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This Is Why You Should Never Give A Lorelle Its Own Place In A Story

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Alternate universe creatures come to kidnap some musicians, both MCR, and other bands.

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Somewhere out in L.A. Ray Toro and Matt Bellamy were talking. It was fairly late on Friday evening. They would pretty much not be missed till Monday morning, maybe not even then. You see, neither was married, nor did they have your conventional jobs. Which meant they could go for months just missing in action, and no one would notice. Except maybe the persons they paid their bills to, such as the water company and the like. But those companies didn't really care enough to bother calling or anything like that. Since they were such big companies, they'd simply turn off services for the houses till they were asked to reinstate them, along with the backlogged payments. Which was perfect for our two Partners-In-Crimes.

You see my lovely creature features, in this world, there were many alternate universes. Most people don't know about them. But they are there. Some can travel to the alternate universes. Then there are the ones with the power to create things from the imagination if they simply think about the thing long and hard enough. Not to mention that there were many unusual creatures roaming around the world.

Coming to the 'Real' world, as it is perceived, were two rather unique creatures. They were as different from the people around them as they were different from each other. One of them was coming from a land filled with rainbows, and randomness. This little corner of the universe was called "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". The creature coming from here was a thing called a Lorelle. It was a creature that was for some reason always energetic, hyper, random, bouncy, and everything else that went along with it. This creature claimed to be 3 and one half years of age, yet looked and acted much like a teenager. As well as this, the creature known as Lorelle could change her size to will.

One moment the Lorelle would be the size of an average teenager, the next, she would be small enough to have her whole (rather large) house under your bed quite comfortably. It also had a very unhealthy obsession with Matt Bellamy. Which was the only reason she would dare to go into the real world. Because she existed so much better in her own personal little world. However, she was not coming alone. She was coming with another curious looking creature from a very different world.

The other creature was coming from a land filled with nightmares, and darkness. This little corner of the world, oddly, was known as "Insanity." Because the inhabitants were very scary indeed. The very unique creature coming from that world to plague ours was a thing called a Venn. This creature, while usually full of energy, was laid back, serious, and caring to everyone it met, the vast majority in stark contrast to the Lorelle, which was usually attached to the Venn's arm. This creature refused to discuss ages, and was timeless as a result. However, the creature in question looked like a young adult. While this creature was unable to change it's size at will like its Lorelle counterpart, it could instantly get huge black wings.

These wings had a 7 foot wing span. Which may have seemed small, but were in fact very powerful, enough to lift the Venn, with the attached Lorelle, and several other persons with little effort. This creature had an unhealthy obsession with Slash. But she was taking Torosaurus as well because the National Afro Committee probably didn't want to be separated. Currently, both the Venn and the Lorelle were packing to go to the 'Real' world. They'd probably have to reside there for a few days to successfully round up the trio they were looking for. The Lorelle didn't mind the fact that the Venn was taking both Slashy-Pea and Torosaurus Rex. Seeing as it found the idea of a National Afro Committee a funny thought.

Back in the real world, Slash was walking down a street, hat pulled low, sunglasses on, hiding his eyes from view. A cigarette hung out of his mouth. He kept glancing around. He couldn't shake the feeling of ill he had encroaching on him. Even though the street was deserted, he felt like someone or something was watching him. Not from anywhere around him, but behind him. He kept turning to glance behind him. He couldn't see anyone or anything, but all the same, the feeling was there.

Toro and Bellamy had similar feelings of something bad going to happen. However, they didn't want to bother the other with that notion, much less get laughed at. Oh, how wrong they were to ignore that feeling! All three of them. How soon they would know their folly by doing so.

On a deserted street, not too far from the one where Slash was walking around, appeared 2 figures. One was on the tall, athletic side, the other on the short, delicate side. These were the Lorelle, and Venn, respectively.

Venn raised her eyebrow at her companions odd get-up of a bright teal tutu with sparkles over bright blue tights, neon orange converse, and a brightly colored Muse T-shirt. To top it all off, Lorelle's hair had been run through with many differently colored streaks. In fact, there was nearly none of her original color left, besides a few streaks of it. Her eyeshadow was brilliant teal, with sparkles that glowed even under the street lights, and bright yellow eyeliner. She looked like she should be going to a techno show, or rave, or dance part, or something else besides on the way to kidnap 3 guitarists.

"Seriously Lorelle? You look like you should be going to some techno concert or something. Not stealing away 3 guitarists in the middle of the night. I swear, if we get caught, I'm blaming you. And what's with the tutu?" Venn asked, caught somewhere between giggles, and shock.

"Yea, seriously! And no, I'd rather go to a Muse concert. Unless I'm getting Bellamy then... Whatever. But don't blame me. You're the one carrying along a huge assed bass as well as the rest of the stuff, so I'll blame you! And the tutu's just awesome mommy family cause its teal." Lorelle said, sticking her tongue out at the end.

"This isn't just any huge assed bass. It's a huge assed bass known as Disenchanted. Whom I happen to love to little pieces." Venn retorted.

"Yeah, but you're all in black. Black skinnies, black My Chem. shirt, black armwarmers, black boots, black scarf, black eye make-up, black hair, even that top hat and its ribbon are black too! Heck, I bet your undies are the same color as well. Wait, why are you wearing a top hat?" Lorelle asked, in a sing-song voice.

"Besides the fact black goes with anything and its fairly stealthy for the night? And why would you make me go looking through pretty much everything I own to find something that's not black? Not to mention I wear a top-hate nearly everywhere I go? Because they're kick-arse?" Venn asked, getting annoyed with the Lorelle. True to her comment, Venn was blending in with the shadows, even under the harsh glow of the street-lights. ]

"Yeah but still! And your shirt makes you look fangirly." Lorelle said, sticking her tongue out once again.

"Says you." Venn said, rolling her eyes, before adding, "Stick that tongue back in your mouth before I cut it out."

Lorelle burst into tears, and said, "I want my mommy!"

Venn sighed and said, "Dude. One minute you're arguing with your mommy dearest, the next minute you want her here. Make up your mind. And make it up fast, because we have a lot of work to do before sunrise."

Lorelle sniffed a few times, before instantly cheering up and asking, "So where off to first?"

"Well, I suggest we capture Slash first. All things considering, He's currently wandering around the street. Don't want him to get hurt." Venn said, starting to walk down the street.

"So where are Toro and Bellamy?" Lorelle asked, skipping alongside the Venn.

"At the latter's house. And your precious Frankie is driving to them this instant. So let's not scare him off too soon. Let's leave Bellamy and Toro for a little while." Venn said, trying not to let out one of her insane giggles at the sight of Lorelle skipping alongside her.

"Can I keep Bellamy? And put little teal bows in his hair?" Lorelle asked, continuing to skip.

"Sure...." Venn said, with an underlying hint of sarcasm.

"Awesome home skillet!" Lorelle said.

"Lorelle. I'm not a home skillet. I'm a Venn. Or a Saint Venn. Take your pick. And I'm not entirely wearing black. My hair has one white stripe." Venn said.

"But that doesn't count!" Lorelle whined, before doing some strange kind of little dance.

"Yea it does. Now zippit and get moving. Or do I have to tell Disenchanted to scoot it so I can toss you in this case and haul you along?" Venn asked, trying to control her annoyance. Lorelles could be fun to be around, but sometimes the way they couldn't keep a steady train of thought, had the attention span of a goldfish, less than 10 seconds, and were always getting distracted got on the Venn's nerves a bit.

Lorelle pouted, and resumed her skipping.

Written for my lovely friend Lorelley :) Own nothing but the plot, and the original characters.
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