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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Party Poison's POV:
I awoke in the backseat of the car to the sound of heartbroken sobs. My first immediate thought was to find out who died, but as my vision adjusted, I saw something that made my gut twist and my ears ring with fiery jealousy.

Ghoul was crying on Gift's lap in the front seat, but quickly falling asleep. I noticed how careful she was not to disturb her Grace as she stroked his hair affectionately. My vision got a fiery red tint, and I could feel blood rushing to my face. My fists clenched as I prepared to scream. "I-"

Gift turned to me, and her sad eyes immediately melted away all my rage. "Shh," she cut me off in a stage whisper. "He's asleep." I looked around and saw that everyone else was, too.

Then I noticed the car was stopped. "Why'd you stop the car?"

She sighed. "He couldn't go on."

"What was wrong with him?"

A tear trickled down her cheek. I was going to make whoever caused her sorrow regret it. "He...told me about Atomic Jumper."

I frowned. "What about her?"

"You mean he never told you?" she asked, incredulous.

Since when did he tell her anything? Last time I checked, I was his best friend, and he hated her. "No."

She played with his hair. "You don't know..."

"Please. The suspense is killing me."

"You didn't know...that they were together? That she was..." She took a deep breath. "...pregnant?"


Major mindfuck.

No, I didn't know. He never even hinted that they were more than friends. Why had he never told us? Why had he told Gift?

My mind was going a million miles an hour, but my heart was going faster. I couldn't concentrate on my confused thoughts for longer than ten seconds with Gift staring into my eyes with that much intensity. I couldn't even look away; her deep brown eyes just had that power of holding my gaze there.

We sat like that for what felt like hours. Then she blinked and seemed to come out of a trance. "Listen...can you drive? I would, if it wasn't for stupid fucking Korse and his brainwashing...." She shook her head, seeming like her true self again.

Huh? Oh, yeah. Right. Driving. Brainwashed by Korse. I felt like I was coming out of a trance too. "Uhh...sure." She smiled her megawatt smile, which made me want to melt into a puddle on the floor.

I carefully moved Ghoul to the back on the far left. I was pretty sure he was secretly awake, but he was pretending for my sake.

Oh God. I have to drive now with Gift. In. Shotgun.

If they still had those distracted driving laws from way back, I would be arrested in no time flat. But BLI had outlawed driving anywhere outside a city, and seeing as we were in the desert....Well, no one cares.

I was only thinking about that shit to try to keep my mind anywhere but on Sweetheart Gift. I was failing miserably, though.

"So...can you explain stuff to me?"


"Well, Grace talks about so many things, but I don't know about most of them," she explained. "What's a guitar?"

I struggled with this. "It's...well, it makes music. If you pluck the metal strings and put your fingers on the board..." I looked over at her. She clearly didn't understand at all. I sighed and drew a guitar in the dust on the dashboard. "These are the strings. If you put your fingers here, then pluck a string, sound comes out. I was never very good at it, but Jet and Ghoul were. You should ask them."

"But how does the sound come out?"

"Well, it's hooked up to an amp-"

"What's that?"

It went on for at least an hour. She was so curious that she couldn't get the questions out of her mouth fast enough. We talked about different musical instruments for a while (she seemed to like the idea of a violin), she asked about novels I liked (after I explained to her what a novel was), and I had a hard time explaining the plot of Harry Potter. We talked about what happens when you die, and I told her all about the theory of zombies. She thought it was bullshit.

It was so easy, talking to her. I found it so hard to not just lean over and kiss her, but I somehow managed to resist. I just wanted to stare into her beautiful, morbidly curious eyes, but I was fucking driving.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled over (well, I guess it wasn't really "pulling over," since we weren't on a road), stopped talking about cars and how to drive, and got out of the car. "This is an okay campsite," I said. Without looking at her, I started a fire.


Later that night, I was staring into the fire. We'd had a fabulous supper of shit from a vending machine, and now everyone was asleep. Ghoul was acting really distant at dinner, but everyone else was acting normal. Even Grace had seemed more animated than usual.

I could see Gift's face in the smoke. God, was I head over heels. I would do anything for her, but I had no idea whether she felt the same.

Thinking about her this often could not be healthy. Come on, Gerard. Wake up.

I let my mind wander to my dead family. All I had left of them was Mikey. Once, when Mikey was really little, my father had taken the two of us to see a marching band. He told me that I was going to save the broken, beaten, and damned.

I hadn't thought he meant it literally. I didn't think he meant from BLI.

Without realizing it, I started singing to myself.

"When I was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band..."

I was singing without thought. It was something that happened to me a lot.

In fact, I didn't notice I was singing until I heard a beautiful voice, harmonizing with me perfectly.

"On and on we carry through the fears, oh oh oh."

That was where I first heard it. I paused.

No. Fucking. Way.

I turned and looked. Yep. It was her. She was sitting upright in her sleeping bag, eyeing me curiously. A sly smile was on her face. She raised her eyebrow, as if to say I dare you to go on.

I took a deep breath and continued. "Disappointed faces of your peers, oh oh oh." She continued harmonizing, then sang the next part solo.

"Take a look at me, 'cause I could not care at all."

Her voice was so beautiful, I almost forgot to come in. Was there anything about her that wasn't perfect?!

We sang together for the rest of the song. She sang the last "do or die, you'll never make me" while I held out the last note. When I let the note go, I found myself breathing heavily as she grinned and tapped the last drum solo on her legs. It had been a long time since I'd sung like that. I was surprised everyone was still asleep.

When she finished the last drum beat, I looked up. The expression on her face...was it...Curiosity? Incredulity? Hunger?

Probably not the last one.

She crawled over to me. "I didn't know you sang," she whispered. Her voice was all breathless. Ohh God. Her proximity was intoxicating. My senses were on high alert. I could smell the fire's smoke, hear its every crackle. I could hear everyone's breathing, even those who were far away. Gift's perfume smelled like sweet pea.

You will never understand how strong the temptation was to press my lips to hers just then. I was sure that if I caught her off guard, she would kiss back. It took every ounce of willpower not to stammer, much less kiss her.

"Uhhh..." I said. Way to sound all smart, Poison. "Me...neither? But...about you."

"Well, you know what Grace told me about singers, back before the end of the world?" She leaned in so her lips were almost touching my ear. A shiver shot through me and I closed my eyes as she whispered: "They were chick magnets, every last one of them."

Then, without another word, she stood, turned on her heel, and went to bed. She had turned before I could even see her expression.

Ohhhh sorry about that. I know you all were expecting something to happen there. But y'all know I just looooove to keep you in suspense;)

I know that that was a long chapter in which nothing really happened, and I know that I promised no filler, but I really had to put that singing scene in there. You know I had to. Maybe, to make it up to you, I'll have something that you've all been waiting for next chapter.

And yes, all of Gift's opinions are based off my own. I do play violin. And I do think the idea of zombies is bullshit.

And wttbp is my fav MCR song. Well actually it's a tie between at least 8 or 9 but I think wttbp fit there.

All useless facts about me aside, R and R pleaseeee it'll realllly help me write faster!!!! ;D

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