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Know Your Place

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As hard as I tried I couldn't get the image of my parents dying out of my head. Blinking excessively didn't work. Singing to myself, picturing other things. Nothing worked. I was to focused on that to see that people were around me. I was walking and looking at the ground. I bumped into someone and didn't even look up. I mumbled a quite sorry and kept walking.
"Where are your manners girl?" The lady yelled at me balling her fists and shaking it in the air. I didn't even bother looking back or coming up with a witty come back. I just kept walking. I didn't want to deal with anyone right now. Not even one of the guys trying to help me. I knew where I was going. I was walking over to where my car was. I looked at the parking spot and noticed nothing was there.
"Where's my car?" I said looking around. It really didn't make me all that angry but I started to cry anyway. I was still sensitive from the death thing. It made me feel bad that I had lied to Gerard. I was not okay, and I could tell he knew it.
"Marissa, I know your not okay. Don't lie to me. I'm not that fucking stupid." Gerard said stepping closer to me. I looked over at him with tear filled eyes.
"Just leave it alone okay?!" I said and walked away. I knew my tone of voice changed and that it was kind of rude to yell that at him. I walked over to some car. I didn't know who's it was but I didn't care either. I sat on the back and held my head in my hands. I quietly cried not wanting to be disturbed by anyone. Even if the owner of the car came and kicked me off I wouldn't move. Just after I thought that I was approached by the owner of the car.
"Why are you sitting on my car? And who are you?" The man asked. It seemed it was always a huge man that wanted to piss me off.
"I'm sitting on your car because there are no chairs. My identity is irrelevant. I'm just sitting here. Please leave." I said looking away. I didn't bother talking to them anymore. I new he didn't move though. He was tapping his foot waiting for me to leave. I looked up at him to see his unhappy face.
"Get off my car. Please." I looked at him and turned away.
"I'm sorry but no. Can I just be left alone please. I'm not going to ruin car." I said sitting there with tears streaming from my eyes.
"I am going to ask one more time. Can you please get off my car?" He said balling his fists and closing his eyes.
"Please, I will not hurt your car. I just need to be alone. I will leave your car when I have cooled down." I said turning away hiding my face. I didn't want to look at him.
"I asked you nicely twice, I am going to have to use physical force." The man said slapping me across the face. I fell of the trunk of his car and onto the floor. I caught myself before my face smacked the floor. I stood up and tried to challenge him. It was stupid of me. I knew I should have just stepped down but I couldn't. I regret it terribly. I brushed myself off and balled my fists. I knew I wasn't going to win, but I needed to blow off steam. If I had just walked away then everything would have been alright. I felt him send his fist into my stomach and into the side of my head. I dropped to the floor and clutched my stomach.
"Get up and fight!" He yelled at me from above. He threw his foot at my stomach only making the pain worse. I groaned loud. I could see people watching but not doing anything. How could someone stand by and watch as someone got the shit kicked out of them. He kicked me a few more times before he gave me a disgusted look.
"If your going to challenge someone, make sure you fight back. Stupid girl." He spat at me as I lied on the floor. I felt blood drip from my lips and onto the floor. I looked to the side to see a little pool of blood on the floor. I knew it was coming from the side of my head from where he had hit me. It hurt to blink. I had never felt this much pain before, which was sad because this wasn't that much.
"Kill me." I mumbled to myself. I looked up at the concrete ceiling of the parking structure. I suddenly heard many people talking. I knew the people that had been standing around watching were now crowded around me. So many people were saying so many things I couldn't decipher any of it. I groaned a bit louder this time and more people came over.
"Oh my god is she okay?" I heard a woman say.
"Does anyone know who this young lady is? Where is her family?" I heard another person ask. I didn't want to open my eyes and see tons of people around me. I was claustrophobic at times.
"Where is her family?!" I heard the same person yell. I heard footsteps running up to me.
"Her name is Marissa. She is my sister!" I heard the voice say. I knew it wasn't my real sister, the person after all sounded like a man. I felt someone wrap their arms around me and pick me up like a child. I put my head on their shoulder. I didn't really care who they were right now. I wasn't going to open my eyes and see. I just hoped that they would get me out of this pain, or kill me.
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