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why would you pretend?

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Stefanies been in all te conversations,even though they didnt know.

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Why was i so stupid?She knew my secret now and wou be mad at me for eaves dropping ever since she arrive.I could tell she liked poision,and poision liked her but they jut wouldn't admitt it.I knew poision would never hurt her,he had even adopted me as his own,but i couldnt help but stay awake and watch them.I wouldnt let Angel get hurt,not then,not now,not ever.It was great now that they ad admitted it and now were a couple but i stil want to make sure she doesnt get hurt.I had seen it all happen:Poision stying up and watching Angel sleep,Angel waing Poision sleep,them falling asleep in eachothers arms,and then finally last night's first kiss.It had takken all i had to nt jump up and go hug her.I felt so happy fo her that i was squirming all over theplace in my sleeping bag.Now tha they are at peace,i shall stop watching them at night.I slowly ate my pancakes trying to putt off what was comig,trying to give her a few seconds to cool down.Even though i truely loved Angels pancakes,i guess might as well get it over with.With a sigh i handed my half full plate to Jet,who wasover cme with joy when he got them.I smmild a little at hs happieness and lookedp to Angels face.I excpected to see hard,cold,unforgiving eyes staring back at me.But no,instead i saw glassy eyes mixed with little irritation,and understanding.I dint deserve a sister as good as her.She stood up and started walking,and i fallowed after.She stretched her hand out a little bhinde her,clearly wanting me to take it.I quickly rushed up and took the hand in mine,feeling the warmth of her palm,against mine.When we were deffinatly out of earshot of people,sstoppedand turned to face me. "Why have you spying on me,and for how long?"she asked.I drew ina deep breath of air and began. "Because,I wanted to make sure you were safe and didnt get hurt.As for how long,....since the first day you arrived." i answered looking at the ground.I wanted her to yell at me.I wanted her to be mad at me for once.I felt terrible,like a little nine year old stalker.She did exactly what i didnt want her to.She crouched down on her kneens and hugged me. "I really am lucky to have a little sister who cares about me so much.I love you." and with that said i culdnt take it anymore.The guilt had consumed me and kicked me down to the ground. "Why are you being nice to me?! You should hatee,im a horrible person for what i did!" i blurted out.I just let the anger flow down my face in the from of hot salty tears.She looked shocked beyond beliefe. "Steffanie," she began "Im not mad at you.Your not a horrible person,you were just looking out for me,like a good sister would do.But no eveything is said and done,so canyou promis me that you will stop worrying and get some sleep?" she asked.I knew she was right,she always was.I loved her unconditionally so the answer was not hard to come to at all. "Sure,anything for you." i said falling back into her arms,hugging her as hard as my streagth would go.She chuckled and picked me up,carrying me back to camp.Everything was okay now,the wrold was rightagain.I could feel sleep tugging at my eyelids,begging for them to close.I fell asleep in her arms,with a smile on my face.I could now sleep at night,knowing everything will be alright.I snuggled deeper into her arms,letting sleep full take me over.I anagd to mumble out a few small wordsbut they had meaning at least. "I love you too Angel." i whispered and fel into the welcoming dark hole of dreams.

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