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Ignorance is your new best friend!

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Letting curiosity get the better of you.

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I've updated all my stories now! My Killjoy one, however, I have got a small case of writers block on. I have updated it today, so don't worry, there's a chapter. Okay, anyway.. read on! :)

The bright, scorching sun is projecting into our home by the double glazed windows. It's boiling now; little beads of sweat are forming on my forehead and they trickle down until I wipe them off, indulging in a cup of coke with ice cubes. The news channel is glowing on the TV, but I barely notice, my thoughts are wrapped in my surrounds.

"Hey.." Frank says, coming down the stairs with a slight limp. "You rocked last night."

"Same to you.. what the fuck did you do to you leg?" I ask. With a swift click of the plink (A/N: that's what I call a remote control!) I mute the weather lady's babbles and turn my full attention to Frank. I put my drink down on a coaster as he begins.

"Oh," he laughs, looking down to his leg. "I'm not too sure. Might've been when I dropped on my knees and bent backwards.. Or when I jumped off of the amp.. Or when I-"

"Okay Frank, I get it. You were being you," I grin.

He simply shrugs, flicking down the switch to boil the kettle. He's leaning back on the granite surface, back to it as he faces me, hands supporting his body. He drums his fingers one after another in a fast-pace.

"I just remembered when you attempted Lindsey's back bend again," he says smugly.

I growl under my breath, shaking my head slightly as the sun radiates onto my back, causing small beads of sweat to continuously rise on my pale skin. "I still have no fucking clue how she does that stupid thing," I say.

Frank laughs, turning away from my to fill up his cup of coffee. "I'm gunna go Mikey's today.. You coming? Ray and Crista are going, too."

"Nah, I think I'm going to stay home today. Rest my voice," I smile.

"Yeah," he nods. "You definitely strained it last night." Grabbing his black, smooth leather jacket off the coat rack, he says, "I'll be home before midnight. That's all I know. Cya Gee."

I grin back at him as he waves to me, walking out of the front door and slamming it behind him.

"Yeah, bye.." I whisper into the air. Clicking my mouth I turn off the TV and take a small sip of my drink. I glance over at Frank's untouched coffee. He has a tendency to do that now. I think it's because he always used to do it for Jamia, and I feel for him. I really do. Old habits die hard.

But, my mind now wanders elsewhere: what can I do alone in my house? The possibilities are endless.. but one in particular takes my interest.

Read Frank's diary.

I know that would be a total and utter abuse of his personal space, but I don't know what else to do.. I can hear it, upstairs, calling me in soft, echoing coos.

Gerard Gerard Gerard Gerard.. Gerard Gerard Gerard Gerard.. Gerard Gerard Gerard Gerard..

It would be rude to ignore, right? I nod -- it would. I spring up, jogging to the stairs with such enthusiasm I almost trip over my loose laces, but I shrug it off.

I run up the fluffy, carpeted stairs two at a time, then run around the banister and stand face to face with Frank's room. It scares me, honestly. Like something going to crawl out and eat me, devour my spirit.

It's funny how ignorant I am, because I'll soon find out.. something will.

I kinda jumped straight in considering this is Chapter three. Are you guys cool with that? I can rewrite it if you're not. :) xx
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