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Spoons Bursting Through Walls

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This is what happened inside the bag.

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Thought some people would like to know what went on in the bag after Lorelle dropped the frying pan and horridly mutilated hat on Slash. Own nothing but the OC's and some of the plot-line. Extreme exaggeration. R&R

After having his head conked by his poor, dead hat and an evil frying pan, Slash still had to pee. So he barged right into the door, not knocking at all. Cause when you're drunk and ya gotta pee, ya don't knock. Especially if your high and drunk at the same time. He saw relief sitting there grinning back at him in the shape of white porcelain. So without a second thought, he began whizzing away, relief obvious on his face.

Right then, the shower curtain opened, and Grimmjow stepped out, in the nude. After all, you don't take a shower fully dressed. So he let out a high pitched scream, at being nude with the door open and a random guy peeing right in front of him. The random guy, obviously drunk high and shocked, turned to face Grimmjow. In the process, covering the Espada and the rest of the bathroom effectively in urine.

This lead Grimmjow to start cursing, and moved towards Slash, who was exhibiting similar actions. Grimmjow, freshly washed, was quite pissed off at being pissed upon. Slash was angry cause he was interrupted by a blue haired freak while pissing. Remember the door was still open my lovelies. Standing in the hall outside the bathroom witnessing this whole spectacle was Nnoitra.

The spoon, of course, was scared and traumatized by this whole incident. He flailed his arms, and let out a high pitched, womanish scream. "AIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" and began to run down the hallway like this. He crashed through a wall, leaving a hole the shape of a spoon with upraised arms. In this room, Aizen sat in a chair, reading the Sunday funnies. His feet were up, using Gin as a footrest. His bitch curl was sleeping on a pillow next to the chair Aizen sat in.

The spoon let out a "EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" and wiggled his arms. "Yes?" Aizen said sharply, angry his Sunday funnies time was interrupted, even though they were a month old. He was also pissed that the spoon left a spoon shaped hole in the wall, and ignored the "Aizen's Happy Time. Do Not Enter." sign on the door. "Pink freak!" was all the spoon shouted. Aizen sighed, and jerked his thumb to the left. The spoon let out another wail, and resumed flailing his arms, running through the wall that Aizen specified, leaving another spoon-shaped hole.

He ended up in another room. In here, were Byakuya, Renji, Gerard Way, Davey Havok, Jeffree Star, Luppi, & Jade Puget. They were playing poker. Strip poker. This traumatized the spoon more, leading him to let out a loud "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" And wiggle his arms. "What do you want Nnoitra?" Byakuya asked, retaining as much dignity and courtesy as he could, even though he was in his birthday suit. "Pink freak!" Nnoitra yelled, waving his hands around some more.

"Hey, I'm not a freak you bitch ass spoon!" Jeffree snapped, in nothing but frilly ladies undies. "He means the pink freak as in Szayel." Renji said with a sigh, before asking Nnoitra, "Right?" The spoon nodded. Everyone in the room pointed to the wall at the back of the room. Nnoitra began flailing his arms again, and let out a high-pitched wail while he jumped onto the table, ran across it leaving it a mess, and jumped through the wall, leaving yet another distinctive hole in the wall.

He burst into another hallway, and continued running, busting into a bedroom. On the twin beds, apparently in the middle of a pillow fight, were Loly & Menoly. "What is it this time Spoon?" Loly asked. "Pink freak!" Nnoitra yelled, flapping his arms around. The two girls pointed at the wall to their right. Nnoitra wiggled his arms more, letting out yet another high pitched wail, and burst through that wall. He ended up in Ulquiorra's room.

It was dark in there, being lit only by a few candles. In the corner of the room was a large tub with clawed feet. Inside this tub, sat Ulquiorra. He was in a bubble bath, with only his head and knees visible. The bubbles were bright green, and quite a few rubber duckies floated on the top of the foam. "What is it trash?" Ulquiorra asked keeping his annoyance in check. "Pink freak! Grimmjow!" Nnoitra yelped out, wiggling his arms more before letting out another high pitched shriek.

"Are you going to go annoy Szayel again with the news that Grimmjow is jacking off again and you can hear it? Because if its that, it'll be the 5th time this week you do. He's already formulating some soundproof stuff for the wall anyways so you can't hear it." Ulquiorra said, boredly. "No! Grimmjow! Naked! Door Open! Pee!" Nnoitra said, incapable of formulating a coherent sentence. "Oh dear, this seems to be a problem Szayel hasn't heard yet." Ulquiorra said with a sigh. He pointed to the left and resumed playing with his rubber duckies.

Nnoitra flailed his arms again, letting out yet another high pitched wail much to the chagrin of anyone who was listening in, and burst through that wall, where the pink one stood. He sighed, and said, "Nnoitra, you know I don't appreciate you burst through every single wall in this forsaken place. If it's about you constantly hearing Grimmjow jacking off, I don't want to hear it. You've already complained about it 4 times this week. I have something in the works to stop the noise."

"Grimmjow! Naked! Guy! Pee!" Nnoitra said. "Let me guess, the door was open, Grimmjow was naked and a random guy peed on him?" Szayel asked with a sigh. Nnoitra nodded. "This is certainly a new one." Nnoitra finally fainted. Szayel sighed, stepping over him and through all the spoon shaped holes in the walls, trying to follow the carnage back to it's starting point.

When he finally got there, Slash was still pissing on poor Grimmjow, who would need at least a few hundred showers. To top it off, so would the bathroom. "Ahem! Your antics has traumatized poor Nnoitra!" Szayel said, distaste creeping into his voice. Without warning, Slash turned around and started peeing on Szayel instead of Grimmjow.
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