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Love, lies and accusations

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A confrontation between John and Stu reveals all....and the truth leads to tragedy

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9. Love, lies and accusations

John awoke early that morning. Simply because he felt something was wrong. There was a queer emptiness in the air, like something was missing. He knew as soon as he sat up and peered over to Paul's bed. Paul was missing.
Thinking he'd gone on another one of his night wonders, John slipped on a pair of shoes (not really knowing who they belonged to, but they were all around the same shoe size anyway) and started scanning the hallway in case he caught sight of the younger man floating in the background.

Of course, the hallway was empty.

His concern beginning to grow, John began searching in all of the rooms, narrowly avoiding waking up a sleeping Brian, successfully waking up a grumpy Pete and almost setting the fire alarm off. Thinking he might have spent the night in George's room, he carefully opened the door and peered inside. George was in bed, curled up and sleeping like a little angel. John smiled at this but seeing as Paul was nowhere in sight, he shut the door again.

He was getting anxious by now, almost shouting out Paul's name before realising he'd wake the whole hotel if he did. Mind you, being John Lennon he probably would have done if he hadn't passed Stuart's room. He didn't know what it was, it was some sixth sense. As soon as he passed, he felt some weird tinging sensation at the back of his neck, as if something was amiss. It was like a magnet made him turn and push the door open.

When inside, the room was empty. But the feeling didn't go away. The heat grew, hotter and hotter until it was burning...

"What are you doing 'ere?"
John nearly jumped and when he turned around, Stuart was there at the doorway, staring straight through him as if he was transparent.
"Where's Paul?" John replied in a similar tone
Stuart didn't say anything, but his mouth slowly stretched into a smile. It was only then that John saw two arms wrap around Stu's waist and someone nuzzle their face into his neck.

"Stuart, come back to bed" they purred, "It's to early..."
It was Paul
John could already feel small tears pricking his eyes, but he fought them off violently.
"I guess I should have known" he said, trying hard not to let his voice crack. He tried hard not to look at Paul, who was too busy rubbing his face into Stuart's shoulder.
"...So how long?"
"A while now" Stuart said in a nasty tone, "Paul said he wishes he'd done it months ago. Aint that right Macca?"

John felt his fist clench as Paul's nickname left Stuart's lips. That was his pet name that he'd made up for Paul. How dare Stuart use it.

Paul didn't reply, just began planting kisses on Stuart's neck. John diverted his eyes away.
"What's wrong Lennon?" Stuart cooed, "Don't like what you see?"
"You little bastard" John muttered, "You knew..."
"Knew what?"
"You knew that I..." John felt his lip trembling
"What? That you were in love with little Paulie? Of course I knew! That's why I got in there first"

"But why?"
"To show you you can't always have everything you want. I'm sick to shit of watching you walk around like you're something special. Well it's my turn now. And look - I took away the one thing you wanted the most" his hand moved backwards, and he gently ran it up Paul's ass.

It took John seconds to realise this is what had driven Paul mad, had made him stop eating, sleeping, had made him wander the corridors at night. It was all because of Stuart. The feeling of relief that it wasn't because of John was short lived as the anger reached the man's heart.
His clenched fist tightened.

"So those scars on his arms, and that day when he was crying....that was all because of you?"
By now Paul had moved across from Stuart and was sitting in the corner of the room , staring up at the ceiling, totally out of it.
"It wasn't my fault he decided to go around cutting himself. But I had to do a lot of things to get him where I wanted him"

He walked towards John until they were almost touching
"I can't believe he had never done it before. But I soon sorted it out. As soon as his hands were tied that is"
John's mind spun as he tried to work out what Sutcliffe was saying. Then it hit him.
"You didn't-"
"He felt so good"
"You dirty bastard-"
"Too bad it didn't last longer though. He was out cold before I could finish. Must have been from the screaming-"

Stuart was cut short as a fierce blow met his lip and he hit the floor. He barely had time to breathe before John was on top of him, punching him again and again until his own blood beaded against his knuckles. Paul, who was still huddled in the corner, sat there emotionless as both men rolled around on the floor. They fought like dogs, tearing at each other's faces, ripping their shirts, almost tasting each other's flesh. At one point John was on top of Stuart, hands pinned to his throat, pushing harder until the veins in Stuart's eyes bulged.

But despite his anger, when John looked into Stu's eyes, he still saw the old friend he used to have. He couldn't destroy that.

As soon as he released his grip on the gasping man, he was thrown backwards towards the window and he yelped as his back painfully hit the wall. When his visions cleared he saw Stuart standing in front of him, pointing something at him.

A gun
Shit, it was a real gun

He wasn't sure if Stu was joking or not but when he looked into the older man's eyes, he saw nothing but hate and determination. Nothing would stop Stuart from getting what he wanted.
"If I can't have him" he said, blood oozing from his lips as he cocked the gun, "Then no one can"

In blind madness, he lunged at John, probably ready to swing a blow to his head.
And he would have succeeded, had John not dived sideways, causing Stuart to crash forward through the window. All you would have heard was Paul's scream as the glass exploded and a body fell down into the street below.

The rest was silence.

By the time John dared peer out the window, Stuart was already dead.

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