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These violent delights.

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Gerard finds himself in a bigger hole, and there's even more questions.

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My echoing footsteps mimic Bob's, and I sigh as I walk endlessly, trapped in my own mind. My thoughts are distraught and blurry, my mind boggled, heart thumping. I've been in this death trap for five years.. and nothing has ever happened. But now suddenly, it all comes crashing down on me. I don't know how to act, what to say, what to expect. It's karma. The world is trying to break me so I mentally collapse. It wants me to pay. Or maybe this is simply the outcome of my actions. I shake all my thoughts from my head and just follow Bob, trailing behind slightly. That's when I realize I have no idea where he's leading me.

"Urm, Bob?" He grunts, trying to show he heard me. "Where're we going?"

"Finally came to, huh? Police wanna word with you." I don't bother asking what about; they're normally just asking for an explanation of why I did what I did. Of course, I have no idea why. I don't even know what I did. However, as we approach the room, I feel myself panicking slightly.

"Do you know why?" I ask, my voice hoarse. My throat feels as dry as the Sahara desert, so I cough and swallow in desperate attempts to hydrate it.

Shrugging, Bob just yawns as he starts to unlock the door. "Don't give it much thought, you'll find out soon enough." I listen to the slight clattering of the keys as he pulls them out, then puts on a pokerface. My mind is blank. "I wanna hear everything about it when you come back out."

I don't bother replying. Instead, I just walk in and sit at the table, hearing the large door slam behind me. Two officers are sat in front of me, their expressions matching mine. I bite my cheek, noticing one of them is Bill.

"So," starts Bill, rubbing his dark stubble. "Let's cut the bullshit."

"I will if you will." I scoff, leaning back into my chair and stretching my arm out across it's back. The officer just rolls his eyes, deciding to ignore me.

"Why don't you tell us exactly who your accomplice is and you're free to go."

"Accomplice? What accomplice?" Raising my eyebrows I sit forward, looking from one man to the next. The stronger officer speaks next.

"Don't try pull anything, Way! We know you've got a friend helping you pull through on your sick ideas. Be straight with us dammit!"

"I have no idea what you're fucking talking about! I never do! I have no fucking clue what the fuck I've done!" Glaring at me, Bill shakes his head.

"You never do, you scummy criminals." He spits. “And you wanna know why? Because in your mind, you think you're helping the world. Or maybe you think it's fine to go around murdering people, raping people, stealing, torturing and hurting. You know what you did Way, and it was unacceptable."

"Did I rape someone? Murder someone?" I ask hurriedly, trying to appear nonchalant.

"Don't play games, Way!" Barks the stronger officer. “It’s sick! Just answer the damn question!"

"I don't have an accomplice, and I have no idea what you're talking about." I reply coolly, sitting back in my chair once more. I don't bother asking anything, despite the questions buzzing around my mind; they'll just find a way to make it seem like I'm lying.

"Then there's a copycat." Bill states.

"What did they do?!"

"You should know." He grumbles gruffly. "Get out, Way. It's police business now."

Rolling my eyes, I stand up abruptly and walk over to the door, trying to ignore my frantic thoughts. What if you actually do have an accomplice? What if you just don't remember?

Bob greets me instantly, asking about everything they said as he walks me to the 'playground'. What if you raped someone? What if you murdered someone?

"They thought I had an accomplice, and when I said no, they said I had a copycat." Bob chuckles slightly, shaking his head.

"No one can copy you!" What if you hurt Valkyrie? "You're genius with your techniques."

"Yeah.." I mumble, squinting as I step into the daylight.

"Frank's over on the bench. He wants to hear about your meeting, too. I'll come see you both tonight." Bob starts to close the door, "stay up." As the door slams, vibrating the sun-baked mud, I head towards Frank and smile at his body as it hunches over. I'm about 20 foot from him until I see Travis and his gang start to crowd around him. What if you robbed a Charity?

Increasing my pace, I start to make out some of the voices.

"What's your name, punk?" It's Travis.

"Frank. Now fuck off, I don't need shits like you in my life."

"Well, Frank. Maybe you didn't know who you're hanging out with." I stop dead, watching Travis flick his long hair behind himself and grin slickly. I can only just see Frank stand up and raise his eyebrows.

"And who am I 'hanging' with?"

"Gerard Way." Frank scoffs.

"Like that wasn't obvious."

"No, no. I don't think you understand. It's Gerard Arthur Way." By now, my breathing is heaving, heart pumping, mind spinning. I'm so dizzy, but I need to listen. I need to stay standing..

"The Gerard Arthur Way?"

"The very same. We'd hurt him if we were allowed. Or, try to. He did some fucked up shit. He's a fucked up person, Frank. You shouldn't get involved with people like that."

"I don't care. I won't hurt him, I wouldn't want to. He's not fucked up. If you ask me, you're more fucked up than him! He's perfectly sain and civil, meanwhile you rape every fucking prisoner you can get your hands on! Get the fuck out of my face!" Storming out of the crowd and knocking several of Travis' men to their bums, he keeps his gaze to the floor as stomps onward. When he's about five feet away from me, only then he looks up and sees my shocked face and frozen posture. "You.. you heard that, right?"

I just nod slowly, not finding my voice.

"Why didn't you tell me you were the Gerard Arthur Way?" He asks, walking up in front of me and stopping still. Travis and his gang watch, smirking slightly, in the background.

"Why? Am I important or something?" As realization hits him, Frank's eyes widen and he shakes his head, drawing out a deep breath.

"You don't remember." He states, then bites his lip, averting his eyes. "What do you remember, Gerard?"

"I'm the son of Donna Way, my brother is Mikey Way, I've been in prison for five years. I can remember when I was young, playing games with Mikey. And.. I.. Urm.. I'm 28." I scratch my head. "Fuck, I don't remember much at all. I mean, I know Mikey's and Donna's birthdays.. and the day I came to prison. I remember Ray and-"

"But I mean, you know all the basics?" I nod. "Just not certain parts of your past? Like.. like teenage years and some childhood memories? ..Oh! And how about your dad?"

"I don't remember any of that stuff." I say, shrugging. "Well, apart from certain times with Mikey. I remember some of my school education."

"You've blocked it out of your mind.." Frank mumbles, shaking his head.

"Blocked what, Frank?!" Pulling me onward, he mumbles something about not being able to tell me. "Well why the fuck not?! I don't remember why I got into this dump, I don't remember why my family hate me.. Just.. I need answers! Why can't you tell me?!" We come to an abrupt stop outside the Prison walls, and Frank knocks on the door.

"Because your mind obviously blocked it out for a reason.. It might lead to a mental breakdown." Looking relieved, Frank watches the door open, revealing Bob. "We need to talk. It's about Gerard." Bob's eyes widen but he nods, ushering Frank in and slamming the door on my face.

There's just more and more questions, and I feel like I'm dying inside.

Sorry, this chapter isn't the best. I'm very tired; didn't get any sleep last night! I hope you liked it anyway :)
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