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Because of the lack of walls I woke up early. I didn't want to but the sun shining at me made me wake up. I was warm and when I opened my eyes it was dark. I moved my head upwards to see some light. But looking forwards I say a person. I felt their arms around me and I felt warm. I looked at their face and saw Mikey. He was holding me during the night. Maybe because I was cold, that's so sweet. I didn't want to wake him so I just buried my face back into his chest and breathed in his colon. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't. I wanted to get up but couldn't. I heard footsteps get closer and hid my face into Mikey's chest.
"Chill it's just me. I needed a smoke and some fucking coffee. I had cigarettes with me but I couldn't find any coffee. Mikey won't like that. Speaking of Mikey, you can move he is a light sleeper but we should get up any way. Just move his arms." Gerard said sitting on the floor. I picked up one of Mikey's arms and put it on his side. He moved it back over me and opened his eye.
"Hello." He said groggily. I smiled at him.
"Good morning." I said back. I moved out of his grasp when he stretched his arms. I sat up and rubbed my head. The ground wasn't a comfortable pillow. When I sat up Frank swung his arm out and smacked me. I knew he was a sleep so I put the blanket over his head to scare him. He sat up and with the blanket over his head.
"Is it still night time?" He asked looking around. I yanked the blanket off his head and he covered his eyes with his hands.
"I think I liked the faux nighttime better." He said putting the blanket over his head and lying back down. Ray sat up and pulled the blanket off Frank. He threw it on the other side of him so Frank couldn't reach it. The little man curled up into a ball and put his hands on his neck.
"I'm cold." Frank said rubbing his arms. I stroked his short black hair. He leaned into my touch and made a slight purring noise. I don't know why though.
"Oh come on Frank, it's not that cold." I said rubbing my hand to the back of his neck. I wasn't tying to be sexual. I was doing this comfort him. Make him warmer. My mom would do the same, she was a massage therapist and she new how to relieve tension. She taught me and my sister how to do it too. Frank closed his eyes and relaxed immediately.
"Good." I said removing my hand from his neck.
"I'm still cold, but that did feel really good. And your not cold because you were sleeping with Mikey. I would have been warm if I was sleeping really close to someone too." Frank said waggling his eyebrows. Mikey sat up and glared at Frank.
"Shut up Frank." He growled through clenched teeth. Frank smiled and curled back into a ball.
"Yeah Mikey, why were you sleeping so close to her?" Gerard asked nudging Mikey slightly.
"Because last night she said she was cold. I gave her my blanket so she could use it. The she said that I didn't have a blanket so I would be cold. So basically Marissa told me to sleep under the same blanket so I wouldn't be cold either." Mikey said crossing his arms. He thought he had proved his point.
"But then why were you holding her? Just because you guys were sharing the blankets doesn't mean you had to hold her." Ray said with a smile. Mikey looked at his fingers as he played with them.
"Because I had a bad dream. I have nightmares easily. And I don't have my dream catcher. No one else was up so he helped me go back to sleep." I said defending the awkward blond man. He smiled lightly at me a he looked up. I smile back.
"Okay then. Oh and Mikey I didn't find any coffee." Gerard said with an evil smile. Mikey looked up with anger in his eyes.
"You've got to be fucking kidding me!?" Mikey yelled balling his fists. Gerard nodded taking a long drag off his cigarette. He let the smoke float into the air. Right now then I wished I was smoke. So I could leave this prison. I could leave and get back home. I didn't want to leave them but I didn't want to get eaten by that thing one level below me. Gerard threw the cancer stick on the floor and stepped on it. I couldn't help but wish I could go out like a flame. But those negative thoughts aren't going to help me.
"Shouldn't we think of what to do to get this snake out of here. Or kill it or something. Someone has to be willing to get close to it." I said looking at their faces.
"I'm not saying any of you guys but someone. I will do it. Why not. But until then we need to see what this liquid does." I said picking up the bottle out of my backpack. It was the bottle that I had already drank from. I pulled the cork off and put the top to my mouth.
"No. Not again." Ray snatched the bottle from my hand and put the cork back into it.
"Your heart just started again. Your not going to stop it already." Mikey said to me. I looked at Ray who was holding the bottle.
"Give it back. I don't see any of you trying it. I was going to use the powers it gives for a purpose." I said stretching my arm to get it from Ray.
"No way. It hurt you bad last time. Why would we want any of us using it." Ray said holding it over his head. I stood and tried to get it but he had handed it to Frank.
"Listen up. Your not getting this. None of us are going to drink this liquid." Frank said pointing his index finger at me. I grabbed his hand and bit his finger. He yelled and pushed my face away. I wasn't going to let him win.
"Give me the bottle Frank!" I yelled probably waking other people up.
"Never!" He laughed at me. I tried to get it from him and he just pulled away. I pinned his hands to the ground and straddled his hips.
"Give me the fucking bottle!" I said reaching for it. But I let go of his hand and he pulled it away.
"No!" He screamed shaking his head back and forth. I had no choice. I put my head to his neck and bit his as hard as I could. It slightly hurt my braces and my ears. He screamed pretty loud but let go of the bottle. I lifted my head up and grabbed the bottle. I got off of him and sat on the floor holding the bottle tightly. Frank put his hand to his neck and looked at me with wide eyes.
"She bit me! And made me bleed!" Frank said looking at the little blood on his hand. It ran down his neck and on his tattoo. I licked my lips to get rid of his blood.
"Stop your crying. I did what I did to get what I wanted." I said sitting up and holding the bottle. Frank gave me a glare and I simply smiled. Gerard and Ray burst out into laughter and fell on their backs.
"It didn't hurt all that bad. It felt kind of nice." Frank smiled and winked. I knew he was kidding so why not play along. I growled a little and licked my lips. We started laughing and Mikey just looked around.
"You guys have no idea how many people you have woken up." Mikey said looking at people walk around.
"Oops, sorry." Frank said rubbing the mark I had given him. It was still slightly bleeding but he didn't really care. I took out the cork and tipped the bottle up to my mouth. It still tasted like raspberries. I only took a little sip not wanting to know what more would do to me. I felt the liquid course through my veins. I also felt the pain coming on.
"I don't want to wake anymore people so Gerard come here." I said motioning him over. He crawled over to where I was sitting.
"Your shirt may get a little wet." I said burying my face into his warm chest.
"I don't care." I felt his hand on my back pulling me close to him. I pushed my face into his chest as I screamed in pain. I already felt this pain before, but it didn't make it any better. Gerard was rubbing my back and shushing me, but he knew I wasn't going to stop screaming. I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed him tight. I was so thankful someone was with me. And could tolerate my screams. I stopped screaming and passed out.
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