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Town Square

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Brendon jumped up and down feeling like his idea was completely genius. Ryan simply rolled his eyes. Bredon dragged Ryan outside by his hand. Brendon had soft hands and Ryan never wanted to let go. But then Ryan noticed that he wasn't wearing shoes. With every step he stepped on a different rock. Ryan cringed when he felt one of the rocks dig into his foot. He knew that he was bleeding. "I lied Ryan! You only have 3 day. The spell is only for 3 day. Good luck boy. Tomorrow is you last day." Ryan heard that in his head and felt sharp pain in his legs. Ryan knew it was Sarah the sea witch telling him this. How could she do this. She knew it was only three days. She screwed Ryan. Ryan was kneeling on the ground now. Brendon rushed over to Ryan with a worried facial expression. "Ryan are you okay?" Brendon asked as he helped Ryan stand up. Ryan nodded and gave a weak smile. "Good because we are here. I come here whenever I can. Of course I am usually alone but this time I have you." Brendon smiled and to the middle of the town square. Brendon ran around like a little kid with a smile on his face. Ryan felt his smile grow biger too. When Brendon smiled Ryan smiled too. He just couldn't help it. Ryan heard music start to play and Brendon started dancing. "Come on Ryan! Dance with me!" Brendon grabbed Ryans hands and started dancing. Ryan looked scared and confused. "You don't know how to dance do you" Brendon asked. Ryan shook his head no. Ryan had no clue how to dance. When you don't have feet what's the point in learning how to dance. "I am going to help you." Brendon took Ryan's hand and put it on his own shoulder. Then Brendon placed his hand on Ryan's waist. Their other hands were together. "Okay, now ust gallop like a pony in different directions." Brendon started to gallop to the right and Ryan followed. Within 5 minutes Ryan was a sensational dancer. He was smiling and would be laughing if he had a voice. They danced for hours on end. Until Brendon was panting and sweating bullets. "See Ryan that was fun. I know you had fun." Brendon laughed as he hugged Ryan. Brendon had his arms around Ryan's waist and they were azing into each others eyes. "You have beautiful eyes." Brendon said to Ryan as he started to lean in. But Ryan was tired of waiting. He leaned in so fast Brendon couldn't have stopped it if he tried. Their lips fit perfectly to gether. Like they were meant to be like that. They both ended the kiss and Brendon giggled like a little girl. Ryan put his hands on the back of Brendon's neck and pulled him into another kiss. This one was longer and more passionate. Brendon felt Ryan smile against his lips. Brendon loved Ryan and Ryan loved Brendon. But Brendon had to say 'I love you' or Ryan would be a mermaid. They walked home with their hands intertwined. And with huge smile on their faces. "Ryan, do you want to sleep with me again?" Brendon asked Ryan. Ryan nodded with a big smile. Brendon gave Ryan a piggy back ride up to their room. Ryan was sitting on their bed. Brendon took his shirt off and put it on the dresser. Ryan's eyes got really big as he stared at his boy's chest. Brendon curled up next to Ryan and wrapped his arms around him. "Goodnight Ryan." Brendon said as he drifted off into sleep. Ryan was asleep not long after Brendon.
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