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An hour later my dad walks through the doors of the police station; he looks more amused than upset. He’d be more upset if he knew the media had shown up about twenty minutes before him and snapped a whole bunch of terrible pictures of me to plaster all over their stupid gossip magazines. I decide not to tell him that one.

“Maggie,” dad sighs, striding over and pulling me into a hug.

“You alright, kido?” Mike questions coming in behind my dad followed by Tré. It’s nice to have my whole ‘family’ here.

“Daddy, I’m so sorry. I swear this will never happen again,” I answer, still holding onto him.

“You mean you won’t get caught again?” dad asks, with a slight smile.

“That one,” I reply with a smile.

“Can we go home? Jails make me itch,” Tré says, observing the ‘Most Wanted’ posters.

“Go out to the car, Uncle Tré,” I say.

No, he’s not my uncle but it’s what I’ve called him since I was like ten. It’s not going to change anytime soon. Besides, the Green Day guys are my family now, giving them titles just makes it seem more official.

Within ten seconds of my saying this Tré is out of here. I don’t want him to push himself to behave too long.

“So can we go?” my dad questions the officer at the desk.

“Fill this out, sign here and here, fill these out and then you can go,” the officer hands over a clip board and a pin.

Dad turns to me, pulling his tie up so it looks like a noose before taking the clipboard and sitting down next to me, “Don’t you ever get arrested again, young lady.”

I look down at the floor, playing along, “Yes, sir.”

“Good girl,” my dad continues to fill out papers. “We’re leaving to go on tour on the 8th so you’re gonna need to pack probably for about a month. We’re heading over to Asia but we’ll get to come home before heading to Europe.”

Wait, what? He’s actually bringing me on the tour? I mean I was hoping but I kind of thought he’d dump me with Adam’s family, “The 8th of this month?”

“Yup,” dad answers casually. “What’s your middle name?”

“I don’t have one,” I answer wondering if he really forgot or if he’s just messing with me. I go with the later just to make myself feel better.

“Just simple stuff, this first part is only from the 12th to the 25th I think. You’re a girl, you know how to pack,” continues dad, flipping the page and continuing to fill stuff out.

I know he’s used to all this crazy schedule but the nonchalant way dad’s talking about this upcoming tour makes me a little nervous. I’ve never been on tour before. What the hell am I gonna bring? I know the band never really packs that heavy, except for Tré but I don’t want to pack like him, he brings weird shit on tour with him.

“Yup, I’m going out to the car,” I answer before getting up and walking out.

I head around the side of the building, pulling out my pack of cigarette, sliding one out. I light it and leaning against the brick building, inhaling the smoke, letting it flow out through my nostrils.

I hear the door swing open about ten minutes later and quickly drop my cigarette, twist it under my shoe, and walk around the corner.

“Let’s go,” my dad says, heading over to the car, opening the passenger door for me.

The drive home is filled with conversation between Tré, Mike and Billie about the tour. When my dad is being dad I call him that, when he’s doing concert stuff he’s Billie. Obviously I don’t call him Billie out loud, he’s my dad but in my head he’s Billie.

Whatever, he loves me none the less and that’s really all I care about.
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