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Chapter 24

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Normally I'd say a spider strikes the most fear in my heart. But at that moment, that knife seemed worse than ten-thousand tarantulas. I thought to Morgan for help, I prayed to God for help, and yet, the knife still shrieked at me. Glared at me. Mocked me. Blinded me. And I screamed - not like a girl, or a gay man, or any form of high pitched animal...I screamed like a man terrified for more than his life.
Believe me; I tried to throw him off. It got no where with this bastard. I kicked, in vain, and squirmed, in vain, and tried to roll out from under him, in vain. He was too heavy, too controlled, and too...dammed inconveniently placed. But of course that's just what I think when my dick's about to get Loretta Bobbetted. That something's inconvenient.
And then he screamed, and his hand contorted so that the knife fell. He'd lost enough control, I figured after a moment of surprise, that I could take the knife away. I snatched it off the ground and plunged it into the soft flesh of his shoulder. He screamed again and rolled off of me. I scrambled off the ground and looked around frantically for my savior.
Morgan, specifically, but I couldn't find her. I couldn't find anyone, and my attacker was already recovering. I ran, obviously, as fast as my apparently short legs could manage. Back to the cottage, and back to safety.
Well, actually, I couldn't get inside the cottage...not before I completely whacked myself into Gerard, and knocked both of us over. Not our most romantic moment, by far, and it hurt my bad arm like fuuuuck, but I managed to wrap him in an absolutely suffocating one armed hug and sob on his shoulder.
"Frankie!" he exclaimed, hugging me back. "What happened? Are you okay? Are you hurt?"
I could only nod.
"Where? How?"
"Frank!" I heard Morgan and Mike say.
"What happened?" Morgan asked me. "Where is he?"
"Didn't you have to aim?" I choked out.
"Aim what?" she asked.
I calmed down enough to look at her. Her black hair looked wind-blown, and she had a sincere, concerned look on her face, like she thought I had gone completely crazy from the torment of the event. Her gaze flickered toward the direction where I had just come from, then back to me.
"Mike," she said. "Do what you will."
He flitted past me, somehow not even dazing me. I guess I'd seen enough shit, I needed something more than inhuman speed to surprise me now.
"What happened?" she asked me.
I explained to her how something, something other than mercy, forced him to drop the knife. The concern faded from her face, and was replaced with a soft expression I never thought I'd see on her.
"That wasn't you?" Gee asked.
"No," she murmured. "That wasn't me."
"Who was it?" he asked.
"Let's fix your arm," she ignored Gee. "Ah...Mike...that was quick."
I'd expected to see blood stains on his hands or shirt from a kill, but he was completely clean. That creeped me out a little.
Gee either didn't notice, or he ignored it. He simply kissed my forehead and helped me up, telling me I could tell him whatever necessary in the hospital. Like I was a rape victim or something.


As Dr. Vice wrapped my arm up, smirking while he did so, Gee stroked my back and waited for me to say something.
"You're like a stubborn kitten," Dr. Vice said.
"I didn't try to this time!" I said defensively. "Someone drug me out there! Kinda literally, I think."
"That won't happen again," Gee said, a protective look in his eye. "I'll make sure of that."
I looked at him, flattered but doubtful.
"How?" I asked.
"Er...I dunno," he admitted.
"Baby, that's sweet, but impossible," I said, as Dr. Vince patted down the end of the roll.
"Oh, come on, it's not that hard to outsmart homophobes," he argued.
"But, see, I'm not sure he attacked me because I'm gay...he called me that same thing Emma called us...a Duplicate...."
"That's not an insult," a raspy voice came, making Gerard sneer and Dr. Vice freeze in fear. "Not unless he was an Illusionist. Which apparently he wasn't."
Dr. Vice just barely glanced toward the door where the pale figure stood. Gerard stood up with a menacing look on his face. I remained sitting, hoping he would walk back out in order to avoid a fight. But that seemed unlikely.
"I told you to stay the fuck away," Gee said lowly.
"No," I whispered, grabbing his arm with my good one. "Don't...start this."
He looked at me for a moment, then turned back to the door. He jumped a little in surprise, which made me look back, too, to find no one at the door.
"Lovely, Gerard," I glared at him. "Fantastic."
"No, that asshole-"
"No- Gerard!" I begged as he bolted after him.
But it didn't matter what I said. Gerard was after him.
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