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Chapter 9 Get Ready

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it's now time for the dance but what will Kurono do with her old boyfriends memory hot on her heals?

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For the next few weeks Grimmjow and I carried on as we had been. Fighting, insulting, and yet sharing pasts. We became more like friends than target and guard. It was nice. But soon it was time for the dance.

I stood in the bathroom, after a fresh shower, staring at the mirror. I was wearing a dress that I hated. It was black, with an open back that had strings to cover it. It came with an old looking black shawl that covered the top. The bottom dragged the ground, covering my feet. It had long balloon sleeves. It was a very beautiful dress. But I hate this dress, I hate this dance, and I had my reasons. Kei was behind me doing my hair. She had just finished curling it and pinning it back.
I frowned and she hit the back of my head
“Be happy! At least you have a date”
I turned and looked at her
“Grimm is not my date. We are not dating”
“Then why did you just use a nick name?”
I gritted my teeth, knowing she was right.
I opened the door and jumped. Standing in the doorway was Grimmjow.
“Curse it Grimmjow!!! Get out of the doorway. It’s a little stalker.”
Then I saw what he was wearing. He wore a classic black tux. He had the collar popped up and the top few buttons undone. The bow tie was no where to be found. The sleeves had gold cufflinks. He was leaning against the doorpost with his hands in his pockets. His hair was combed back and slicked.
He tilted his head to me and inspected the dress. His eyes stopped on my face. I felt my face grow hot.
“Well, I’ll leave you guys alone”
Kei walked past us. Grimmjow stepped forward and looked down at me, hands still in his pockets. His blue eyes seemed to stand out.
I stared at him speechless. This was not the Grimmjow that I knew. What was happening to him?
He smiled that secret smile that I loved
“Is that all you can say?”
“Who talked you into getting a monkey suit?”
He frowned
“What are you talking about? Monkey Suit?”
“I mean I just never expected to see you in a tux”
The smile returned
“Your brother got it for me.”
I nodded
“It looks good on you”
He nodded
“That dress looks good on you”
I blushed, why did I feel so small?
“Yeah well…Kei let me borrow it. She also did my hair”
At that same moment a loose strand fell into my eyes. Before I could do anything Grimmjow was reaching forward. I closed my eyes and felt his hand brush the strand away. The touch was gentle. I felt his hand stop at the side of my face. I opened my eyes and looked up at his face. He was leaning down towards me, eyes slightly closed. This time I wasn't going to stop it. He got an inch away from my face when Ryu’s hand was suddenly in my line of sight.
“Uhhh hello? We have a dance to get to!”
Little brothers hate it when their sisters are falling into a relationship and Ryu was no different. Ryu removed his hand I could see Grimmjow’s back to me, walking away. I turned on my brother
“RYU! Why, may I ask, did you do that?”
He looked at the ground
“Because I know what will happen if he leaves”
I looked at him
He kept his head down as he whispered
“When you first came back everything was fine. You were a little depressed about Suki but you were ok. But whenever you got mad your powers would spike. You would go into mad rages where you sometimes hurt me. Then when you found out that you had hurt me you would go into a crying fit. Then you would shake and convulse. You would continue to have a seizure and I couldn’t do anything. Then when your friend died the seizures got worse. You locked yourself in your room and didn’t eat. You never came out! You just sat in there and cried and I was helpless!! Then when Ichigo came along you became a little happier. Then you got more friends and your episodes of self doubt and fear got fewer and less harmful. I know fear sends you into an episode... fear of being alone. What if Grimmjow leaves? You will sink back into depression and not even Ichigo will be able to bring you out of it. I'm telling you, don’t get attached! What if he dies like he did? I won’t be able to help you. I can’t stand to see you in pain…”
I knew he was right. I had had bad seizures due to fear and depression. I couldn’t really help it. Ever since I had lost him… Arashi… My silver haired love…The name I had sworn never to say…
“Kurono? Are you ok?”
Ryu was looking at me full of concern.
“Yeah I'm ok… let’s go to the dance”
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