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Improper Use Of Frying Pans

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"I'm not smelling what you're stepping in."

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Venn sighed as she looked at the creature skipping alongside her. Lorelle didn't give any sign that she heard the annoyed noise from Venn. She started to do some strange swimmy hand movements with the skipping. This was too much for Venn. "Dammit Lorelle, are you 3 years old to be skipping and swimming through dry air with both feet on the ground?" she snarled.

Lorelle smiled at Venn, and started to skip backwards, then said, "I'm not smelling what you're stepping in." Venn sighed, and said, "Course you aren't." She suddenly stopped at the corner, pressed flat against the brick wall of the building behind her. Her elfish ears twitched, gathering the sound from around the side of the building, the sounds of the other street. "What's wrong?" Lorelle asked, stopping her backwards skipping and swimming through the air, and putting her head to one side. Venn held one finger up in front of her lips, in the universal sign of being quiet.

Lorelle took the hint, and shut up. Venn then gestured to Lorelle to join her flat against the brick wall. Lorelle did with an exaggerated mimic of it. Venn rolled her eyes, and in a low whisper, hissed out, "Slash is around the corner." She then opened her messenger bag as quietly as she could, wincing at the noise the velcro made, and the ZZZZZ of the zipper. "Hey, I doubt he heard anything." Lorelle said.

Venn turned to her annoying companion, and said, "SHHH!!" accidentally spitting on the Lorelle. Lorelle of course flipped out, screaming, "EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy!!!!!! I want my mommy!!!! Spit is gross!!! Ewwwww!!!" Venn rolled her eyes, her ears flattening themselves against her skull, away from the obnoxious noise. It was too loud for her. She wondered if Lorelle was loud enough for someone deaf to hear. Yes, she was. Then Venn wondered if Lorelle was loud enough to wake the dead. Once again, the answer was yes, she was. Then She had to wonder whether or not there was some deaf dead person somewhere who wasn't awoken by Lorelle's loud voice. The answer was probably no.

Around the corner, Slash heard someone screaming , "EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy!!!!!! I want my mommy!!!! Spit is gross!!! Ewwwww!!!" in a high pitched, loud, whining female voice. Out of sheer chivalry, he attempted to go to the girl's rescue. But because he was drunk off his ass, and high as fuck, he stumbled, falling flat on his face. The first thing out of his mouth was a very loud "FUCK!" His hat fell off his head, and rolled a bit.

Around the corner, Venn hissed at Lorelle angrily, "Damn it, he heard you!" before she continued to dig in her bag. So far, there was some tie wraps, a rope, and a frying pan. Lorelle sat down Indian style, and pouted for a moment, before she started crying loudly, boo-hooing sobs could be heard for miles around. Venn's ears twitched in annoyance.

Back around the corner, Slash had figured out which way was up, and attempted to pull himself to his feet. He failed epicly at this, this time falling on his leather-clad ass. While there, he wondered why the stars were so pretty. Then he heard the sobs again. Rolling onto his stomach, he picked his hat up indignantly, and struggled to his feet. Shortly after, he clamped his hat on head, tilted to one side oddly, and stumbled a few more steps before he fell over once again.

Around the corner, Lorelle was still boo-hooing loudly. "Lorelle, if you shut up the crying right now, you can use the frying pan to hit Slash with." Venn said, holding the frying pan out to Lorelle, who took it gladly, jumping up happily. Venn gave her a look. Lorelle's face looked strange, glitter and eyeliner running down her cheeks. Venn sighed, handing her a mirror, several tissues and some make-up remover. Lorelle looked at it, and said, "I'm not wiping it away, it looks pretty!" before handing the stuff back to Venn, obviously offended.

Slash staggered back to his feet, and started hauling himself towards the corner once again. Lorelle came out, frying pan held aloft. Slash looked at her curiously. He was seeing two creatures covered in neon colors, holding frying pans. "What the fucking fuckedy fuck?" he asked looking confused as hell. Lorelle gave him an equally confused look, shouting back over her shoulder, "Hey Venn, whats a 'fucking fuckedy fuck'?" before she hit Slash over the head with the frying pan. Venn called back, "Donno."

Slash, like a character in a cartoon, spun around on one leg, before falling flat on his face, out cold. His top hat rolled off his head. Venn walked up to him, tying his hands and feet together with the tie-wraps, and wrapping him in the rope from shoulders to knees. She dropped her guitar case onto the ground, flat, and unzipped it. It was empty. "Don't worry, it has the same spell as my bag, which gives it as much space as we need it to have." Venn said to Lorelle, who was looking at her with a look that said, 'Seriously?' Venn grabbed Slash's feet, and dragged him over to the bag. It was a difficult task, him being around 2 feet taller than she was. She dropped his feet into the bag, and got the rest of him into it, with minimal help from Lorelle.

Finally in, she zipped the bag, and put it back on her shoulders. Turning to Lorelle, she said, "Come on, let's go get the others." Lorelle followed her, continuing to skip.

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