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Naruto: Dark Choices

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The Third Hokage takes Naruto to the Sand Village with him for a meeting. There Naruto finds Sasori's old lab. Watch as Naruto becomes the strongest ninja that he can be! Puppet-Master Naruto.

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Oooh! I've decided to try my hand at a puppet master story. See, all of the good ones that I've seen aren't finished, so I've decided to go ahead and try it. (AN: This has nothing to do with the story, but I've finally reached awesomeness! On Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, I beat this guy blindfolded! Best dollar I've ever won)

Note: I did not steal this story! Does the name, Nuk1014 ring any bells? Jeez, I can back it up, too.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. If I did, Sasuke would still be cool, not a whiny emo.


Yoki (demon energy) Used by demons or demonic beings. Can vary in color and effects depending on the one using it.

Sandaime (3rd) literally third. If used with Hokage, it translates to "Third Hokage"

Kyuubi (Nine Tails) Usually used as Kyuubi no Kitsune, which literally translates as Fox of Nine Tails, or Nine Tailed Fox.
Naruto was running down an alley way, trying with all his might to escape from his attackers. The dark sky was making it that much harder to escape. Only so much was possible, however, and with Naruto's small legs, it didn't take long for the civilians to catch up to them. To make matters worse, it was a dead end.

"Not so tough now are ya, demon?" A big, burly man stepped forward with a notable slur in his words. Raising his fist, he brought it down on top of Naruto's head, sending him to the ground. Of course, the man frowned when he didn't hear a cry of pain. Picking him up, he saw that the "demon", had gone unconscious. (1)

Naruto's Mindscape

Now, Naruto was sitting in some type of haunted house. It had broken wood all over the floor. There also seemed to be eyes all over the house. Like someone was watching him. So naturally, the first thing that he did was find out where he was.

'Where am I? From what I remember, I was at a dead end. Those idiots couldn't have abandoned me an empty house."

Deciding to get up, Naruto began slowly exploring the house. From what he could see, there were two rooms, an attic, and a basement. Deciding to go to the basement first, as it had a malicious feeling, Naruto stalked down the steps into the basement. Once there, he froze from the massive killing intent that was directed at him. That combined with the evil chakra floating around in the room, was enough to make him hyperventilate.

"So my prisoner has finally decided to visit… I'll admit, I expected a bit more. You are one of them, after all."

Apparently, the Kyuubi didn't take in mind what his sudden appearance, combined with his killing intent and chakra, would do to him. And so, Naruto fainted. At least that's what it would have looked like to anyone else.

"Get up boy! You cannot fall unconscious in your own mind!"

Slowly, but surely, Naruto began to rise out of the water. "T-This is m-my mind?"

"Good. At least my vessel isn't retarded. I would have been very upset if I had gotten sealed into a brain dead moron."

With that Naruto's right eye began to twitch, as he glared at the big fox. "Oi! Who the-"

"SILENCE! I will not have my vessel using such language."

That made Naruto shrink back. He may be quick-tempered, but he wasn't stupid. If that "thing" could put out such a feeling, then he probably wouldn't stand a chance against it.

"Good… You are here, in your mindscape, because you are currently being tortured by those humans, outside. Lucky enough for you, you fell unconscious before you experienced any real pain. Now, I would like to make you a deal. If you accept, I'll send my chakra into you, helping you heal and fight off those attackers. If you decline, you'll die."

Now this was something that he would have to think on. If he accepted, it could turn out to be a slave deal, and he would have to do whatever this fox thing said. If he declined, however, then he might die. After all, this monster could just be bluffing to get him to agree to do this.

"What's the deal?"

"Why aren't you a smart one?" Kyuubi remarked, his grin showing his giant teeth. "For one, you must be strong. If you are weak, I will personally try every possible thing that I can to kill you. Secondly, you must listen to me over any village. You may still join, of course, but if I require you to do something that may cause you to defect, you must do it, no matter the cost-"

Here is where Naruto cut in, "That depends on what the orders are."

"You will not be required to rape women. Nor, will you be required to harm you "friends" depending on who they are. I shall tell you ahead of time whether or not you may have to fight. I am not a fortune teller, though, and you may still have to go against them."

That wasn't so bad, yet. He didn't have any friends anyway, so he might as well agree to that, too.

"Finally, you CANNOT be a hero. Don't jump into things because it would be the right thing to do. Morals are a part of an illusion called reality. Reality is just something that fools make up so that they can judge someone. Anything is possible. Do not fall prey to their beliefs. If that happens at any time, you will be struck down."

Now the last one was what Naruto really had to think on. He had wanted to be a hero in all six years of his life. To be the greatest Hokage ever… Would he really give up his dreams just to live? 'I really didn't want to be Hokage anyway. What I wanted was to be acknowledged. This thing is strong… I can tell. If we stick together, I could be the greatest in the Five Great Shinobi Villages."


Once again, Kyuubi showed off his massive teeth with a grin. As the red Yoki created "I knew that you would see reason… Your first order… Don't leave even one alive!"


The villagers were shocked when red Yoki swirled around Naruto. The man that had previously been pummeling had screamed in pain as his skin began melting. Finally, he had the sense to let go, and was shocked when he looked at his arms. The epidermis of his skin had melted right off, leaving just the inner layer.

"I guess it isn't so fun when it's happening to you is it?" While Naruto had been saying this, his energy had began healing him of all of his bruises. The large gash in the back of his head that had previously been bleeding closed up. "I don't know what the hell is going on here, but I like it!"

And then the slaughter began. No one had been left alive, not even that baby that that pink haired woman had been carrying. Who would be stupid enough to bring a baby near fighting, anyway?

That was the scene that the Hokage had walked into. That wasn't surprising after all. The Hokage usually came after the beatings were done, to send them to jail. The problem was that the jail was ruled by civilians, and since they didn't like Naruto, they would let them out in less than a week. What surprised him was when the Hokage called out his name.

"Old man?"

By now, Naruto's voice was back to normal, furthering the act of the innocent little boy. Sarutobi frowned. While it was highly unlikely with the Fourth's skill, the Kyuubi could have just been controlling Naruto's body. If that was the case, he was confident that he could take him down, seeing that he was still in the body of an eight- year old.

"Come to my office Naruto."
"So Naruto, will you please explain to me what has happened."

Naruto was just sitting in a chair across from the Sandaime's desk. He was trying, and failing, to hide his fear from the Hokage. In this case it wasn't bad, as it just furthered his look of innocence.

"Boy. Repeat after me."

"They started beating me, old man. Then the man that was hurtin' me fell down. Then I tried to beat all of them up. Just so they would be sleepin', you know what I mean? But then they started burnin' and stuff. I didn't see it until I was finished! I didn't mean to kill them, I swear!"

There Hiruzen nodded, trying his best to keep the child comforted until he could finish telling his story. From what he could gather, a man began beating Naruto. After a while, he got burned. And then, Naruto tried to incapacitate the rest, failing to notice that he was burning them.

"It's okay, Naruto. It was self-defense, you won't be getting in trouble." This still didn't help, as it looked like he would just jump and run for it at the slightest action. "How's this, Naruto. I'll be going to a meeting with the Kazekage. Why don't you come with me? You could have a nice vacation from this village."

Naruto was about to just shout yes. It was an opportunity that most could only dream of. However, the fox inside of him had just recently said, don't jump into things. On one hand, it would give him attention that he really didn't need, simply because he was actually traveling with the Hokage. On the other hand, he could copy down some rare techniques from Suna, something that really wasn't easy to get. Finally, he just grinned from ear to ear. "I would like that old man."

"Good." Sarutobi said, relieved. "You can sleep here, if you would like. We're leaving first thing in the morning."
The Sandaime was walking through the gate. It actually didn't take that long. Two days was a remarkable time for someone with a civilian. There was also the dog ANBU that was on the other side of the Hokage. Meanwhile, Naruto was trying to make conversation.

"Hey! ANBU! What's so interesting about that book?" The ANBU grinned under his mask, which was unseen by everyone. Another chance to corrupt a young mind and turn him to his side. Soon, everyone would know the greatness of Icha Icha Paradise.

"Do you want to try it?" Seeing Naruto nod just made his day. Reaching into one of his pouches he brought out, Icha Icha Paradise Vol. 1. "Don't read it until you're alone."

Not long after, a lone shinobi stopped in front of them. "Hokage-sama. Please follow me."

Looking to the side, the Hokage said, "Naruto, try not to cause any trouble."

Naruto could only watch as the Hokage and his guard walked away from him. One thing that he forgot to take in mind was what he would do once he got there. This was his first time ever being to this country after all. Looking around, he saw a rather large haunted looking house. While normally, he would have done all he could to avoid it, now he realized that it could have some very important information in it. Luckily, there was a young, red headed boy walking by.

"Hey! What's the deal with this house?"

"You're talking to me?"

"Well, yeah! There's no one else around here."

Naruto was surprised when the other boy's face started turning red. 'Is he sick or something?'

"It's called blushing you dummy! Humans do it when they get embarrassed. Honestly, how can you possibly be this dense."

'Hey I'm just a eight year old boy!'

"Yep! So the first thing I'm doing is getting you to read that book that that Dog ANBU gave you. At least then you won't be as embarrassing to live in."

He was surprised to see the boy just staring at him. Maybe he missed something? "I'm sorry, what did you say."

"What do you need to know? My name is Gaara by the way." Yashamaru had told him that if he was outgoing then he may get more friends. So this time, he decided to say more this time than he usually would.

"Does anyone live here? And I'm Naruto."

"No. It was abandoned by Sasori of the Red Sand. Everyone had been afraid to go in because it might have traps."

Naruto snorted, "Well that's stupid. If this guy is so good at traps and stuff, maybe he left some scrolls." All of a sudden Naruto grinned, "Do you wanna go in with me?"

To say Gaara was surprised would be an understatement. No one had ever wanted him to do anything before. Then again, he hadn't seen this boy before then, so it was entirely possible that he was new and didn't know what he really was. Either way, Gaara was happy that someone was willing to do something with him.


And with that, the two boys walked into the house
Both boys marveled at what was in the house. As soon as they walked in, there was this really long hallway, that stretched to another door. While they were walking, some kind of gas seemed to start pouring into the hallway. It didn't really affect them, but it was still unsettling.

"Hey. You were just about to get poisoned until I took care of it for you. If you didn't have me, you would have died right there. Your new friend must have someone like me inside of them too for them to survive."

'Who are you?" asked Naruto finally. It was a question that was bothering him for a while now. At first he had just assumed that everyone had them, but from what he just said, him and Gaara were special cases.

"Good. You are getting observant. I am the mighty Kyuubi!"


This actually shocked the Kyuubi. He had just assumed that Naruto would whine at him about how he made his life like this.

'It doesn't matter what you did before, or why you did it. You helped me, and I don't care if you were the biggest monster in the world!'

Kyuubi grinned once again. That made him on the list of humans that he could actually grow to respect. He would still eat him, though, if it was ever required.

When Gaara and Naruto opened the door, they were surprised with what they found. There were weapons and puppets all over the place. Looking closer, though, Gaara noticed that it was actually very organized. There were heads in one pile, arms in another, and so on. What his eyes immediately noticed were the scrolls.

Apparently, Naruto was thinking the same thing as they both reached for a scroll. A force field blocked their hands as they tried to force it through. Soon they found a scroll sticking to the side of the stand. As Naruto was being the most observant at the time, he was the one that picked it up. Opening it up, he read out loud,

"To whom it concerns,

I must admit, I never expected anyone to ever find this scroll. It seems that this village has hope, yet. To anyone who managed to get here, no matter how, I leave some of my knowledge and history in the hopes that at least one of you may keep my legacy going throughout the world should I die. The fact that you managed to get here suggests that either A) you have skill B) you have a gas mask or some other instrument to get through my poison C) You are a Jinchuuriki, demon container, or immune to poison.

I don't care either way which group you fit in. Just know that I'm leaving this stuff with you. While I'd prefer it not to be a selfless hero who finds this, it wouldn't be that bad either. Before I'll even let you try and learn the things in these scrolls, you must swear on your blood that you will be strong. I would be laughed at if it was known that I, Sasori of the Red Sand, left my techniques to a weakling. So you must place your blood on this letter, swearing out loud that you will be the strongest ninja that you can be.


Sasori of the Red Sand

Note: You may want to copy what you need down and burn it, before this place finds its hands into any other. This Jutsu, the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu), should help make that easier."

"Are you gonna do it?" was the first question that came out of Gaara's mouth. Who wouldn't, this was a fairly strange opportunity. What's to say that it wasn't some trick to kill them? Lots of people had looked like they wanted to kill them anyway.

"Well I'm doin it! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! There's no way I'm letting this pass by!" And it was true. Not many had the opportunity to learn from the great Sasori of the Red Sand, even if it was just by scrolls. Sasori was legendary, even in Konoha, as the man who took puppets to a whole other level.

Biting his thumb, Naruto watched Gaara do the same. Touching their thumbs onto the paper gently, they both said in unison, "I swear on my blood that I will be the strongest that I can become in my whole lifetime."

They waited…And waited…And waited… But nothing happened.

"Well that was anticlimactic." Said the Kyuubi in amusement.

"I know right, I expected the paper to glow or something, at least. We didn't even get a little flash!"

"Maybe we should try to get the scrolls now." Naruto was snapped out of his trance as Gaara spoke. This time when they reached for a scroll, their hand wasn't stopped. It was a good thing that Kyuubi was there with him, or he might have made the wrong choice.

"Boy. You should learn the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu first. I guarantee that it will make it easier. Also, tell that other boy that, too. He is like you, too, so he should understand."

"Hey, Gaara. I have the Kyuubi no Kitsune sealed inside of me, and he said that we should learn the Shadow Clone Jutsu first, because it would make the whole thing easier. And he said that you're like me, so you would understand. Does that mean that you have a demon sealed inside of you, too?"

Gaara seemed to hesitate at first, like he was afraid to say or something, until his eyes lit up. "Yes. I have the Shukaku sealed inside of me."

"Hey, why are you lookin' down like ya did something wrong? It's not like you did it purposely." Naruto said, seeing his look of self loathing. "Besides, we have to hurry up and copy this stuff, so we have to hurry up and learn this jutsu!"

With that they looked at the description of the jutsu. Of course it said that it would need a lot of chakra, but from what he gathered, it was a really simple jutsu to learn. All he would have to do was make the hand seal, and focus enough to get the form and number right. Being a ninja would be a piece of cake!

"I'll have to stop this train of thought right now. All ninjutsu isn't as easy as the Kage Bunshin. In fact, this isn't any more complicated than the E- Rank ninjutsu that they teach at the academy. If you think that being a ninja will be this easy then you have another thing coming." Warned the Kyuubi seriously. That was the reason it was caught, after all.

Keeping the Kyuubi's warning in mind, Naruto tried his hand at the jutsu. On his first try, he created two sickly looking clones, along with three normal looking ones. "That's good enough for now. You will have time to properly master the jutsu later."

Gaara's clones weren't that much better, with three normal, and three sickly. Dispelling the bad ones, they quickly got to ordering their clones to copy down everything that they could.

The Sandaime was getting worried. It was already time to leave and Naruto could not be found. Granted, it had only been a few hours, but what could he have done in a town full of strangers. Just when he was about to ask the Kazekage for help, Naruto and some strange red headed boy began walking down beside him.

"Hey old man! I made a friend here already! He played with me this whole time!"

Sarutobi just chuckled at him. "Naruto, why don't you tell your friend goodbye before we go."

"I already did, old man!"

"Well then, I think it's time to leave
That's a wrap! Looks like I was wrong about the chapter stuff. I did this in like three hours? Anyway, all the good puppet master Naruto fanfics either aren't very good (my opinion), or aren't far enough to be that much entertainment (incomplete/abandoned). Also, the good ones are cliché, with the same things happening in each fic. So I've made my own.

(1) They're drunk. Since when has anyone given a damn about the law when they're hammered?

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