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Amusement Park Demon

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I am the main character. The guys in MCR are the four other survivors.

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I love the amusement park. I guess you could call it a carnival. It was the last day until the off season for the carnival. I decided to go by myself. I didn't want to take my parents, sure as hell wasn't going to take my sister. I don't see why it would matter. I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself. I was going for a couple reasons. I was tired f sitting at home doing nothing all day. And one of my favorite bands was having a concert there for the end of the carnival season. My Chemical Romance. I absolutely love them. I could go on and on about them and how beautiful there music and faces are but I'm not going to. I was driving there with questions running through my mind. Did I put to much make up on? Did I have enough money to get in? Are MCR actually going to be there? Am I going to see anyone I know there? The drive was quite except for my radio blasting. I kept getting dirty looks from the people in their cars next to me. If you don't like my music then roll up your windows. But who wouldn't like it. After all I was going to see MCR so I am going to blast their music as loud as possible. Upon arrival I noticed that there were so many people here. The parking structure was crowding fast. I think I pulled in front of someone but I didn't mean too. I was still on the bottom of the structure. I think there are like 5 stories of it. I pulled into a parking spot and got out of my car. I couldn't wait until I could see them. I sat on the back of my car and pulled out my ipod. I took out my spearmint gum and had a piece. It stopped me from biting at my nails. I went straight to My Chemical Romance on the artists section and shuffled them all. I began to sing out loud and I knew people were getting annoyed. I closed my eyes and rested on my car. I was singing the chorus of 'Mama' when I felt a tap on the shoulder. I didn't even open my eyes. "If you don't want to hear me sing then walk away. I love this song and I don't plan on stopping my singing." I said. "I wasn't going to say that actually. Your singing doesn't bother me at all." The person said to me. I didn't want to look at them. I was too into the music. "Actually, I wanted to say that I like that song a lot. And I personally know the man who sings it." The person said with a snicker. "There is no way you know Gerard Way. Or any of the guys in My Chemical Romance." I said not wanting to deal with this lying person. "Wanna bet?" The person said. I sat up fast and was looking into a pair of stunning green eyes. I backed up as I noticed who I was looking at. He had a crooked smile on his face. And 3 familiar faces behind him. "Your Gerard Way." I said with wide eyes. "Yeah. I told you I knew him." He laughed. Mikey was sitting criss cross on the floor behind him. Frank and Ray were laughing at my reaction. "Why are you talking to me? Shouldn't you be getting ready for the concert?" I asked sitting back on my car. "I noticed you were singing one of our songs. And we can't leave to get ready." He said pushing his bright red locks out of his eyes. "Really?" I asked putting my hands behind my head. "I noticed that you were singing various songs of our so I decided you must be an alright person." He shrugged. "No not that. She was asking really to the fact we can't leave, Gee." Mikey said standing up. "Oh. That. Yeah the people won't let us leave for some reason. They won't let anyone leave. So we have been walking around the parking lot trying to find a way out." He said shifting his weight from one foot to the other. "What do you mean a way out?" I asked sitting up. I was really interested now. And because his eyes were to pretty to look away. "What he means is that all the exits have been blocked. Only one way in. And no way out." Frank said crossing his arms. "Like a bee trap. The ones you put in your backyard." Ray said with a smile. "Okay." I said a little confused. "Oh and if you lave your car the take it and put it on the pile over there. After they crush it a little first." Gerard said pointing to a pile of cars. How had I not seen that? "Yeah, so take all the things you need or want out of your car before you decide to go wandering." Mikey said leaning against my car. "Did you guys get what you wanted from your bus before you got off?" I asked wanting to know. "Not entirely. Frank and Ray ended got off the bus with their instruments. So did I." Mikey said motioning to his bass. "My instrument never leaves me." Gerard said with a toothy smile. "Yeah. So we got all the important things." Mikey said. "I will be right back." I got up and went over to my car. I got my bag and cell phone from the car. I shoved all the CD's I had into my bag and my keys too. I slung the bag over me shoulder and walked away. I didn't want to lose my car. It was a 1993 burgundy oldsmobile 88. I loved my car and didn't want it to die. But what has to happen has to happen. I walked back over to the back of my car. I opened the trunk to check if there was anything in there worth saving. Nothing I could see. I closed the trunk and sat on my car. I could feel tears run down my face. I didn't want this car to go. It was my mom's car. And then she gave it to me. I didn't even ask for it. But some how she knew I wanted it. She always understood me. It had sentimental value. I held my head in my hands thinking of the day she gave it to me. "Why are you crying?" Mikey asked me. He was still leaning against the car when I went back to my position. "Nothing. Just being nostalgic." I laughed. "Oh." His gorgeous green eyes smiled at me. "Is there anyway we can help these people before they get into the same mess we are in?" I asked looking at the three men that were talking. "We could warn them." Frank suggested raising his hand like he was in school. That was a brilliant idea.
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