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the dance

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It's the night of the dance....

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>> Valerie's dress. - Heidy's dress.

Friday night. The night of the dance. I was freaking out, not only because Gerard was going to be here, but also because I was nervous about what my dad was going to tell Gerard. My dad was one of those protective dads. Heidy was going with to the dance with Lindsey as friends, because they didn't really get asked. Heidy was looking great, she had chosen a dark jean dress with ruffles that go from her waist down. Her normal super curly hair was straightened and had small little curls. I was wearing a black and white dress that was wavy and was tight. My wavy hair was down and my bangs were pulled back with a white flower pin.
" Heidy I think Gerard's here!" I yelled from downstairs as I saw Gerard pull into my driveway. He had agreed on driving Heidy also because he had to give a ride to his best friend too and we thought that maybe they could get to know each other.
I opened the door and went to where Gerard was. He was talking to his friend by the car.
" Hey Gee my dad kind of wants to talk to you. You know the talk." He nodded and followed me inside. My dad was in the living room watching T.V.
" Dad, this is Gerard." I introduced Gee to my parents. I held Heidy's hand because I was nervous as fuck.
" Hi Gerard I am Valerie's father." My dad said as he stood up. They talked for about ten minutes but when it all came to an end they ended up on the same page. My dad had laid out the rules. No touching me, breaking my heart, or doing anything that might make me uncomfortable. He said that if Gee did any of these things that my dad and all the guys in family will hunt Gee down and make him end up in the hospital.
" Well that was great." I said as we walked towards the car.
" Well I guess I saw that one coming." Gee said. " Oh and this is my best friend Frank." He said pointing to a short guy with long black hair with a little bit of brown hair.
" Hi Frank I'm Valerie and this here is Heidy." I said pointing to Heidy.
" Hey." Frank and Heidy said at the same time. They both blushed and looked away. If I didn't know better I would say that Heidy liked Frank.
When we got to the gym where the dance was going to be Heidy had texted Lindsey saying that Frank had asked her to the dance on the way there as funny as that is. When we got out of the car we parted our ways and disappeared into the many people that had attend the dance.
" You wanna go take a picture over there?" He pointed to a booth over in a corner. I nodded and he lead the way there. We took three different pictures and the lady said that we should come back in thirty minutes while the pictures were getting ready. We danced for the rest of the night.
" Okay guys this is our last slow dance go out there and ask one of these pretty ladies out there." The DJ announced through the microphone. Gerard walked over from where he was talking to his friends and came over to me.
" Wanna dance?" He asked me.
" Sure." I took his hand and led me onto the dance floor. We swayed side to side the song that was playing.
" So I know that I had acted like a jerk when I first met you, but I just thought that Girls like that. And then when we really started to get to know each other I noticed how you weren't like the others. You were different and unique in so many ways.And I dont know I guess today I wanted to ask you the one question. Will you be my girlfriend?" He finished.
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