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Note: I do not own South Park or any of its characters. Based off of and spoilers for Cartoon Wars Part 2.

Cartman yawned as the bus pulled away from the curb. It had been a long couple of days but now they were going home and could rest. The asshole of Fox studios had paid for Kyle's ticket home and of course Cartman had been smart enough to take his Mom's credit card before he left. "Well, Kahl, that was great but I'm looking forward to getting home. What about you?" No answer. "Kahl?" He looked at the boy sitting next to him.

Kyle just kept staring ahead. "I'm. Not. Talking. To. You."

"Wha- why?" No answer. "Come on, Kahl, it's going to be like seriousleh boring if you don't talk the whole ride home." Still nothing. "Hmm… I bet you're bitch of a mother is gonna be totally mad at you for leaving without a word." Not even that. Suddenly it dawned on Cartman. "Kahl," He sighed, "it's too soon to start a new game. You won this time; can't we call it quits until we get home?"

"Cartman, what the hell are you talking about?" Kyle finally turned to look at him.

"I'm too tired to play right now, Kahl!" Cartman snapped. "Just be happy that we won and give me a break!"

"We're not playing Cartman, we're arguing."

"Yeah, that's what we do…" Cartman narrowed his eyes in confusion.

"It's not a game." Kyle rolled his eyes. "It's a fight."

"Right Kyle, trying to throw me off." 'Very sneaky,' Cartman sneered; but he wasn't going to let Kyle win this time. "Well, I know the rules just as well as you."

"What rules?" Kyle shouted.

" 'ey! Quiet back there!" An old man in front of the bus croaked.

"Nice going, Kahl." Cartman smirked.

"What rules?" The other boy asked again in a more quiet tone.

"You know, you take up some type of cause and I try to defeat you. Come on, you remember. We just finished a round!"

"Cartman, that's not a game!" "Right, Kahl. If it's not a game, then how come it's so fun?"
"It's not fun! You're an asshole bent on making my life miserable."

"Well then how come you keep playing it if you don't think it's fun, huh?"

"I don't keep playing it because it's not a game. It's you being an asshole and me not putting up with it."

"Yes, otherwise known as the Cartman and Kyle Game."

Kyle growled. "There's no such thing as the Cartman and Kyle Game!" He shouted.

"HEY! I SAID QUIET!" The old man shouted.

"Heh." Cartman snickered.

"For. The. Last. Time." Kyle gritted his teeth. "It. Is. Not. A .Game."

"Whatever you say, Kahl," Cartman sighed, "Whatever you say."

"It's not!"

"Right." Carman snorted.
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