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Break Me (Chapters 1 & 2)

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Kurono is your regular non-evil Espada-level Arrancar. but when Aizen wants to add her to his collection she is thrown into darkness.

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Chapter 1
(Old Dogs, New Crud)

I walked slowly down the street head phones blasting in each ear. The streets were deserted, not a soul or person in sight. I turned up my iPod and hummed to myself. It didn’t feel right. I stopped and looked back but no one was there. I sighed, brushed the strand of black hair from my eyes, and turned to keep walking. But only two steps ahead I bumped into someone. My head phones fell out of my ears and I almost fell flat on my face.
“HEY, idiot! Watch where you're goin’!”
I turned to face the person I had run into. It was a tallish man, no older then 20. Light blue hair was spiked around his head but not in a hideous way. On the right side of his face was a broken hollow mask. He wore a white vest type jacket with baggy white pants. A hollow hole was in his midsection. Light blue eyes stared angrily at me. It was very cute and handsome, that angry look.
“Why you little witch...”
He took a small step towards me but was stopped by a man beside him.
“Don’t, she can’t see you any way.”
I could see them and I knew who they were. The Espada, both of them were. A six shown slightly on the blue haired man’s back. I couldn’t see the others number.
“Why are you here?”
Stupid stupid stupid!!!! I should have acted like I couldn’t see them. The blue haired man looked at me and smirked.
“Ulquiorra, I thought you said she couldn’t see us.”
I put myself in a matter of indifference and straighted my stand, ready for a fight. The one called Ulquiorra now stepped around number 6 and I could see him clearly. He had the weiredest color of green for eyes, and the same color green running down his cheeks in one straight line. His broken mask was on his left side with just one horn. He wore the same type of getup as number 6 except he had complete sleeves and his was buttoned.
“I can see you clearly. What do you want?”
I heard a set of foot steps from behind me. I glanced behind me to see a very large and very ugly arrancar. Again he was wearing espada clothes.
“Wow. You're an ungly one”
The arrancar’s face changed from ugly to hidious. The blue haired man started laughing. Ulquiorra’s face stayed blank. i smiled slightly, maybe I could start a fight.
“Yeah, you’d have to be the uglest arrancar I have ever seen!”
I side steped to were my back was to the street and I was faceing all three of them. Blue hair was still laughing. Ulquiorra spoke
“Yammy, don’t”
but he wouldn’t listen and he made a grab for me. I danced away just out of his reach. He growled and made another grab. I danced away and into the street. I looked at blue hair, he was watching intencly, good. Ulquiorra just stood there looking bored. Yammy stepped after me grabbing a third time. I simple stepped away. He let out a grunt in frustration.
“Ulquiorra, is she trash?”
Ulquiorra nodded
“Yes, she is trash”
Anger boiled inside me.
“Did you just call me trash!?”
that’s the last straw. I pulled myself out of my Gigai. I could tell by the looks on their faces that they were expecting a soul reaper. But a torn white cloak flew around me and a black hollow mask fragment grew on my left side. It streched up to my eye in a jagged outline. I smiled and pulled my Zanpakutō off my back, a curved black blade.
“You just called the wrong girl trash!”
Yammy’s eyes widened and so did blue hair’s. Ulquiorra showed no emotion, what a kill joy.
“ha! Tiny girl, you are no match for…”
“just shut up and fight!”
I lunged and he barley dodged.
“you're pretty fast for a fatso”
he pulled out his Zanpakutō and smiled
“I will enjoy killing you”
I started slashing and stabbing, he barely dodged and blocked. I came up behind him then in front. He was still faceing the wrong way when I put a large cut on his left arm. I slid back and observed my work. Yammy laughed.
“why did you stop?”
then he doubled over in pain as blood and a black ooze seeped from his wound. I glanced at blue hair. he looked both amused and surprised. Maybe I’ll get to fight him next.
I started walking around Yammy slowly.
“jeez, you cant be an arrancar or an Espada, I mean honestly, Soul Reapers fight better then you.”
The black ooze started to slide up over his arm towards his head. He grunted and tried to wipe the black away.
“don’t even try, its poisen from my Zanpakutō, Tenshi Anokoku, the Angle of Darkness. Whoever my Zanpakutō touches will be subject to it. When the black reaches your head you will be under my control. You will start to loose sight and your eyes and mask will become black”
I smirked.
“how are you feeling?”
“Curse you witch”
the black reached his head and there was a burst of spirit energy and screamming. A black murk surrounded him and in a flash I could see into his brain, memories and thoughts were now open to me. I watched threw my own eyes and his as both of our eyes, irises and all, turned black. I smiled and so did he. I could tell by the look on blue haired face that he was impressed. Ulquiorra still looked bored.
“who’s next?”
my voice was a compantion of mine and Yammy’s.
Blue hair stepped forward
“finnaly, the one I really wanted to fight”
I looked at Yammy who nodded and stood.
“Yammy, attack”
the hulk lunged at blue hair who just side stepped it. Yammy continued attacking, blue hair didn’t even draw his sword. He merely punched Yammy in the face and he fell over. I laughed
“wont do you any good, Yammy, get up!”
the body flung its self off the ground and back at blue hair. They fought and blue hair simply danced around Yammy punching him, looking bored. But suddnely blue hair’s Zanpakutō was in his hands and he was fashstepping towards me. I smiled.
“To slow”
I sliced him with my Zanpakutō while dodgeing. It didn’t cut skin, he grabbed it. We stood there frozen, stareing at each other. I then started to laugh. Confusion quickly followed by anger flashed across his face.
“Curse you. What are you laughing at?!”
I heared Ulquiorra behind me mummbling
“Grimmjow, you fool”
I smiled
“Grimmjow is it? Nice name. you might want to look at your hand.”
He looked down and immidetly let go of my sword. The black ooze was already half way up his arm
“But! But!?”
“But I didn’t cut you? Didn’t have to. Whoever I touch is subject to it. Do you remember me saying that? You should pay more attention, Grimm…jow.”
Grimmjow fell to the ground as the black slid up towards his eyes. He started screaming and I watched as he went threw the same transformation as Yammy. He was fighting it much harder than anyone I had ever taken over. I tapped into his thoughts out of boredom
“Crud, that witch actual hurt me. but how? She is powerful. Defentally not trash, that’s for sure. Shes dressed like an arrancar but has the strength and power of a high level Espada. But how!? When I get out of this so help me…arg! What is that witch doing to me!? I…I…cant…see...”’
suddenly he stood but his thoughts were still his own. I was still letting it sink in when his foot connected with my side. I flew with the force of the kick. I slammed into the side of a building causeing several clumps of dry wall and glass to fall. Grimmjow stood a few yards away, barely standing. I tapped back into his thoughts only to find them screamming in pain and repeting over and over
but how did he know I was in his head? His whole right eye and mask was black. He was fighting it and fighting it well. He lunged for me using his spirit energy as a back up supply for physical energy. His Zanpakutō grazed my arm. I gritted my teeth and flung my Zanpakutō back, hitting my hilt on his head. He stummbled but didn’t fall. We faced each other. I had blood seeping from my left arm, staining my coat. His face showed determanation, pain, and happiness. The happiness confused me. Was he actually enjoying this? He lunged again and again his sword grazed my arms and sides. With both arms bleeding my coat now matched.
Grimmjow crossed his arms and smiled despite the pain.
“is this all you got? Pathetic”
my anger boiled and I flashsteped around him. From left side to right side I was trying to find an opening. I semi stopped infront of him and as he slashed I flashed to his back and cut him across the right shoulder. Black exploded from the wound along with blood. He fell to his knees gasping, still fighting.
“you're strong minded, I’ll give that. That’s the biggest challenge that I’ve had in a long time. But like always, the fight comes to the end and you're consumed. Kinda sad really. I was sorta rooting for you. You’d do good on your own away from Aizen. Just like me. he's stiffeling your powers. Just remember that. Grimmjow”
finnaly he stopped fighting and stood. His left eye finnaly turned black. As my spirit energy flowed hinto him, he started to laugh. I could feel the great power of Yammy’s, Grimmjow’s, and mine combined. I too started to laugh uncontrollably. All of our voices together sounded creepy. I gained control of my power lust and quieted myself. Grimmjow was still smiling and chuckling insanely.
I suddenly felt horrable. Why did I do this to him? He didn’t seem all that bad. Just desperate. Desperate to be better, to be powerful. He was indeed powerful. I found myself oddly careing about how he felt and what would happen to him. How would he turn out? Will he have a blood lust forever or just until he gained his own footing without Aizen? Deep down I could see a scared wounded man that surrounded himself with power and anger to shield people from his heart. It didn’t matter that he was a hollow. They had feelings too, I was proof of that. I could see that Grimmjow, no matter how much he hated the world, hated himself even more. He hated that he couldn’t pull himself away from Aizen, away from the evil. I saw his past and how hard he worked to become an Espada. His only wish was to finnaly please some one. To please them for who he was, not for his power. He didn’t want the false act from Aizen, he wanted it to be real. And he had convinced himself that it would never happen. That he would live alone in his own dark pathetic world. Away from people who cared, away from love, away from feeling. He desperatly needed some one to tell him he was good. To tell him that he was worth more then cannon foder. He needed some one to confide in. someone that he could tell his feelings to. But he had pushed every one away with anger and hate. The same way I did. We both surrounded ourselfs with that fake pretence of hate and anger. But deep down we cared for some one. Grimmjow just hasent found that someone. That someone to guide him and lead him away from the rest of the hollows. He was wondering around, lost, looking for that one person. Looking for someone that would see past his wall of fire. Some one who could love him.
I gritted my teeth and pushed the remourse away. Time to get back to business.
“Yammy, Grimmjow.”
They both looked at me, ready to fight.
but before I could get the word out a voice spoke from above.
“Kurono, that’s enough”
I looked up to see a man standing in the sky. He wore a visor over his eyes and the same white coat as Ulquiorra, sorta. What was his name? ah Tōsen, Kaname Tōsen. The former Soul Reaper. If he was here then Sōsuke Aizen was all business and really needed something.
“Well I guess Aizen’s plan went threw. How do you like living in Hueco Mundo Soul Reaper? How do you like turning on your own kind?”
“It’s for the right reason, to bring peace. And if I remember correctly, you also turned on your kind”
I waved my hand, dismissing the idea.
“Nah, I'm not with the Soul Reapers, I'm walkin’ the fence. I have a good view from there.”
I smiled
“Why don’t you come down here and fight me?”
Tōsen stayed where he was. He started whispering something and suddenly a yellow light surrounded me
“Crud, a Bakudō!” I struggled and fought. If I had enough time I could break out but Tōsen started stepping downward like he was walking on stairs. Soon he was standing right infront of me.
“Kurono, you still have much to learn.”
“HEY! I've been around longer then you think”
I started pushing my spirit energy against the Bakudō, testing it.
“release them”
“because for some reason Sōsuke Aizen wants to see you.”
My eyes widened in fake surprise
“Oh really? See me about what?”
“It does not matter.”
“What if I don’t want to release them?”
“Then I’ll kill them”
I could tell by the way he said it that he meant business. He would kill them, and by the way he looked at Grimmjow he didn’t really care. I smirked
“Whatever heartless. Fine I’ll go back to that place that stole my life away. With out any questions.”
I tilted my head.
“Is that what you want me to say?”
Before four eyes could say anything Ulquiorra was suddenly there beside him. In a low monotone voice with very little emotion he spoke
“this is the Lost One?”
he looked at me and continued softly
“lord Aizen wishes you to help him with something. You have nothing here to do except kill useless hollows. He only wishes to give you the option of rejoining us. To become as great as you were before. He will even get her back for you. After what you done to your sister for your power shes hated you. Lord Aizen can get her back, make her understand. He wishes to restore the family you once had before you pushed it away.”
The words stung. Of course this was about my sister. At one time I had been so consumed by the lust for power that I had shoved her away and destroyed our family. If Azien could make her forget and return then…then…
“Fine, I’ll go”
I released my hold on Yammy and Grimmjow. After all, if I didn’t then Tōsen would kill them. All of our eyes returned to normal. My light purple eyes met with Grimmjow’s blue. He was gasping for breath as the black disapated.
“sorry. I hope I was a good enough oppent? Because you sure are”
he looked at me angery and confused. Then I relized, even just momments ago, he was never completely under my control. He had seen into my mind by pushing across our link. He had seen what I had felt towards him and he had no idea on how to react. My cheeks reddened, embassesed.
“I'm really sorry bout mind tapping you.”
He grummbled and crossed his arms. I turned back to Tōsen.
“so are you gonna let me out or what?”
the Bakudō vanished and I could move my arms again. The thought of fighting crossed my mind and Tōsen shook his head.
“whatever kid. Where are we goin? Home? I don’t supposed Aizen has delt with the sand problem at all has he? Or the annoying hollow lizards runnin around?” Grimmjow smirked
“Hey Tōsen, am I gonna get my own room? Do you have any new people? What do you guys eat there? Are you listening to me? Jeez, you are so sollem!”
I started dancing around him, I could tell I was annoying him. Good. I side stepped infront of Grimmjow
“so Grimmjow! How do you like Hueco Mundo? Any one there as good as fighter as you?”
Grimmjow smiled despite himself
“Nope, now shut up and get out of my way”
Tōsen then opened the Garganta and I made myself serious again. This was going to start a bunch of crud I really didn’t want to deal with. But if I could get my sister back then it was worth it.
I suked in a lung full of air.
“here goes nothin”
I put my foot into the black hole and I was suddenly falling.

Chapter 2
(Meeting the Gang of Idiots)

I started falling in the black hole like no bodies business. I found no foot hold and started forward head over heels. Suddenly someone was grabbing my ankle right at the last moment. I looked up, well technically down, and saw Grimmjow staring at me. I smiled
“Idiot” Grimmjow grumbled “you have to build your own ground”
I rolled my eyes
“I knew that. I just wasn't ready, that’s all”
Suddenly underneath me formed a black path that was darker then the black around it. I shook my ankle free of his hand and fell on to the platform.
“Lead the way” I smiled at him and he rolled his eyes

We walked for what seemed like hours. I eventually built a type of hover craft out of spirit energy and glided along beside Grimmjow. I found myself attracted to him for some reason. He kept glancing over at me and every time I would catch him at it he would make a face. Tōsen, Yammy, and Ulquiorra walked slowly infront of me and Grimmjow. Yammy kept looking back at me and I would do the age old thing of stiking my toung out at him.
When I finnaly saw light at the end of the tunnel my heart started flipping out. I had been living in the world of people for years now. I had told my self that I would never return to Hueco Mundo. And I would never eat another soul. And yet I felt drawn to it. To return to this place that was Hell’s brother was a crime to me and yet I really wanted to see it. I had the urge to see what Sōsuke Aizen had done to the place. How good was his Espada? If Grimmjow was only number 6 and he was able to fight my power how powerful was the rest? Or was it just Grimmjow? Or….or….or…
“Hey, Kurono.”
Grimmjow’s voice pulled me away from my thoughts and I looked at him, he wouldn’t look back as he spoke
“What does your sister have to do with this?”
I looked down at my hover craft. How do I tell some one that I ate my own parents?
“Oh I see”
I looked at him a realized we were still connected. He had read my thoughts as I had read his before. He now knew how I felt. What I had done to my parents and to my siblings. How I let my lust for power drive a wedge between me and my family forever. He now saw how much I needed my sister. And…
I killed the link to stop his propping. I sped ahead until I was side by side with Ulquiorra. I could feel Grimmjow stareing after me but I wouldn’t look back, I just couldn’t. Ulquiorra glance at me and spoke
“why would some one as powerful as you care for some one as week as Grimmjow? He is useless, powerless.”
I looked down at Ulquiorra and put my hands on my hips.
“excuse me but wasn't it you that called me trash? If you ash me Grimmjow is better then you, Ulquiorra”
I paused and heard Grimmjow snort and chuckle. Ulquiorra just kept walking and whispered
“we will see”
what is that supposed to mean? I didn’t have time to ask him because we reached the end of the portal. I leapt off my craft and over the last 2 yard of darkness. I landed and immediately knew nothing was different from the last time I was here. Just sand, nothing but sand. The only difference was the overly large palace only 5 yards to my left. Las Noches, Aizen’s palace.
Tōsen, Yammy, and Ulquiorra showed up behind me quickly followed by Grimmjow. I looked at him and he held my stare. We stayed that way until Ulquiorra stepped between us
“this way”
I took one last look at Grimmjow and followed Ulquiorra. A door opened in the wall and we stepped in. we walked awhile in the dark until we reached a large corrdor. I was tired of walking, and the silence.
“jeez, don’t every body start talking at once. Why didn’t you just pop us up in Aizen’s throne room? My legs are killing me!”
Grimmjow nodded
“yeah Tōsen, why not?”
I was surprised to see Grimmjow agreeing with me. he looked at me then shifted his eyes else where.
“I simple did not wish to” Tōsen replied
I rolled my eyes
“Yeah because we all know that’s a good reason”
we finnaly reached the main throne room. There was a long table in the middle and all the Espada sat around it with Aizen at its head. There was 9 counting Azien and Gin. 4 chairs sat empty. Grimmjow, Tōsen, Yammy, and Ulquiorra all took there seats. I looked at Azien, he was doing his hair differently then when I first met him. He snapped his fingers and 2 hollows apeared carrying a large backed chair which they sat down between Grimmjow and some weird looking black guy with a bone crest on his head. I sat and looked at Grimmjow, who wouldn’t even glance at me. but all the other Espada were stareing at me. and man with glasses and pink hair spoke first.
“who is she, and what is she doing here?”
sundenly I got the feeling of a fruit cake and arrogence. I looked at him straight in the face
“can it fruit loop”
a look of surprice and anger flashed onto his face.
“I am Szayel Aporro Granz, the 8th Espada, not a… fruit LOOP!”
I rolled my eyes
“Sure you aren’t”
“Lord Aizen, do we really need another girl at this table??”
I looked in the direction of the Espada that had spoken. He had a spoon shape color around his head which made it hard for me to look at him and not laugh. He had an eye patch over his left eye. With a weird freaky smile that exposed every tooth in his mouth I felt as if he was about to take a bite out of the table in front of him.
“Jeez, and I thought Yammy was ugly”
The Espada frowned as best he could, having all those teeth and all.
“I am the 5th Espada, Nnoitra Gilga”
“And you're a spoon”
his eye widened and it looked as if he was about to leap across the table. That would be fun. But before he could do so a woman’s voice spoke
“Nnoitra, leave the young woman alone. You do not want to loose your head.”
I looked at the one that had spoke. From what I could tell she was the only woman sitting around the table other than me. she had yellow hair and wore a belly shirt that covered the bottom half of her face. I nodded my thanks and she nodded as well. Then another spoke. What was this? Pick on the new girl day?
“I see now that you have met some of them Kurono, you might as well meet all of them.”
I then realized that it was not an Espada but Aizen.
He pointed to his left and spoke
“This is Gin Ichimaru, Ulquiorra Cifer, Coyote Starrk, Nnoitra Gilga, Tia Harribel, Aaroniero Arruruerie, Yammy Riyalgo, Baraggan Luisenbarn, Szayel Aporro Granz, Zommari Leroux, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, and Kaname Tōsen.”
He placed his hands under his chin and smiled
“We welcome you, Kurono Suzuki, to Las Noches as a ranking Espada.”
Every ones eyes widened minus Gin, I doubt he can even open his eyes. All he did to show his surprise was shrink his foxy smile by a fraction if an inch.
“You will not have a number, Kurono, but just know you are above 5.”
Nnoitra’s eye widened wider then a normal eye should have been able too. Grimmjow just closed his eyes and breathed out calmly.
“But…but…Lord Aizen, she cant possibly be that strong!!! I bet she cant even pass the lowest hollow!! Let alone..ME!!!”
before I could even think about a whitty comment Grimmjow spoke, well more like yelled
“SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTH NNOITRA!!!!” Grimmjow was now standing with his hands on the table “If she was able to beat me AND Yammy in blattle what makes you think she couldn’t beat you!?!?”
Nnoitra stared angerly at Grimmjow, speachless. I was too, considering the guy I just defeated and passed in rank was defending me. Was this even the same man?
“now now, my dear Espada. You should all be glad some one as powerful as Kurono has graced us with her presence”
I looked around the table trying to remember who was who and who looked most likely to give me a fight. I knew that spoon guy would fight me, along with Yammy. Maybe fruit loop or Grimmjow. The others I couldn’t tell. I turned to look at Aizen.
“hey, Captain Sōsuke, what do you want me to do? I want my sister as fast as possible.” All the Espada and the 2 Soul Reapers flinched when I called him Captain. But Aizen showed no emotion to the name.
“Kurono, I ask that you call me Lord Aizen or just Aizen. The…Captain you once knew no longer exists.”
“oh, well sorry, Cap… I mean Aizen”
it was strange. This man wasn't acting at all like the Aizen I remembered. He wasn't the supporting and careing Soul Reaper I once knew. The Aizen I knew was the one that convinced me that if I gained the statis of Vasto Lorde then I could return to my sibblings and protect them like I wanted to. But when both of them died he promiced that he would look over them in the soul society. And…
“Kurono, were you listening?”
I glanced up at Aizen. I realized they had been discussing stuff that had to do with me and I was spacing about the past.
“I'm sorry, I was…nothing. What did you say?”
Grimmjow chuckled while some others shook their heads. Aizen smiled
“We were just talking about some issues with our performance, that’s all. We were also discussing where we will put you up for the night.”
“So have you decided?”
Aizen leaned forward in his chair.
“You will stay with Grimmjow for a few nights”
Me and Grimmjow looked at each other and yelled at the same time
Aizen looked amused and Gin looked as if he was about to burst with laughter, maybe he looked like that all the time…
“I refuse to let HER to stay in my ROOM!!”
We both stood and faced each other
“Well I refuse to stay in it!!”
Grimmjow and I stared angrily at each other when Nnoitra pipped up
“Lord Aizen, you could always put her in my room.”
I looked at him with the best hostile look I could muster, when in all reality I suddenly felt very small and scared. I didn’t like the look Nnoitra was giving me. Grimmjow gave an even more hostile stare, one equal to that of a wild cat.
“STAY OUT OF THIS NNOITRA!!!! You even lay a hand…”
“that’s enough Grimmjow”
we both looked at Aizen. He seemed very pleased with himself.
“Grimmjow, she will stay in your room. Unless you want Nnoitra to..”
“No, its fine, whatever”
Grimmjow sat placeing his elbow on the table and putting his forhead into his hand. I took my seat as well and stared at the table. So I would be staying in Grimmjow’s room. Great.

After Aizen told the Espada to step up their game and get ready for the next mission Grimmjow stood.
“You better follow me.”
I nodded and stood to do so when suddenly Ulquiorra was standing in front of me. He gave me a look that was cold as stone. But it wasn't me that he spoke to.
“You better control your self feline. You don’t want to ruin Aizen’s catch with your dirty paws.”
Grimmjow’s eyes darkened like a brewing storm.
“Why you little…”
I like fights but for some reason I wanted to prevent this one.
“Yeah well I’ll be sure to restrain him”
I grabbed Grimmjow’s arm and dragged him away to what I hoped was the right hallway. I could tell that my touch crossed his personal barrier, but I didn’t care.
“What are you doing?”
He didn’t seem all that angry. Just aggravated.
“I'm saving you from a fight that would be unnecessary”
He looked down at me
“I didn’t ask you to save me. I can take care of myself.”
“Well I don’t care. You looked like you were goin' to make a fool of your self.”
He rolled his eyes
“I better get you to the room”

I followed Grimmjow down a few hallways and passage ways. We finally reached a small room that held only a bed, a stone nightstand, a couch, and a weird glowing orb in the ceiling for light. I entered and I suddenly felt very tired. As I headed for the bed Grimmjow flashed stepped in front of me
“You’ll sleep on the couch”
I cocked my head and placed my hands on my hips.
“Excuse me but I thought for maybe a second that you had some gentlemen qualities.”
I looked him up and down. Then I faked a left and made a right. I flash stepped and leapt onto the bed. Before I could land Grimmjow’s foot connected with my side which flung me against the wall. The stone caved and I rebounded and pounced on Grimmjow. Surprised we both fell onto the bed. He tried to kick me off but I clung to him. I rolled over and kicked him off the bed instead. He landed on the floor with a thud and growled. He reached up and grabbed my ankles while I grabbed the head bored. He started pulling and yelling at me to let go when a short knock sounded at the door.
We both stopped our horse play and looked to the door. There stood Gin, his fox face covered with that fake smile.
“Well, I see you two are getting along quite nicely.”
Grimmjow stood.
“What do you want Gin?”
“Aizen wishes to tell you something Grimmjow”
I looked at Grimmjow who glanced from me to the ground
“Whatever, I'm comin”
Grimmjow looked at me
“I guess you get to sleep in the bed…”
He smiled
“But only for tonight”
I smiled back. Gin cleared his throat and Grimmjow followed him out the door. I pulled Grimmjow’s covers over my head and fell asleep thinking about him and what he would be like tomorrow when I woke up.
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