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Jail House

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About twenty minutes later I get a call from Amy, an acquaintance from school, about an end of year party our class is having out at that abandoned warehouse. I’m not gonna turn it down. I need something to take my mind off of everything that’s going on.

Quickly changing my clothes I leave with out asking permission from my dad. He’d say yes anyway. I go to parties all the time.

Turning up the Blink 182 CD I always have in my car I settle in for the hour drive to the warehouse. I don’t really take in any scenery but why should I? In a few months time I’ll be moved and this will all be gone. I’ll have new things to look at. These shops along the main stretch of road no longer interest me.


Music blaring, beer cans and bottles set everywhere and joints burning; this is a real high school party. My two best friends, Lindsay and Adam, are attached to me. They don’t party as much as I do.

“Just loosen up,” I tell Lindsay as she motions to the boys she likes, who, is over on one of the couches form our last party here. She’s not had enough to drink yet.

“I don’t know Mags. He’s so….” Lindsay says not finding the right word.

“So…hot, now if you don’t go over there, I will.”

This gets her to let go of my arm and march her ass over to the jock she’s had her eye on for months. It’s taken her long enough.

“So when are you gonna take over and play?” Adam questions taking a drink from his beer can.

“Later,” I answer kissing him on the cheek.

Adam and I have a weird relationship. He’s bi and refuses to date anyone. I’m kind of his ‘I need a date girl.’ I don’t really mind, put on the overly in love girlfriend persona and go with whatever he throws at me. Adams the confused older brother I’ve never had.

“Whatever. I’m gonna get another beer.”

“Grab me one too!” I holler after him before walking over to a chair, flopping down in it, feet over the arm before pulling out a cigarette and lighting it.

This is the only secret I’ve ever kept from my dad; that I smoke. Tré and Mike know but they’ve never told. Cigarettes many kill you but people are getting closer to death everyday I see smoking as just speeding up the process.
“There you are,” Adam says handing me a bottle of beer over the back of the chair. “You know those things kill you right.”

“You know that drinking kills you too, right?” I answer tired of all my friends trying to get me to stop smoking.

Adam nods, “I’m aware.”

Rolling my eyes I take another puff, sending the smoke out of my nose before dropping my cigarette to the floor. It’s time to play. This shit they’ve got going over the speakers is terrible.

Walking over to the stage I unplug the stereo system from the wall. People start to protest but when they see me pick up a guitar they begin to cheer. I’m kind of a loser until I pick up a guitar then I instantly become the school’s own personal rock star.

Granted the guitar isn’t tuned and the amp can’t go that high but most people are too drunk to care. Its music and right now they’ll listen to anything.

Grabbing a beer from a cooler on stage I finish it off as Toni, a boy I dated in tenth grade walks up on stage grabbing the mic. Shit.

“I…wanna just say, this song is for her –” he points at me. “It’s called…fuck I can’t remember the name. Oh, The Party Song, that’s it.”

Joy, now I’m a skank with no underwear on, he’s just lucky I know how to play the song. I know for a fact Toni can’t sing but like I said, people won’t care.

“Here we go mother fuckers,” I whisper before starting to play.

“Do you want to come to a party
My friends pick me up in their truck at 11:30
The things at a warehouse but people are cool there
Reluctant I followed but I never dreamed
There would be someone there who would catch my attention
I wasn’t out looking for lover or affection
So I paid my three and the girls got in free
Shined the beer for tequila and we headed into the party”

Toni forgets his words and sings shit into the mic for the next verse. Picking back up with the line I know he meant for me. He hates me cause I left him for his brother who left me for another guy who then turned around and dumped Toni’s brother for me and that’s who hit me. Confusing huh? I lost track after Toni’s brother being gay.

“And then I saw here standing there
With green eyes and long blonde hair
She wasn’t wearing underwear
At least I prayed that she might be the one
Maybe we’d have some fun
Maybe we’d watch the sun rise
But that night I learned some girls try too hard”

Toni’s fall from the stage is met by cheers but is quickly forgotten as I continue to play. Why not live up the moment. I failed this year anyway at least if I play here maybe I’ll be remembered as the awesome guitar player and not the flunky.

As I finish the group cheers, “Thank you!” I yell before jumping off the stage, grabbing yet another beer.

“Awesome,” Adam says, placing a hand on my shoulder, offering me a joint. I refuse it. Tré says I’m not old enough for drugs. I trust what he says.

“Thanks, Adam,” I shout over the music some kid turned back on.

Just about this time the cops burst through the door. Those men in uniforms are partier’s biggest fear and my worst enemy. I’m so screwed.

Almost in unison the entire room says, “Fuck.”

Some kid turns off the music and everyone just kind of stands there wondering what’s going to happen. Nothing good, of course; cops plus underage drinking and drug use equals really bad things.

“Someone called for a noise complaint,” the cop says. “I guess there’s more going on here than just loud music playing. How many of you are actually twenty – one?”

About ten kids raise their hands but after admitting they bought the booze are made to stay. The rest of us are looked up on a computer. About thirty kids including me are held because we’ve been caught doing something else that breaks the law. In the end I’m the only kid besides this really stoned kid who have been caught underage drinking before. Our asses are hauled down to the station. The rest of our group is given the whole ‘if we catch you again you’ll have to go to jail’ speech.

How am I going to explain this one to my dad?

“Did either of you do drugs at this party?” asks the driver.

“Nope,” I answer popping the ‘P.’ “I’m not in possession of them either. This kid is though.”

“That I can tell, is he out?”

“Yup; I’ll make this really easy on you and go ahead and say I had like ten beers…I think.”

“Right,” the officer in the passenger seat says. He looks like he’s an ass. “You know that underage drinking is very….”

I cut him off, “Dangerous and I could hurt myself blah, blah, blah. I’ve heard it all before but thanks for pretending you actually care.”

We ride the rest of the ten minutes to the police station in silence; no one has anything to say to anyone. This doesn’t bother me. The faster we get this done with the faster I can get home.
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