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Embrace of the Forest Temple

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Link defies his destiny, having a baby with Saria. His refusal to accept his destiny creates a rip in the 'continuum of games" Opening portals to and from other gaming universes.

Category: Zelda - Rating: R - Genres: Crossover - Characters: Link - Warnings: [X] [?] - Published: 2011/07/22 - Updated: 2011/07/23 - 2916 words

Link looked around in blissful, nostalgic awe as he inhaled the sweet scent of Kokiri Forest. The blonde haired girl was still sitting upon the roof of the Shop, swinging her legs. The Boy was still trying to lift the rock, and the sounds of laughter and music could still be heard. "Wow, it's exactly the way I remembered it! Even after all this time!" He slowly walked toward the ladder that lead to his house, taking a moment to look at the girl standing on the end of the bridge, still seemingly waiting for nothing. "yep... home sweet home." He climbed the ladder and pushed aside the curtain, He looked around the room for a few seconds, checking his Fishing Journal, 6 oz. Just as he left it. The room was wholly untouched except for a small piece of paper on the table. He picked it up and examined it closely, it was a note written in flowing blue ink. It read "Hi Link, it's me Saria. I have a secret to tell you!! you know where to find me" - Love, Saria. Link's heart leaped at the thought of talking to Saria again, his mind raced "Finally! I'll get to see her again!!" he dashed out of his house, scrambled down the ladder and ran towards the lost woods as fast as he could. He was So excited he forgot he could just warp to their secret spot. Nothing else mattered but talking to her again. He dashed through the forest right right left. His heart was beating so fast he almost forgot the way. He climbed the stairs of the Sacred forest meadow and ran up to meet his old friend. Panting from all the running "Saria...hi...I came here as fast I could!" She giggled and looked at him with her dazzling blue eyes. "Hi Link, I'm so glad you finally came back to see me!" She threw her arms around him in a tight embrace, holding on for what seemed like an eternity. "Link... i have something I want to tell y-" "Wait!" He put a finger to her lips. "I have something i want to say first..." He looked into her eye's, pulling her close. gently stroking her hair with his free hand. he leaned closer, whispering in her ear. "I Love you" "Oh Link! That's exactly what I was going to say!" She wrapped her arms around his neck "Link, Ever since you left that day... I wanted to tell you how much I loved you, but I was afraid. I was afraid that since my destiny was to be the sage of the forest.. T-that we could never be together b-but now you're back a--a-and... I... Link could hear her silently crying. "I'm sorry, it just hurts so much, To know that all along you loved me and that they tore us apart!" "Shh.. It's ok" He Wiped the tears from her eye's, feeling tears of happiness coming to his own. "They won't ever take you away again... And i'll never leave you. I Love you Saria..." He kissed her gently on the lips. She ran her fingers through his hair, whispering sensually to him "there's something i want to show you."

She took his hand, leading him to a twisting vine snaking up the length of the broken staircase. It was thin, but sturdy. Saria Climbed the strange vine, hoisting herself on to the ledge and walking into the entrance without waiting for Link. He Followed suit, as soon as he gripped the vine he could tell something wasn't right about it. it was rough and uneven like bark, but had the dark green hue of a plant. He hoisted himself up, walking into the blackness. "Are you sure about this place Saria? I didn't bring my stuff" Link said with a worried tone. with a giggle she replied "Sure i'm sure! Now c'mon! this place is fun!" She dashed into the Temple,throwing open the doors and jumping over the low-walls. Link ran after her, he opened the second door into the main hall hardly believing his eyes. The Room looked exactly as he remembered it. But it had the glow of candles burning on every wall. fireflies lit up the dark corners. Painting's on every wall depicted The forest Medallion, it's ember hue complimented by a red and gold background. Link was so busy marveling at how different the Temple looked he didn't notice Saria sneak up behind him with a mock war-cry she Tackled him. He tickled her furiously in response, they rolled around laughing and tickling each other until their stomachs hurt. panting and gasping for breath, Saria crawled into the elevator that lead to the ground floor. "you'll... never.. catch me!" Link stumbled after her laughing as the elevator took her to the bottom floor, he could hear a faint giggle from below. He waited for the elevator to come back up, taking in the new layout one last time. When the bottom floor came into sight he gasped. No longer we're their bars on any of the entrances to the rooms. But in their place we're beautiful curtains with a dark-blue and red hue, the same as the carpets. He walked into the room directly in front of him. Gone was the staircase. In it's place was a lavish looking bed with a myriad of pillows all sizes, and colors. Comfy looking sheets complimented the wide range of pillows. Link jumped onto the bed and rolled onto his back. "mmm so comfy..." He grunted as Saria jumped on top of him and kissed him on the lips, working her tongue into his mouth. She wrapped her arms around him and they continued their passionate embrace. He ran his fingers through her Emerald hair. running his hands down her neck, putting his arms around her waist. "Saria... don't ever let go" she rested her head on his chest and sighed happily "I won't, I love you so much." Link pulled her closer"I love you too" Link kissed her forehead and rested his cheek against hers. Saria sat up a little, putting her hand in her pocket. She pulled out a handful of small, hard seeds. she handed some to him. "Link... have you ever wondered why the forest is always so lush and green? No matter what?" Link stared up at the ceiling. "I never really thought about it i just thought it was just you know.. a forest? She giggled and put her hand on his cheek lovingly. "You're so silly, what about when ganon came through and cursed it? Remember how everything was still alive?" Link looked down at the floor, remembering coming back to the village as an adult. "Oh yeah! that's right! but how?" She held the seeds up to their faces, Link could see that in the dim light the seeds had a faint white glow. "These seed's are fertile year round! and can grow into anything that their surroundings need them to be! The Deku baba's, the trees, the vines everything we see in the forest starts with these little guys." Link looked at the seeds in amazement, feeling guilty for using so many of them as bullets. "Wow... i had no idea..." his voice trailed off as he stared at the seeds.

Suddenly Saria took the seeds in her hand, cracked one against the bedpost, and put the inside on the tip of her tongue. A blank, peaceful look came over her face. she smiled a dreamy smile. Link did the same, as soon as the inside of the seed touched his tongue, an instant feeling of euphoria and weightlessness came over him. As if he we're floating on a cloud. His muscles stopped aching from all the running and laughing, he felt a calming numbness take over his body, wrapping him in a warm, tranquil blanket. Suddenly the feeling stopped, His muscles felt heavy, his back ached. he began furiously cracking open all the seeds in his hand and shoving them into his mouth. In an instant he was overwhelmed with the feeling of weightlessness again, the cloud came rushing up to meet him. Saria had eaten all of the seeds too, she looked up at the ceiling blankly,turning away from Link and resting her head on one of the pillows. "Link... I want this feeling to last forever." She whispered dreamily "I know..." Link replied as he turned towards her, putting his arm around her waist. he pulled her closer they lay together for what felt like a lifetime. in a sensual lovers embrace. Link took in the flowery scent of her hair, admiring her smooth, porcelain complexion. Suddenly she started to squirm and fuss, Link rolled over on his side, thinking she was telling him she wanted to go to sleep. When suddenly he started squirming, all the numbness left his body. he felt a great rush of energy move down his legs. Feeling a swelling sensation in his balls, he grunted as he looked down at his raging hard-on. "Saria... what's happening?" she squirmed and began running her hand between her legs. touching her clit and moaning slightly. "R-remember when i said the seeds we're always fertile? well I think they're affecting us!!" Link squirmed and moaned as his erection grew larger and thicker. he pulled his Love close, whispering in her ear "I need you..." She pulled closer, reaching her hand down into his tunic, caressing his swelling balls. "Shhh... I know" Pulling her into a passionate kiss. She began gently stroking his cock as she teased him with her tounge. "mmmhmm" he grunted and moaned slightly. He stroked her hair with one hand, fondling her breast with the other.He could feel her nipples perking up. Her warmth arousing him even more. he began to gently massage them with his fingers. He noticed her breasts had grown larger, and her hips had widened. But she was too busy pleasuring him to notice. She stroked his cock faster and faster, breaking off the kiss and putting the tip of his cock in her mouth. swirling her tongue around it. She gently massaged his balls with her other hand. he gasped "Saria.. If you do that I'll..." She took her hand off of his throbbing cock, putting it on his chest. slowly working his hard erection deeper into her mouth. Link squirmed and moaned. he felt like he was going crazy. Suddenly She laid on her back, pulling him on top of her. She grabbed his hair, putting her lips to his ear and whispering. "Link... We'll always be together won't we?" a tear came to his eye. his voice cracked a little "Always" she had said those exact words to him before, and his answer had been the same. "I didn't keep my promise before, But I'll never let it happen again" he thought determinedly. She looked into his eye's, Her own sparkling with happiness. she put her lips to his ear again. "I wan't to have you're babies."

Link felt his eyes well up even more. The only girl he had ever loved. In his arms,having his children, together forever. She took his trembling hand, and put it on her belly. She wiped his tears away, putting her other hand on his cheek. he raised his hand up to his face, taking her hand. "I Promise I'll be a good daddy" He said with a smile. She smiled back, they stared into each others eye's for a moment. Link began to gently rubbed her legs. Kissing down her neck. They quickly tore off their clothing. She spread her legs invitingly. Link noticed she was really wet, and had already removed her panties. He felt as though all their foreplay must have been torture. "Go slowly... It's my first time!" he smiled "it's mine too" She looked at him happily "really? Oh Link!" He slowly pushed his Pride into her, sliding it in and out for a moment, she crossed her legs and pulled him all the way in. Digging her fingers into his back, gasping slightly from the pain. "Are you ok?" he said gently. "Yeah I'm fine, it hurts a little. But us being together makes it all better " Link slid in and out of her moist slit. kissing her passionately. "mmm Link it's so big and hard! go faster!" Link Grinded his hips faster and faster, wrapping his arms around her and groaning "ungh.. It's so tight" he pushed as deep as he could into her tight cunt. touching her cervix with his throbbing member. She moved her hips with him, Kissing furiously and swirling her tongue around in his mouth. "mmmfm.. yes.." she moaned. Link broke off the kiss, taking hold of her hips, turning her over and drilling her deep from behind. She gasped at the suddenness, willingly submitting and raising her butt up for him. he bent over, drilling harder and faster. Pushing his throbbing cock deeper inside. he grabbed her breasts. squeezing gently while thrusting in and out furiously. she moaned loudly with pleasure, "yes yes yes! oooh it's soo good!" Link could feel something coming. "Saria.. I'm almost there.. Please... have my baby!" She reached under their legs, caressing his balls, cupping them in her hand. "Yes Link! I will! Do it inside! Please! I want you're baby!!" Link squeezed her breasts harder, bending over her while grinding his hard cock inside her from behind. kissing her on the cheek, then moving down to her lips. passionately slipping his tongue inside. Suddenly he felt something splash against his cock as Saria moaned loudly. he took his hands off her breasts, pinning her hands to the bed. Shoving his cock as deep as it could go. Link cried out as he pumped his seed into her quivering pussy. She orgasmed again as she felt his spunk rush into her womb. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!" they cried out as they orgasmed together. Link grinded his hips against hers as she gently fondled his balls. milking every drop out of him. Saria moaned with ecstasy "mmmmmmmm I can feel you're juice swarming inside... It's so hot!" Link collapsed on top of her,panting and sweating. slowly sliding it out when she grabbed his hand. "Wait.. don't take it out yet." Link nodded, thrusting his manhood in her gently. She turned over, holding Link in her arms. They kissed each other playfully for a long time, the candlelight casting a warm glow over their passionate embrace.

Suddenly Link noticed he was still hard. "uhh... I.. I'm not done yet... heh heh" She gently grabbed his throbbing member,slowly sliding it out of her pussy. Link's sperm dripped out of her, glistening in the candlelight. "that's weird. I bet the deku seeds have something to do about that." he thought. She rubbed his cock against her belly, sliding her hand down his shaft. "ohh.. that feels really good!" Link exclaimed with pleasure. She giggled, jerking his cock faster and faster. "You're such a naughty boy." Link could feel himself cumming already, The sight of her jerking his cock with his seed dripping out of her pussy driving him over the edge. "unngh! I'm cumming!" She jerked his cock faster, closing her eyes as his hot spunk shot onto her belly. Link gasped as she quickly leaned over, putting her lips on his cock. he his spunk shooting in her mouth. her lips gently sucking the head. "ahh! it feels so good!" She gently massaged his balls with her other hand. She could feel the hot seed shooting down her throat. Link lied down on his back as his penis finally went limp. He looked up in time to see her wink and swallow his gift. he sighed with exhaustion. "wow... That was incredible" She lay down on top of him, resting her head on his chest. "You're going to be a daddy now Link..." he stroked her hair gently "I'm so happy..." he said blissfully. suddenly A feeling of dread soon washed over the two. A feeling they knew all to well. as if some great evil was upon them. Link quickly cleaned her up with the bed sheets. they threw their clothes on and dashed out of the temple. Running through the meadow's maze and purposefully making a wrong turn in the lost woods to get back to the Kokiri forest quicker. They stepped out of the round Log entryway, making their way towards the wooden fence overlooking the forest. Everything seemed fine, the sky was bright. No one was lying dead on the ground, Everything looked perfectly normal. Still Neither of them could shake the feeling. Link gripped her hand tightly as a strange craft appeared out of nowhere. It darted over the wall, Hovering above the house in front of them.It was small, about 10 feet long, it had a curved nose extending a few inches in front of the cockpit, the tail had the shape of a helicopter rotor, but the landing craft looked like a seaplane. The craft whirred as a door on the side slid open, A long,thin Rope dropped down. a tall, slender woman slid down the rope as Link and Saria's sensitive ears perked up. They could hear a mans voice coming from the craft. "We don't have an image record, and we cant find any official files. All we have is the name. Good luck, Perfect Dark."
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