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Alas, the results :D thanks to everyone who auditioned!

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So I hate when people take forever to update this, so I'll give you the results now. (before someone else reviews) 

This was not an easy decision, to say. I was up until midnight last night, trying to make this all work out.. And I switched a few roles, sorry, but it works out, I hope. And, I started writing some of it too(: Also, I made it two Queen Bee's cause I couldn't decide and liked both

Cousin/ New Girl- Breanna [XxBrokenSoulxX] 

Friend 1- Montgomery [Death Cookie]

Friend 2- Carissa [KJLucidLove666]

Queen Bee 1- Gianna [vampiresdontglitter]  

Queen Bee 2- Kaitlin [KnivesAndPens]

Sidechick 1- Milly [Jetblackheartattack] 

Sidechick 2- Ameilia [Tomgirl567] 

Like I said, this will be posted as Young and Hopeless. And I I didn't pick you, sorry, but you might be mentioned. As an extra or something. :) I honestly don't know the whole plot for this story, it was a spur of the moment idea. Let's just hope it's good... 

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