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You wont find faith and hope down a telescope.

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Clueless Mikey, returning gifts and an injured Lyn-z!

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"I..I.." Frank stutters, slapping the knife shut and pressing it into his back pocket before running to the loo.

"What's all the racket, Gerard?" Mikey says, plopping himself on the sofa. He splays the collection of bottles over the table to clear some room, placing the hot coffee down.

"Frank a-attacked me!" I splutter, stumbling to my feet. I fall back down with a thud and groan, this time sliding up the wall to stand still.

Mikey rolls his eyes and jogs over, showing my drunken body to the couch. "Frank didn't attack you, Gerard. Have you done coke?"

I rapidly shake my head, eyes widening as Frank wobbles in, wiping his mouth with the back of his sleeve. His face is pale, almost green looking, and his eyes are huge and bloodshot.

"Fuck dude," Mikey cringes. "What happened?"

But Frank doesn't reply. Instead, he sits as far away from me as possible, taking the knife out of his pocket. "I don't want this anymore, Mikey." He chucks the secured blade to my brother, causing Mikey to raise his eyebrows.

"Why? I gave you this years ago for your birthday!" Mikey says.

Frank stares down to his hands like he can't believe they're his, like he wants to chop them off. "I feel there are more important things to protect myself against," he mutters.

In a quick, fluid movement, Mikey snaps open the blade; the taunting, threatening glint I saw a few minutes ago reappears, flashing over it's strong, sleek body.

I whimper quietly, shaking. Anything is scary to a drunk man. Especially a traumatized drunk man.

"Well, if you're sure dude," Mikey shrugs.

Frank's nodding frantically, waving his hands. "I'm sure.. Positive, even."

Mikey smiles softly and slides it in his pocket, looking to me. "Now Gerard, you need to start being honest. Why did you d-"

"What was all the noise?" a very tired looking Lindsey asks, walking in slowly, rubbing her eyes.

Frank's breathing hitches in his throat and he looks to me, eyes pleading.

I close my eyes, trying to steady my breath. He's scared, I'm scared. Why should I rat him out, why should he admit it? He doesn't know what's going on, I don't know what's going on.

"Nothing Lindsey, come on, go back to bed," Mikey says.

Lindsey nods, swinging a sleepy, absentminded wave as she strolls out of the room. There's a moan and a smash, followed by loud, desperate whimpering.

"I'm coming!" Mikey calls, wincing as he pressed his hand to his forehead. He runs out, swearing. After a minute or so he pokes his head in, biting his bottom lip. "I've got to take Lindsey to A+E, she's got a piece of that vase stuck in her leg. We'll be back soon."

"I'll come, I'll come!" Frank jumps up, jogging to Mikes.

But Mikey shakes his head. "Stay with Gerard. I'll be back soon."

There's several grunts from my wife, followed by the echoing slam of the door. The vibrations from the impact wriggle in the base of the building.

Sitting down opposite me, Frank exhales deeply, clapping his hands together. "Wh-what happened?" he asks, staring at me.

"When I told you about the diary.. you changed after hugging me.. You kind of, switched. Completely. You weren't you. Y-you ran at me.. and jumped on me.. and-d went t-to k-k-kill me.." I slur, running a hand through my messy, red hair.

Frank gasps and growls, leaning forward and looking to the floor. He holds his head up using his hands, rubbing his thumbs on his temples.

"I don't remember doing that," he whispers weakly, shuddering.

"I can tell."

"Why didn't you tell Lindsey, or Mikey? Then I would have had to admit it," he asks.

Sighing shakily, I look to my worried, defenseless best friend. "Because you're scared. You didn't mean too." My words obviously don't come out too clearly, because Frank's looking at me like I'm some jungle freak. His expression is befuddled for a while, before he works out what I said.


There's a small, daunting silence. It's filled with thoughts and wonders, pants and sighs.

"Thank you. I.. I'll see a therapist in the morning. I've got to. Can you show me the diary?"

"Yeah.. yeah tomorrow," I reply groggily, eyes drooping. I lie back, closing my heavy eyelids and drifting into an uneasy sleep, mumbling under my breath.


Thank you to everyone who has reviewed, you amazing, wonderful people! I'll post the next chapter soon.

I'm not going to let you guess anymore, in fear that someone should get it right. AND IF YOU HAVE, which I should have messaged you, do NOT post ANYTHING even REMOTELY to do with it. Saying 'I got it right' or 'I know' or 'It's..' because I don't want to ruin it for everyone else. :)
Gratzi! xox
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