suite!" hissed Fleur, as she tied her boots frantically. She stood quickly, grabbing the whip and pouch, thrusting it into Harry's arms. "We must be away!" she yelled, grabbing his arm, dragging him towards the tunnel.

Harry laughed, shaking his head. "Come on Fleur. What is going on?" he asked, following behind Fleur as she scrambled over the shifting piles of treasure towards the tunnel they had entered from.

The rumbling and shaking was getting louder now, and larger pieces of the ceiling and rock were falling. Just before they could get into the tunnel, a boulder came crashing down, knocking a huge pile of gold over, blocking the tunnel.

"Merde! Ze gold, eet is magic resistante, we will not be able to move it in time." hissed a panicking Fleur.

Harry blinked. Fleur was actually nervous, this wasn't a game, she was actually nervous! Suddenly the floor shifted as panels in the floor tilted dropping the treasure into spiked pits below them. Harry grabbed Fleur, pulling her close as the panel they were on moved. He quickly uncoiled the whip, using it to attach to one of the flickering torches and swing across to a central column of stones that ran from one of the room to the other, with the altar at the center.

"What the hell is going on Fleur? What the hell kind of ritual did we just set off?" asked Harry, as he quickly surveyed the room, noticing several runes lighting up, that he was not happy to see glowing. The sphinx excrement was about to severly impede the air circulation systems as Bill has frequently said when things had gone exceedingly bad. He noticed the arch at the other end of the narrow stone walkway, but it was closed, and did not seem like an easy exit. How the hell was he going to get out of this crazy room. More importantly, those charmed panties were not even enough for what he was going to do to Hermione once he was out of here. Harry was so distracted he only caught snippets of what Fleur was saying.

"Rumors and legend said this was a room for the queen to make an offering to the gods in...RUMMMBLE...ish and all of her servants would be killed! I had no idea that it would wo...KRACKLE but it seems that between you and Hermione's magic that BOOOM! Merde! Run 'arry! Run! REDUCTO!" shouted Fleur, casting the spell at the doorway, blasting it open, as a giant boulder fell from the opening, rolling entirely too fast, and demolishing the altar in the center of the room as it rolled towards them, picking up speed.

Harry ignored Fleur tugging at his arm for a moment, turning to face the boulder, casting a silent Reducto of his own to destroy it. He blinked as the stone seemed to merely absorb the energy, glowing as it picked up speed, flattening the remaining piles of gold on the path.

"Fuck. Run Fleur! Run!" he cursed, quickly passing the astonished Veela, dragging her through the arch as it picked up speed. They dashed down the hallway, barely keeping ahead of the boulder that was destroying everything in it's path.

Finally, they came to another arch, they ran through, and stopped at the very edge, nearly falling into the chasm that separated them from the other side. Harry grabbed Fleur again, kissing her as he lashed out with the whip and swung them across. Landing on the other side they relaxed, knowing that they were safe.

Until the boulder came soaring across the chasm like some insane bludger on steroids!

Harry pushed Fleur to the side of the arch, falling back on the other side, watching in awe as the boulder flew between them into the next room. It crashed through the door on the opposite wall, causing many a witch to scream in fear for their life. Amazingly, it disappeared a few feet away from the door, causing one witch to literally faint.

Harry and Fleur looked at each other in shock, before looking back into the room as part of the door fell down from the top of the frame. They started laughing uncontrollably, as another witch shrieked in terror at the crashing noise.

"You take me to the nicest places Fleur!" laughed Harry, casting a drying charm on her, after a few moments hesitation and blatant appreciation.

Fleur giggled, feeling the warmth of Harry's magic caress her and clean her. "Oh 'Arry, I will take you to heaven as often as you want once this night is over, I assure you! Now let us rejoin the rest of the group, I am sure there are many other witches waiting for 'arry time!" With that, she grabbed the sides of Harry's jacket and pulled him close, before kissing him passionately. As she explored Harry's lips, she ground her barely covered crotch against his wantonly.

Harry growled around Fleur's tongue, before pulling back slightly and smacking her on the arse. "Minx! Always trying to distract me!" he laughed.

"MMMmmm, perhaps I should bounce up and down to 'elp distract you, mon amour?" purred Fleur.

"Aha! I knew Hermione was telling you all my weaknesses!" crowed Harry, pointing at Fleur in triumph as they walked out of the wreckage of the doorway to a crowd of stunned witches.

"Oh, 'arry, your witches' share much more than your weaknesses, we deeply discuss your strengths as well. At length, and in great depth." smirked Fleur.

"Yes, well, I am going to have words with all of you, once this night is over, trust me on that!" he laughed.

"Harry James Potter! Honestly! I can't leave you alone for half an hour without you destroying my hard work or causing problems, can I!" yelled Hermione, surveying the damage.

Harry smirked at her. "It was Fleur's fault!" pointing at the sputtering, indignant Veela.

Harry laughed, encircling Hermione, and pulling her close before kissing her soundly. "You look adorable with that marker smudge on your nose by the way." he whispered in her ear, laughing at her squeak of protest as she rubbed furiously at her nose with the sleeve of her robe.

He turned towards the witches, smiling as he figured things couldn't get crazier than the last episode, as he dusted off his costume, pleased to see it had returned to it's original state.

Surveying the witches, he smirked. "Next?"

A/N: Hmmm. Fleur was quite the greedy minx, and refused to just settle for a quick shag. She has been demanding her own story, and who am I to say no. It will be a crossover, and should be quite interesting I think at least.

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