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A Little Less Conversation...

by ladylindie

Sex, drugs and a lot of rockin and rollin

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There was already a lot of people drunk and enjoying themselves by the time we hit the Crater. I have to say it was a rush walking in there and seeing every head turn our way, drinks were already on the bar by the time we got there and instantly people were coming over. I shrank back a little and just watched as the guys were soon surrounded by people and happily drinking and telling stories. It was interesting to watch so I sat at a table opposite with a stiff shot and took stock of the situation.
All in all, I couldn’t complain. By rights I should be dead back in that cell in the City and more by luck than anything else, that hadn’t happened. While not exactly thrilled about this alliance forged with the Killjoys, I still had my gear, access to transport and the opportunity of resuming my earlier life later on. I tipped the whiskey down my throat and smiled at Ghoul who was animatedly telling a story to their admirers, much to the others amusement.
“You look like shit.”
A tall blonde figure slumped down beside me and I grinned.
“Hi Midnight, you too.”
Midnight Fury was an old friend and sometime fuck buddy of mine. He was tall and lean, six foot plus of pure muscle topped off with the cutest blond mohican. He was a chancer like me but he was also a committed Killjoy who had tried to talk me into joining up more than once. We had a good thing going although we didn’t see all that much of each other and when we did it ended in drinking, scoring and fucking.
“So is it true, you finally did the decent thing ?
I looked at him as he nodded toward the bar.
“Yeah, they saved my ass from the bald freak, he was enjoying taking out is frustrations on me.”
“Not like you to get sloppy.”
“What can I say ? Even I’m not perfect.”
I shrugged and he grinned, going to the bar and soon returning with an entire bottle of whiskey. I grimaced but there was something about the smirk that I could never resist. The guy had a way of tapping my buttons. I didn’t resist as his arm snaked around my shoulder and let him pull me into his chest.
“I missed you Rain, we used to have fun.”
I swallowed down another shot and poured a third for us both. Setting the bottle back down, I leaned over, one hand curling around the back of his neck to pull his face to mine. The kiss started gentle but I knew it wouldn’t end up like it, he tasted of whiskey and cigarettes and I liked it. I winced a little as his arms tightened around me and he drew back, concern lighting up his eyes before he smiled.
“How bad are you hurt ?”
“Few ribs, scrambled head and a lot of bruises. It was a week or so ago so I’m healing I guess.”
Midnight ran his fingers around the swelling under my right eye. It felt nice.
“You wanna go somewhere private so I can check on the others ?”
He winked and I giggled, nodding. Midnight stood up, whiskey bottle in one hand, the other taking mine and pulling me to my feet. The smile on my face died as I realised someone was now standing in front of us.
“Going somewhere ?”
Party met my gaze steadily, that cocky half smile of his just adding to my scowl. I sighed and leant against Midnight.
“Yeah, gonna go get re-acquainted with my friend Midnight. See ya Party.”
Midnight was smiling, recognising my pissy tone cos he had been on the receiving end of it more than once. Party didn’t move.
“You gonna try and run Rainbow ?”
I pulled away from Mid and staggered a little. Damn whiskey. Looking Party in the eye I smiled at him.
“No, I’m gonna go get high and then I’m getting laid.”
Midnight chuckled and shrugged at Party.
“Sorry man, not treading on your toes am I ?”
Party was watching me carefully again but shook his head.
“Not at all, just make sure you leave her where we can find her tomorrow.”
“Hey you two can fuck right off, I go where I want.”
That was definitely the whiskey talking but I was annoyed at both of them for talking over my head and decided they could both go to hell. Problem was with Party in front of me and Midnight behind me, neither with any intention of moving, I was kinda stuck. My earlier good mood had somewhat evaporated. Party raised his hands in mock surrender.
“Good luck Midnight, go have a good time kids.”
I headed for the stairs at the back of the bar, annoyed at Party’s laugh behind me but a little mollified that Midnight was following. His hand ran down my spine, a gentle touch but enough to send a shiver coursing through me. I tried to shut the damn Killjoys out of my head and knew what would help.
“You got any of the good stuff baby ?”
“Sure, got enough Angels Drift to keep us both very happy.”
“Now you’re talking.”
He grabbed the back of my collar, turning me so I was facing him before planting another kiss on my lips. I ran one hand up his chest, feeling the contours of his muscles through his thin shirt. He smiled at me, pulling a key from his pocket before taking my hand. We found his room at the end of the corridor and he locked the door behind us.
I sat on the bed and kicked my boots off, watching as he retrieved a small bag and his flick knife from the beat up leather jacket that was slung over a chair. I was feeling every ache again but at least this time, respite was on the way.
“Not too much Rain, it’s a strong batch.”
He handed me the blade, now loaded with the iridescent white powder. I snorted it back in one go, the burn making my eyes water as I handed him back the knife. He was right, it was an immediate hit to the system. I lay back as the warmth seemed to hit every sore spot at once and replace it with a very pleasant tingling. Danger of drugs and all that shit kiddies, not saying it isn’t true but sometimes its just what you need and to hell with the risks.
I relaxed as Midnight started stringing soft kisses down my neck, his hands already pulling at the t-shirt. We spent a rather giggly ten minutes undressing each other as the buzz ran through both of us. For the first time in what felt like forever there was a feeling other than pain, his practised hands bringing me alive under his touch. I let my eyes close and concentrated on the sensations he was making before the urge to kiss him became to much to ignore.
I pushed Midnight onto his back, half climbing over him so I could kiss that sweet face. Can’t say I love the guy, or that he loves me but we’re fond of each other at least and I knew that he was probably one of the only people I could call a friend. A soft moan of pleasure escaped him as I kissed lower, one hand knotting in my hair. I ran my tongue along his length, smiling at the shudder this produced before his hand tightened and he pulled my head up. Surprised I raised an eyebrow at him, causing Midnight to smirk.
“Nice as that is baby, its my turn.”
Keeping a firm grip he pulled me up until he could reverse things and a cloud of sparks seemed to shoot through me as I ended up underneath him. Drift is a high unlike any other, makes even moving an interesting experience and I was still reeling from that when I felt his warmth enter me. I couldn’t help but arch under him, the chemical hit mixing with the physical one that his slow steady movements were sending through me. I’d forgotten just how good he was.
I think I did remember to breathe at least although speech was lost apart from the odd very appreciative groan and sigh. I traced my fingers down the muscles in his arm as he buried his head in my hair, both of us lost in the moment. I wanted to see his face, look in those pretty eyes but it reminded me too much of someone else, a different time and place that I couldn’t think about. Instead I kept my eyes shut and rode the waves of pleasure, his kisses enough to work the magic in my head.
He pinned my wrists down, Midnight tended to get a little rough when things hit their peak but I wasn’t complaining. I wrapped my legs around him, not enough to stop things but enough to make the angle all that much sweeter. I couldn’t hold back anymore, the feeling was too strong, I had a heart stopping moment of white heat flowering behind my eyes and I was screaming his name.
Midnight collapsed on top of me, both of us fighting for air. The high was too good to hold onto for long but it left a warm peaceful feeling in the pit of my stomach that had been missing for quite a while. I made my mind up to seek this sexy man out a bit more often in future, smiling at his contented expression on the pillow beside me. He opened one eye.
“Want another shot ?”
I rubbed my face, pushing my sweaty hair out of my eyes and gave him an incredulous look.
“Jeez Mid, let me get my breath back.”
He chuckled. Problem with Midnight is he knows me too well. I don’t remember much of the next few hours except I know it was pretty fucking good. Next thing I remember is waking up to someone banging on the door. I half opened one eye, realising my head was resting on Midnight’s chest and he was still asleep. I also realised that someone else had joined the fun. I could feel warmth breath against my neck and an unfamiliar arm was strung across mine.
Bloody bloke had done this before, he waited till I was as out of it as possible and then invited new friends to play with. At least this time it was a guy. The door banged again and I carefully turned my head so I could get a look at my new “friend” before I got up.
Oh fuck.
Not him, just about anyone but him.
“Open up you guys.”
I looked toward the door and wondered just how awkward this was gonna make things.
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