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Chapter 1

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When Hermione agrees to House Seat for Harry whilst he goes for his first holiday, neither of them realized how this well change Hermione’s life forever. Full Summary within!

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Hermione the House-Elf!

Author’s Notes: Yeah I know another new story, but in fact it isn’t. You see I’ve been working on this one for a while, but I’m stuck and need your help. Not in plot wise, although I would like to hear you ideas for the plot. Now I need help with ideas within the story, I’ll tell you what I need at the end of the chapter so for now, happy reading. I don’t think you have read this kind of story before…

Summary: Set a few months after the final battle. The night before Harry goes on his first ever holiday; he gets a letter from Gringotts, informing him about the inheritance from his parents. One of the things that he inherited was Potter Mansion, the goblins informed him that although it had House-Elves, he should check on the place to make sure everything was fine. However, seeing it was going to cut into his holiday time, one thing that Harry wasn’t willing to do, he asked his best friend Hermione Granger to check the Mansion out for him. However, little did Harry or Hermione knew at the time, but once there, Hermione's life would forever be changed…

Although this story is based on after the final battle from the last book, there are going to be some things wouldn't have happened. Some of the changes are that Tonks and Fred won’t killed, but badly injured… there are a few other changes but you'll have to read to see what. You should be warned that with my other stories, this WELL be a slow update.

“Spell…” / ‘Thought…’ / Warnings: OOC, Dumbledore and Molly Bashing, Lemons, bestiality (with a House-Elf) three/foursome maybe more-some, M/F, M/F/F, spanking, humiliation, slavery and later on there’ll be a Dom Harry and a Sub Hermione. There’ll be most likely more warnings as the story goes along, so I’ll put a warning in each chapter, to tell you what to suspect.

Warnings for this chapter: Dumbledore and Molly Bashing!/ Chapter 1… /

A nearly eighteen year old Harry Potter was in the Master Bedroom of Grimmauld Place, packing his things for his holiday he was going on the next day. As he finished the packing, he went down to the main kitchen of the house, to have his dinner that Kreacher made him. As he started to eat, he could help but smile once again at the thought of going on his first ever holiday. The Dursleys never took him anywhere when he was younger, as they would send him to Mrs. Figg’s instead. So now he was going on one, nothing was going to stop him going. The Death Eaters that escaped capture in the final battle could attack in full force tomorrow and he wouldn’t do anything. As after everything that has happened to him over the years, especially after the last year, he believed that he deserved this holiday more than anyone else. You see unlike most normal people you and I know of, Harry is a Wizard, more importantly he is a famous Wizard.

He was famous for two reasons: the first was that until a few months ago, he was known as the Boy-Who-Lived. He got that silly name when he was the age of fifteen months old, when he defeated the most feared and powerful Dark Lord of this century, known as Lord Voldemort a.k.a Tom Riddle, You-Know-Know and He-Who-Mustn't-Be-Named.

Now although no-one really knows what really happened that night, there were some theories about what happened. But the theory that most believed in, was the one that his former Headmaster Albus Dumbledore gave them. The Headmaster's theory was that Harry defeated Lord Voldemort, when his mother sacrificed her life to save him and when Lord Voldemort tried to kill Harry, the spell bounced back and killed the Dark Lord. Harry at first, like so many other people, believed it as the dreams/nightmares that he had backed the theory up. However, after thinking about it for a few months about it, he decided he didn't really believe the story. Harry began to wonder if the story was true, how could his Headmaster know what happened when only two people knew what happened that night: him and Lord Voldemort. Harry believed that his Headmaster was guessing at what happened, seeing how he could not remember what happened so couldn’t be asked, and Lord Voldemort was a spirit and so was hiding from the so called light side. So he didn’t believed the theory of his Headmaster, even if the theory was true, why weren’t there more children who lived through the war.

As he knew that many mothers before his had sacrificed their life's to save their children from magical people meaning them harm, but to have their child to die anyway. So Harry had to wonder at the time why would Dumbledore make him the hero that defeated Voldemort, when no-one really knew what happened that night. It wasn't until Voldemort was in the open and he heard the prophecy about him and Voldemort that Harry realized why his Headmaster did it. Dumbledore made him the hero so when the time came when the most Dark Lord returned, the Wizarding World would have someone to lead them in the fight against Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

To Harry, he believed that idea didn't work out the way that Dumbledore would have liked, as Harry saw the people of the Wizarding World as backstabbing cowards, who only looked out for themselves. They would call him a Dark Lord in training, or turn their backs on him should he do something they didn't like, or agree with the papers when they wrote something bad about him. And as at Hogwarts, they would turn their backs on him for the simplest of things, loss of a lot of points, whatever was said in the papers and many things like that. This was half of the time, and the only time they would call him a hero was when the papers wrote something good about him, or when he saved someone's life, save their sorry butts somehow or was proven right about something. As for them being cowards, Harry saw that there was only a few hundred Death Eaters, and a few hundred thousand normal Wizards and Witches. Harry thought that if they had some bloody guts, they could have stunned the Death Eaters and Voldemort themselves and wouldn’t have needed him in the first place.

Anyway, the second reason he was famous, was because he was now known as the Man-Who-Conquered - he got this name for defeating Lord Voldemort for once and for all. Although many people would never know it, defeating the most fear Dark Lord, wasn't easy. For one thing, the Dark Lord in question had many years of knowledge and experience over him. Also what people didn't know, and something he and a few people who did know wanted to keep from people, was that the Dark Lord had made things called Horcruxes. Until he and his friends had found them and destroyed them, it was impossible for the Dark Lord to be killed. Because of Dumbledore wanting him to have a normal childhood, he had no training and so it was only by sheer luck that he was able to defeat the Dark Lord. It was a well-timed disarming spell, which made Voldemort's wand knock out of his hand and have the Killing Curse that he just cast hit him and that's how he was defeated. On that night, many good people were hurt and killed, here was a few of them:

Remus Lupin a.k.a Moony: Since war had started Harry knew that people were going to die and nothing he could do to stop it, so learned not to blame himself should someone close to him dies. Moony was killed whilst he was fighting werewolves that could control their werewolf transformation, so they don’t need the full moon to change. When Harry found out about Moony’s death, many people suspected that he would react badly towards the news like he did with Sirius’s death - people was surprised that he didn’t. You see Harry saw Moony’s death as another casualty of war. Sure he was sad about his death, apart for losing another link to his family, Harry was also sad because Moony had left behind a wife and son. The reason that Harry wasn’t as upset about Moony’s death as people suspected him to be, was because he wasn’t as close to Moony as he was with Sirius and Harry blamed Moony for not being as close. Unlike Sirius who was in Azkaban for the so called murders of Peter Pettigrew and twelve Muggles, Moony didn’t have such a reason for not keeping in touch with him when he was younger.

When they did meet again, it was as student and professor. Not once during the first of the school term, did Moony try and talk to him and tell him that he was friends with his parents. He only found out that Moony was a friend of his father’s, when he snuck out to the local village and accidentally overheard his other professors talking about his father and his friends. Then it wasn’t until he needed to learn the Petronus Charm (There were some Dementors at the school that year were affecting him badly,) did they begin to talk. Even then it wasn’t by much, they would only talk for a while before Moony would become quiet again. Then when the school was over, Moony not once did he send a letter to Harry or try and see him. It wasn’t until shortly into the summer after his fourth year that they met again, but even then he wasn’t for long seeing that Moony was always going on missions for Dumbledore. And that was like that for the rest of the time Harry knew Moony.

Molly Weasley: Molly was killed when fighting one of Voldemort’s most loyal Death Eaters: Bellatrix Lestrange. (A/N, sorry to those who like Molly, but I can’t see her of all people defeating the darkest witch of this century.) Once again people thought that Harry would be upset over her death, as they believed that Harry thought of her as a mother that he never had. But once again when he didn’t react the way people thought he would. Sure he was sad, that is because she was leaving behind a family who well miss her. Harry didn’t know where people got the idea that he thought of her as a mother he never had. Sure he liked her enough, but yet he couldn’t stand her. He thought of her as an overbearing mothering, bigot person: If she doesn’t get her way, she would kick up such a fuss until she got her way. The only time she didn’t get her way was when the twins opened a joke shop, Bill worked with the Goblins as a Curse Breaker and Charlie who worked as a Dragon Handler. Molly wanted all of them and the rest of her family to work within the Ministry of Magic, maybe one day one of them would become the Minister of Magic. Molly also treated her children and him as if they were a five/six years old, instead of the young adults that they were becoming. She would always try and keep things of importance from them, believing that they couldn’t handle the truth. Next Harry always thought that Molly was a kind hearted person, who would treat most people fairly. But before his sixth year, Harry found out the truth that she was as prejudiced as Ginny. As behind the back (most of the time,) they would act differently towards Bill’s fiancé Fleur. Harry wasn’t sure if it was because she was French or she was a Veela, but Molly never liked her.

Professor Flitwick: The small half goblin had lost half of his leg whilst he was fight the goblins that joined Voldemort. Now the Healers at St Mungos Hospital had informed Flitwick that thanks to newly discovered potions, they were able to regrow his leg and have him back walking properly within about a year or so. The Healers told Flitwick that it took so long because they had to slowly regrow the bones, muscles and the nerves to make sure they were re-growing properly. Even after the leg was regrown, it would take time to strengthen the new leg so he could walk on it without too much trouble. The Healers went on and explained that depending on the person and how much of the leg needed to be regrown, the process could take from six months to a year or so.

However, the Healers informed Flitwick that if he like many others before him did not want to regrow his leg, they could offer him an artificial leg. These legs replaced the old pike legs that they used to use for people that lost a leg, as they looked real and so wouldn't stand out in the Muggle World so he go into it. And unlike regrowing a leg, it would only take a few months to learn how to walk on it properly, this is the main reason many people wanted one of these artificial legs. But there was also another reason, the Healers would able to charm the artificial legs so that the person can hide things in it and they could become emergency Portkeys should they find themselves in danger. So after some thought, Flitwick decided to go with the artificial leg, as that would mean that he wouldn't have to take a year out of doing what he likes the most: teaching.

Nymphadora Lupin nee Tonks a.k.a Tonks: When Harry heard that the young Metamorphmagus was at St Mungo's Hospital, he was relieved to hear that, as he had heard that she was killed by a Death Eater in the final battle. The fact was, she nearly was killed that night if it wasn't for a follow Auror finding and taking her to St Mungos Hospital. You see, she was hit by an unknown Dark Curse that would slowly kill her if the Auror hadn’t found her when they had. The Healers informed him when asked that Tonks would be ok in time, but she would have to stay at St Mungo's for a month or so, so that they can undo the unknown curse and to makes sure there were no side-effects that they might miss. Harry was glad that she was ok that she was ok, as Teddy wouldn’t be losing a mother a long with a father. Thinking about Teddy, Harry was mad at both at Tonks and Moony, as nether of them thought about him when they decided that both were going to fight in the war. In Harry’s mind, one of them should have stayed behind with them, encase the worse happened and the one that went off to fight was killed. If one of them stayed, Teddy would at least still have one parent to look after him.

Fred and George Weasley: Although there were many others that were killed or hurt, these two were the last ones close to Harry that were killed or hurt at the final battle. Although it wasn’t that they were hurt, although they won’t as badly hurt as the others, he couldn’t help to see the funny side of it. Both of them had last an ear in the battle, Fred last his left ear whilst George had last his right year. Until they got to St Mungo's Hospital and found out they can have their ear’s regrown, they found it sad that people would finally able to tell them apart.

Although many people knew what happened that night of the final battle, there were some things that no-one knew about, things that Harry wasn't going to tell anyone. Not because he didn't want to, but because there was no point in telling, as the things that he found out he couldn't do anything about. The reason why he couldn't do anything? Because the people who did the things to him were dead, so there nothing he could do about it anyway. Also it would hurt a lot of people should the truth came out, and he couldn’t do that.

You see when he was killed by Voldemort that night, instead of talking to Dumbledore as he told the Order of the Phoenix, he met his parents. He didn’t know why he told them the story about Dumbledore, maybe it was to give him one last good deed to his list of things he did do. Anyway, what he was never was going to tell people, was the truth of Dumbledore’s plans for him and what he did to his family. What Harry found out that made him angry was that Dumbledore had planned/hoped that he would have been killed outright when he faced Voldemort, as Dumbledore had made up a fake Will up so that everything he had, would be left to him and the few people who helped him should they lived: Snape, Molly, Mad-Eye Moody and a few other people. Another reason that Dumbledore wanted him dead, was the fact that Dumbledore knew he was a Horcrux and needed to be killed, he never tried to find another way to get the Horcrux from his lightning bolt scar.

What was worse was that Dumbledore had taken money from the Potter’s Family Vault, since the night that his parents were kill and had been giving it to himself and a few others. But what made him want to kill Dumbledore himself was the fact that he had blocked over half of his magic and some of his skills like being a Metamorphmagus and able to do wandless magic. Another thing that made him want to kill Dumbledore himself was that he had taken his sisters, twin girls who were born shortly before Voldemort killed their parents, and hid them from him. So it was no surprise that he wanted to have the blocks undone so he could find his sisters (Sadly, the powers that be, wouldn’t allow his parents to tell him who they were, and only allow them to give him some hints to where one sister was.) Now the reason that Harry wasn’t going to tell anyone what Dumbledore did, was so that none of the Old Pureblood families would take the chance to use this against Dumbledore and change the laws that Dumbledore made that did help Muggles, the Muggleborn and other people that Purebloods tried to keep down.

Now the last thing that Harry found out from his parents before he went back to the world of the living was something that shocked him the most: what Molly did. It wasn’t as bad compared to what Dumbledore done to him, but it was still bad. Nether he or Ginny loved each other, but Molly gave them potions so they would love each other. Her plan was for him to marry Ginny and have a child, and then kill him so that the Weasley family (namely her) would have the Potter’s and Black’s Vaults and everything that the two families had. His parents also explained to Harry that Molly had placed spells on her daughter so that Ginny would act the way she did. As Harry began to think how to deal with this information, seeing that his parents told him he would be going back once they finished talking, his parents informed him that Molly was killed whilst fighting a Death Eater. Although surprised by Molly’s foolish actions to fight a Death Eater when she had no experience of fighting, he was sad and happy about her death, sad because although she wasn’t a good mother as many thought she was, her family would miss her badly. But he was happy as he wouldn’t have to confront her about her actions towards him and Ginny, as letting the rest of the family know might possibly break the family up, something that Harry didn’t wanted to do. He was even happier when he heard that with Molly’s death, the potions and spells that were on Ginny would slowly fade away and she would become the person she meant to be. This was the last thing his parents told him before sending him back to the living where he finally defeated Voldemort, and become the Master of the Deathly Hollows.
br>You see whilst there was a few people that knew about the Deathly Hollows and that he was the Master of them, Ron, Hermione and a few people in the Order, they thought that he only kept the Invisible Clock and lost/hid the other two, that wasn’t true. He had all three of them; the Stone he changed the appearance and wore it, the Elder Wand was hidden on his wrist in an invisible wand-holster. The Clock he wore, he was surprise that when he got all three Deathly Hollows together, the Clock turned into a styles silver clock and would be an Invisible Clock when he put the hood up and will to become invisible. He kept them together because he liked the power that he felt from them, but also he believed that you never know when you might need the power of death.


Many people say that when you’re dead for a few minutes and come back, some people change how they see things around them and for Harry he was one of these people. As he was at St Mungos Hospital for a few days to make sure he was fine, he began to think of how much he allowed people to walk all over him and then forgive them when they said sorry. Harry realized that he couldn’t allow that happen anymore, as one day he might die because he allowed people to walk over him. With this new conviction, Harry decided to change and never allow this happen again and needed to be careful around people who he had allowed to do this before, namely Ron Weasley.

As he was thinking things over in St Mungos, he was surprised that the main thought going through his mind was that he wanted to go on a holiday. Seeing what he had been though in his life and never having one thanks to the Dursleys, he realized that it wasn’t all that surprising that he now wanted one. So he decided that he would go on one, and to make sure that no-one could stop him, he would break all connections to people so they wouldn’t try and stop him. He would even wait to find his sisters and unblock his magic before he did anything about it, he had done without either of them for this long and so could wait a bit longer to get them back. He would only keep in contact with people who he knew wouldn’t try and stop him, the Weasley Twin, Ginny, Luna, Hermione and Professor Flitwick and McGonagall.

But before he could go on this holiday, he had to go to Gringotts and talk to the goblins about why he broke into Bellatrix Lestrange’s Vault. He knew that if he didn’t, he would never be able to enter the bank again and get into his vaults. When he first entered the bank, the goblins had spears pointed at him and lead him to the bank Director and King of the goblins, Chief Elder Ragnok. The Chief Elder asked Harry why he returned to Gringotts after he broke into the bank, and knowing that returning the bank he would be severely punished, maybe even killed. So Harry told the Chief Elder that he was there to explain why he broke into the bank, so then he began to explain about the Horcruxes and how one of them was in Bellatrix Lestrange’s personal Vault. He also explained to the Chief Elder how he and his friends made a deal with Griphook, to help them to get to the Vault, in return he would give back the goblin blade that goblins have been after for so long, once he had finish what he needed the sword for: The Gryffindor Sword!

Chief Elder Ragnok was horrified at what he heard, not only at what the traitor Griphook had done. (Not only did he betrayed his own race, but betraying a deal and stealing an ancient relic that goblins had been looking for so long.) But he was more horrified at the thought that of such a horrible object such as this Horcrux was in their hallowed halls. So after hear this, and some long talks with Harry on how he could repay for what he had done, Chief Elder Ragnok agreed that Harry could use Gringotts once again. So after the talks, Harry asked Chief Elder Ragnok for full audits of his accounts seeing what he had, and who used his accounts. Since then, Harry had prepared for his holiday, planning for the places he wanted to go and things he wanted to see.


So here he was in sitting in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, eating his diner when a brown owl with a Gringotts Emblem flew into the kitchen. It had a letter from Chief Elder Ragnok with it, the letter was the audit that Harry asked for, it listed all the money and homes that he had. Harry was surprised at the amount of money he had, over fifty or so million Galleons, it meant that Harry wouldn’t have to work in his life - nether any of his children or grand or great grandchildren needed to work for a long time to come. As he looked at the list of homes, he was surprised to see that he had a Mansion in the list. Chief Elder Ragnok advised that he or someone that he trusted to check on the Mansion as soon as possible, as it had House-Elves and someone needed to check on them to make sure everything was fine with them. After reading that, he knew that he had to send someone to look at this Mansion seeing that he was going on holiday the next day.

He knew that he couldn't send Kreacher there, although the deranged elf had changed a lot over the months, he still didn't fully trust Kreacher. And he couldn't sand Winky there either, (he got the female elf when McGonagall informed him that she was dying and the only way to save her was to bond her, seeing that he needed another elf he agreed to it,) as she was still healing from drinking too much butterbeer, smoking and not looking after herself well. So after some thought, he decided he would ask his female best friend Hermione Granger to check the Mansion. So going to the kitchen fire, he Flooed to Hermione’s Parent’s home.


Hermione Granger was in her bedroom crying, over the last few months she had done a lot of crying. As after the final battle, she, Ron and Harry went to Australia to find her parents and give them their memories back. When her parents got their memories back, it didn’t go as well as Hermione had hoped it would. Her parents were angry at her for altering their memories, and having moved to Australia without asking them what they wanted. However, after talking over the next week after they got home, Hermione’s parents forgive her.

However, although her parents forgive her, Hermione couldn’t forgive herself for what she had done to them and so she could be often found in her room crying. She had abused their trust, her guilt was getting to much for her. Over the months the guilt of what she had done, were becoming too much as she spent a lot of her time with her parents. She had begun to look for a place to stay until she could sort herself out, hopefully a home for herself. At first she wanted stay with the Weasleys, even though she and Ron won’t dating right now, she hoped that the family could put her up until she found a place of her own. But as she thought about, she realized it wouldn’t be the right time, seeing they were still getting over Molly’s death. So she had to rethink her plans.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she hear her mother shout up to her, “Hermione dear, Harry is here to see you,”

Wondering what he friend wanted, she called down, “I’ll be right down mum,” and with that she cast a spell to clean herself up and went down stairs.

Seeing her friend, she ran and gave him a hug and asked, “Harry, what are you doing, I thought you would be getting ready for your holiday tomorrow?”

“I was,” said Harry, “But I got a letter from Gringotts about my accounts that I have inherited from my parents and Sirius. In the letter, I was informed about a Mansion that my parents had. They advised me to check on the Mansion as soon as possible, has it has House-Elves and someone needs to check on them to make sure everything is fine with them. They said that if I couldn’t do it, I should ask someone I trust to look in on them. Maybe stay there until I get back to make sure everything is fine,” Harry added knowing that Hermione wanted somewhere to stay to sort out her inner demons.

Hermione knew what Harry was doing when he added the last part about someone staying there to make sure things was fine, and she was grateful for it. “I would like that Harry, and I would like to stay there for a while.”

“Thank you Hermione, I’m glad that someone be there to keep an eye on things,” said Harry, “But I would like you to remember two important things, first is not to say anything about setting them free, as I don't want them to think that they done something wrong. Also whilst I think about it, don't talk to them about S.P.E.W, I agree that House-Elves should be treated better, but what if setting them free isn't what is best for them,” Harry said as he thought about it, “To be honest with you Hermione, the way you're dealing S.P.E.W, is the way I think Ron would - acting before thinking what to do first. We don't know why the House-Elves are the way they are, for now we should leave them be and try to make their lives better than their bad Master’s.”

As much as she hated to admit it, Harry was right, she did rush in with S.P.E.W and like Ron she didn't think about it or ask the House-Elves if they were ok with their lives. She was brought up to think that slavery was wrong and so thought it wasn't right for the House-Elves. She didn't think at all about it, “You're right Harry, I didn't think about why House-Elves are the way they are, I think spending some time at you Mansion I can learn about the House-Elves better. So what is the second thing you wanted me to do?”

“I would like it if you didn't mention the Mansion to Ron at the moment,” Harry said sadly, “As much as I like Ron, he'll become jealous about it all, you know how he is Hermione. I'm starting to wonder if he is the best of friend he says he is, but more than once he has been jealous or angry at us for no reason, and for no real reason he left us when we needed or when he became jealous of me. And when he is jealous or angry, he blurts things out without thinking of the outcome. I'll tell him eventually, but I'd rather you wait until I decide to tell him.” He looked her in the eye. “Will you promise me that, Hermione?”

At first, Hermione was going to vehemently argue against keeping secrets from each other, but guiltily, her memory flashed back to all the times that Ron was jealous and angry at them for the simplest of things. And Harry was right about Ron leaving them; she still remembered the time he exploded with anger when they were camping searching for the remaining Horcruxes. It might have been induced by the Horcrux, but even so Ron still left them alone like many other times.

So Hermione's argument deflated before it had a chance to begin. “All right, I won't mention it. “ She glared at him. “But don't expect me to lie to him about it. “

“That's fine, Hermione. I really appreciate this. At least this is one less thing for me to worry about, anyway, I have to finish preparing, I'll talk to you later.” Harry started to walk back to the fireplace to Floo home, when he remembered something. Taking a slip of parchment out of his pocket, he handed it to Hermione and said, “I almost forgot, here's the address to the Mansion.” So he said goodbye to Hermione and her parents, Harry Flooed home to finish any preparations that he had left to do.

Whilst Harry was doing this, Hermione was preparing to go to Potter Mansion. After which, she did some studying which lasted a good hour, before she finally put her books away and went to bed.


When Hermione arrived at the Mansion the next day after she, the Weasleys Twins and Ginny, saw Harry off on his holiday, she was in awe at what she saw. Potter Mansion was several stories high, had a huge front lawn with beautiful flours, statues and many other things and it looked very well kept. When Harry told her that he had inherited Potter Mansion, she imagined something like she saw in old horror movies, like Grimmauld Place. Not something as beautiful as what she saw.

Hermione approached the door and tried to open it. It wouldn’t budge. Hermione couldn't believe that Harry would forget to tell her how to get into the Mansion, or give her a key to the place, so with a quick thought she muttered “Alohomora.” The door still wouldn’t budge. She tried knocking, but no one answered. 'The house-elves must be under orders to not open the door whilst their Master isn’t home, or there's some wards that Harry needed to activate before people could enter the Mansion,' thought Hermione.

Now Hermione begun to wonder how she could enter the house and check on the place, when there was no way in. That was when from the conner of her eye, she noticed a small door, partially hidden by the bushes. “Emm, a House-Elf door, so they can do yard work easily!” Hermione pondered for a few seconds, and then being the clever witch that she was, she shrunk herself to the relative size of a house-elf. “That should do it,” she thought as she headed to the door. Wand in hand, she opened the door and headed in.

Little did she know when she entered the Mansion, it would change her life forever.


Author’s Notes: Hi all, thanks for reading my new story Hermione the House-Elf, and I hope that seeing you have spent the time to read this chapter, you could spend a few more minutes to review… but no pointless flames. Those who send pointless flames, I’ll tell them where to go, as I can’t stand them. I also would like ideas for Head House Elves to punish bad elves, so far I got spanking, but I was wondering about other punishments.
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