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Let me take you down

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Let me take you down

When Paul opened his eyes he was still in John's arms.
He told himself that he wouldn't fall asleep again. He had to stay awake. He needed to savour as much time with John as he could. John was still awake and he watched as Paul turned over and peered into his eyes. He hated seeing Paul so sorrowful. After he died, John had left all his sorrow back on earth. Angels only thought happy thoughts. A sad angel was an unhealthy angel. And watching human suffer was enough to break an angels heart.

They gazed into another's eyes for a while before John leaned forward and pressed his lips firmly against Paul's. It was a matter of seconds later that he pulled away and kissed him again. Paul pressed harder against the angel and wrapped his arms around him until they were literally chasing each other's tongues. Paul hadn't felt that much passion in years. It felt so good, a feeling he never wanted to end. The feeling of someone loving you.

After a while, John pulled away and Paul leaned back on the pillow, breathing heavily. John watched him, playing with his hair. Paul felt his friend fingering his locks, rubbing them in circles against his fingertips.

'Do you remember?" he said suddenly
John stopped rubbing
"Remember what?"
"Us. That night after that concert. When you were walking me home"
"Yeah" said John with a smile in his voice, "I was drunk as a pig"
"And when I tried to walk away, you caught me. And then..."
John grinned
"And then one thing led to another"
Paul grinned back
"Yeah, what were you thinking John? I was only fourteen bloody years old. We'd only just met and then you go and make love with me. I could have had you charged with rape"

"Yeah but it was fun weren't it. Losing your virginity. I was simply showing you how to have a good time"
"My dad didn't half give me a wallop when I staggered in at five in the morning covered in love bites" Paul cringed at the memory, "Oh John, weren't we bad back then?"
"You couldn't get away with it nowadays. Bloody politics"
"I don't regret a thing though John" said Paul, putting his arms around his neck again, "That night, all those nights. I don't regret a thing"

John smiled at him, then an idea sprang to his head
"You know...I may be an angel but while I'm down here I'm still able know"
Paul's eyes widened
"What? Now? But John-"
"Come on. In a few hours, I'll be dead again and you'll be half dead again. Let's make it fun while it lasts"
Paul stuttered in surprise, but then he smiled. He knew he couldn't say no to john. Especially not now. John grinned and in a flash he was lying over Paul, naked to the skin.

"Don't worry Mr Mccartney" he whispered, "It'll be like walking on air"
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