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Trying to Help

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Cronus has left the Titans to battle Jay and the other werewolves, but the Titans do not want to hurt Jay.

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The beasts lingered on towards the titans, as Herry walloped one of the other two werewolves. Jay charged towards Atlanta, who was not willing to attack him. "I-I can't, it's still Jay" she said, laying her guard down. "That's not Jay, that is a werewolf who doesn't know who you are" Odie shouted. Atlanta then equipped her hand laser and shot the beast square in the face, the beast howling in pain. Neil stood perfectly still as the other werewolf slinked slowly towards him. "Nice doggy, you want the stick?" he said, grabbing a branch from the ground and waving it in the beast's face. Who did not look at it, only Neil. "Ok, fetch!" he hollered, biffing the stick into the bush, and to his suprise, the beast ran after it, as did Jay and the other werewolf, disappearing into the darkness. "Nice thinking, Neil" Archie contragulated, patting him on the back. "We should go, there's nothing much we can do now but return in the morning." Odie sighed, and followed Herry, Neil and Archie back to the truck. Theresa stood gazing at the spot where the werewolfs disappeared to. Atlanta walked twoards her. "I know how you feel. But right now that is not the Jay you and me know." Theresa replied, "I know, but, i'm scared. What if he's never the same again?". "Don't worry, we'll come back tomorrow, first thing and find him. We'll bring him to Hera, she'll know what to do." Theresa sighed "Ok." As she and Atlanta tracked towards the truck, a faint howl was heard in the distance.

"Honey, it's late and i do not like the looks of this forest." A woman pleaded to her husband, whom was dragging her through the dark forest. "I know, Sally, but tonight i hear Mars can be visable, and i want a good look at it." Suddenly, a low growl was heard, startling not only Sally, but her husband, Oliver. "What was that?" she asked in fear. "I do not kno-" Oliver began, but a beast tackled him to the ground and dragged him into the bushes. Sally dropped her bag and gunned back towards their car, being followed by the shrill, loud shrieks of her husband as the werewolf attacked him.

Theresa arrived the next morning with Herry, Atlanta and Neil. "The best way to track anything is to follow it where it disappeared to." Atlanta suggested.
"Alright, good plan. You bring Herry with you and i'll take Neil. We can find him faster." Theresa responded. The group split up into the bushes, in hopes of finding their friend.
Theresa and Neil walked down a cleared out path. "Here Jay Jay Jay! Here Boy!" Neil called. An enraged Theresa spun on him. "HE IS NOT A DOG!" Neil leaped back in fear. "Geez, i didn't mean it like that." he replied. "Sorry, but, he's not an animal" Theresa replied, walking forward. "I beg to differ" he muttered under his breath. Before Theresa could retort, she heard Herry yell "OVER HERE!". "Come on, Neil!" she spat, grabbing Neil by the sleeve and dragging him through the bushes until they came upon Herry and Atlanta standing by a bush. "Down there" Herry whispered, and seperated the bush so they could pass through. They gasped at what they saw. Jay was leaning against a boulder, nude and covered in dry blood. Tears welled up in the lot of them, but it was Theresa who called out to him. "Jay?" she called. Jay stirred a bit and opened his eyes and glanced at the group. He then looked at himself and realized what he was. He looked at the blood on him. "Oh my god" he whispered. "Jay, it's alright" Theresa replied. "No , it's not!" he yelled, standing up and walking backwards "Stay away, if you know what's best for you, just stay away!" and with that he took off running. "JAY!" Theresa called out, as Herry charged after him. "Jay, come back!" he called. Jay looked backward at Herry, but did not notice Atlanta whisp in front of him, resulting in a collision between the two. Neil and Theresa caught up to them as Herry and Atlanta latche donto Jay by his arms. "I'm a killer, i'm a killer" Jay repeated to himself and began to sob a little. Theresa touched his face and said "It's alright, you are not a killer. Come on, we're bringing you to Hera, to help you." Jay looked up at Theresa. He trusted her fully and decided to accept her help. "I hope i didn't hurt any of you" Jay said in an apolegetic tone. "No, but we would understand if you did." Herry answered. "I just wouldn't know how to live with myself if i did." They assembled at the truck and enter. "Ah, but first before you get in my truck," Herry stated rummaging through the trunk of the vehicle, producing a pair of jeans, "put some pants on." Jay felt a tiny bit embarrassed. "Thanks." he said as he slipt them on. He sat himself down in his usual seat at the front beside Theresa and Herry drove back to the brownstone.

Herry parked on the sidewalk, so that they could make an early leave towards the school. They stopped off to pick up the others and allow Jay to clean himself up. Upon entering the house, Archie and Odie surrounded him. "Jay, man, are you alright?" Odie asked, seeing the blood on Jay. "Fine, but i recommend you all carry guns with silver bullets in them. It probably be worth your while." he answered. Theresa heard this comment and slapped him. "Don't think like that. Get cleaned up and clothed so we can see Hera." Jay trudged upstairs and entered the bathroom. Downstairs, the gang were talking. "I'm concerned about him." Theresa stated. "He's blaming himself for what happened." Back upstairs, Jay looked at himself in the mirror, analyzed the blood and the grime, the cuts and bruises. He filled his hands of water and washed his face. When he looked back into the mirror, he saw a reflection of the beast. It startled him greatly and backed up into the closed door. "Jay, you alright up there?" Archie called up. "I'm fine. Everything's fine." Jay replied. He shook the experience off as a hallucination and resumed his wash.

Jay walked back downstairs in his normal attire and joined the rest of the heroes in Herry's car and drove off to the school.

Elsewhere, deep in a wooded spot in the forest, a nude man emerged. "Sally? Sally, where are you?" he called, walking off towards civilization.
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