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Brendon Gets Over Himself

by Shaylor217

Brendon and Shayla move a little too fast

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Shayla’s P.O.V.
I can’t believe he just got up and left like that its not like I was gonna try anything. I get up putting my shirt and pants on heading out in the living room.
This is the outfit she was wearing

Where Brendon is laying on the couch sleep my eyes roam down to where his “friend” is standing to attention I’m not gonna lie I’ve missed him. I try to look away but I can’t. I watch Brendon’s hand reach down his pants were he starts rubbing his “friend” I slowly back away.

I trip over the table we had in there making a loud noise Brendon’s eyes pop open rushing over to me.” Baby are you alright?” he says with concern in his voice while he stroking the side of my face. “I’m ok but my ass hurts a little,” I say. Brendon had me in the kitchen now “baby don’t hold back give me all you have to offer,” I say kicking off my shoes. Brendon had shocked me by dropping to his knees in front of me and pulling my pants and panties down with him.

I was shocked and couldn’t speak. Brendon started kissing my thighs but avoided my center where I so desperately wanted his lips at that moment. My body burned and ached for him. He stood up, lifting my shirt with his mouth as his hands caressed my sides.

When his lips met my neck his hands tightened on my waist and I was lifted into the air and set on the counter. Brendon dropped back to his knees and my hands automatically entwined in his hair as he descended his lips to mine. I moaned when he parted my moist slit with his fingers and started to slowly lick me from hole to bud. I moaned and my legs twitched as they hung from the counter. I lifted them up and rested them on the counter on the other side.

Brendon continued licking at me and was not letting up even as the first orgasm hit me and I gripped his hair tightly. He moaned into my clit and bit down as I gripped even tighter when the second orgasm hit me. My legs went limp as it subsided and Brendon stood up, my juices still dripping down his face.

I grasped a hold of his shirt and devoured his mouth with mine, licking my nectar off of his face. He moved his hands to his pants and started to pull them down but I jumped off of the counter and grabbed his hand. I had other plans for him.
I pulled him into the living room and pushed him down onto the smaller sofa that was there, dropping to my knees in front of him. I gripped him behind his knees and pulled him forward until his ass was hanging off and then yanked his pants down, freeing his member. He wasn’t wearing boxers so it made access quicker.

I grasped his shaft with one hand and looked him in the eyes as I lowered my mouth onto his. He moaned and seized the cushions in his hands as I started to suck on him slowly at first then faster. My hand clenched and unclenched around the base of his cock as my mouth moved faster and faster up and down his length. He was panting and hissing through his clenched teeth as I worked him.

“Shayla…Shayla…stop or I’m going to…” Brendon panted out and I knew he was close. I wanted to do this for him but he stopped me when he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my mouth up from him.
“I want you now,” Brendon growled at me with a feral look in his eyes.
He jumped up and stepped out of his pant. His eyes were hungry with lust. I was still on my knees when Brendon grabbed me and yanked me up. He pulled my shirt off of me and put me up onto the couch.

He picked me up slamming against the wall and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist at the same time that he thrust into me roughly.
“Ugh, Brendon…yeah…right there…” I muttered as he hit my G-spot with each thrust.
“God Shayla, so good…so tight…” Brendon groaned as his thrusts became erratic.
We were both so close. I knew that we wouldn’t last much longer. Brendon started thrusting frantically and my walls clamped down on him as the orgasm hit me with fury. My orgasm spurred his and milked him deep within my pussy.
We came down, him still holding me, as our breathing became more normal. Brendon pulled out of me and set me on my feet as he kissed me slowly and lovingly.

“I love you,” Brendon said when he stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes.
“I love you too,” I said as taking in the view of me in the arms of my true love. Brendon lifted me up taking me to the bedroom were he put us under the blanket. Slowly after we drifted back to sleep.
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